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  1. Need clarification, did the pilots seats on the B-17 have shoulder belts or not? I've seen some things on other sites that says they don't, but yet I keep coming across some after market stuff that includes them.
  2. Thinking about ordering some stuff from Hannants, anybody know what the average delivery time is from the UK to the US now a days? Thanks.
  3. 1/48th A-31/35 Vegenance 1/72nd & 1/48th PB4Y-2 1/7nd B-32 1/48th WW 2 airfield support equipment, vehicles, ground crews and air crews (both outside & inside a/c) 1/72nd & 1/48th B/RB-66
  4. afspret

    Poof, Gone!

    And just like that all the chatter about the 1/48th HKM B-17G ceased!
  5. Just tried to access MM site and getting message saying server can't be found. Is it just the computer I'm using or what?
  6. Here's another pic of a B-25 they used during training.
  7. The original 477th BG was activated training with B-26s in May 1943, but was inactivated in Aug 43. In Jan 44 was reactivated and by Aug 45 it was composed of the 99th FS, 616th, 617th, 618th & 619th BS's. By the end of 1945 the group only had the 99th FS and 617th BS assigned with the other 3 squadrons being deactivated. I found this pic of B-25 they used during training, but haven't found any of the 99th's P-47s.
  8. This pic is interesting as its the first one I've ever come across showing a blister window on the left side of the nose. The a/c is a B-17G-85-VE, s/n 44-8824 and between Feb & May 1945 spent time with the 100th, 91st, 303rd and 457th BGs before returning to the states after the war.
  9. Came across this pic the other day and it seems this a/c has a frameless top turret, possibly a Martin unit, which I thought were only used on A-20s, B-24s and B-26s. Also this a/c spent its entire time in the ZI.
  10. anybody started building yet?
  11. It's a YouTube video. Go to their site and type in HK Models 1/48th scale B-17G and look for the one by a guy named worldinminiature. It's one of two that I found, the other being in German. The one thing I noticed about the German review is he joined a set of wing halves together and, based on the engine mount hole in the fire wall, there doesn't look like could be an engine alignment issue. I also noticed the clear sprue comes with three different types of top turret domes.
  12. Just saw an on-line out of the box review and the reviewer said the kit's apparently it's already available at Merit Hobbies in SoCal.
  13. Over on the Modeling Madness site there is review build of a test shot of the kit from 3 years ago and, to my eye at least, the placement of the engines look alright. Given the review was based on a test shot from 3 years ago, maybe something happened with the engine placement between then and today. The one thing I noticed on the review build is the outer engine nacelles extending back from the firewall and over the top of the wing looks odd when compared to the same areas on the inboard engines and some pics of Monogram builds & real a/c I looked at.
  14. IIRC the Pro-Modeler release had crew figures and a small amount of PE. Also, if memory serves me right, I think it had the Cheyenne tail turret.
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