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  1. Thanks Dutch. So, I may have gotten myself in too deep here on the next step of the wings. I decided to go the route of applying metal foil... I'm using thin kitchen foil and Microscale's metal foil adhesive. It is a slow and time consuming process. And I'm not 100% happy with the results. I've gotten the entirety of the bottom half of one wing done. Between all of the times i messed up and had to redo a panel, I feel like I've used a solid square foot just doing this part of the wing. Good thing kitchen foil is cheap. Also, I'm afraid it's a tad too shiny. Please let me know what you think. The reason I decided to try this out and not use paint is because so far, my attempts to apply a convincing metal paint job over a large surface has been less than satisfactory. In the end though, if I don't like the foil, it's easily removable and I will just have to be content with paint. I applied lines of rivets once the foil was down, it takes very little pressure to emboss the foil.
  2. Managed to get some paint on the wheel wells and gear doors. Pretty happy with it all so far. I need to put some paint around the lower lip of the wheel wells, and around the opening to the ammunition bays then I should be able to get the wing halves glued together. I've also started working on the landing gear struts. Thanks, Brett
  3. Hello everyone, sorry for the dry spell here. I'm fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to work from home and you would think that that would mean more time at the work bench. Yet, in the two weeks I've been working from home now, I've barely been able to get to the bench between an increased work load at work and kids needing help with their school work. I was also waiting on some new drill bits to arrive and those took a little longer than expected. But, this weekend I was finally able to make a little bit of progress on the P-47. I've been working on the wheel wells, adding Eduard photoetch and some lines with 30 gauge floral wire I think I've got it mostly plumed. This image shows the wheel well looking forward. you can see some of the eduard photoetch as well as some of the hoses I've added. Here is the wheel well facing aft, again many hoses we added. Its not 100% accurate, but after looking at many photos of p-47 wheel wells, I came to the conclusion, that each example I looked at had slightly different configurations for their hoses, so this looks good to me. Final image shows where the brake lines will eventually lead up to the landing gear. ( slightly out of focus far right of the image) Overall I'm happy with the results and I feel it makes the wheel wells look nice and busy. Next step will be to get some paint on. Until then, stay safe out there. Brett
  4. Thank you, I've hit a small snag. I'm currently working on the wheel wells, and will need to add many of the lines and hoses with floral wire, but my micro drill bit that I was using broke, and now I'm waiting on a new set of drill bits to arrive before I can continue, I will try and snap some pictures of what I've done so far. There is a decent amount of photo etch added to the wheel wells from the Eduard set, mainly to add detail to the side walls of the wheel wells. Each piece has fit perfectly and I have been satisfied so far. Thanks, Brett
  5. Thanks Dutch, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. This is my first serious project with a lot of photoetch. well, the figures are now complete. Over all I’m satisfied, I may tinker with them throughout the project, but for now I’m calling them done. I’ve also finished the ammunition bays. I laid down a coat of primer, let it dry for 12 hours then laid down a coat of MIG Zinc. Let this dry for 12 hours as well. Then added some Tamiya dark brown panel liner to add some weathering and added the placards. Once this was dry it was on to adding the actual ammunition belts. These were prepainted and look amazing. You can even see the different bullet types, AP, incendiary, ect. I’m really happy with how these turned out. Here is a picture of one of the sides temporarily set inside the wing. You can see I’ve also started cleaning up the wing and re-scribing the missing panel lines. I really have to do this right since this will be done up in a metal finish. Thanks for looking! Brett
  6. Quick update today. I’m in the middle of painting the figures and will post pictures once they are done. I’ve started working on the wings as well, cutting open the panels for the ammunition bays. As well as assembling the photo etch for the bays and panels. thanks for looking, Brett.
  7. Don, Thanks for sharing, glad to hear it's such a great kit. I will do the same and hold off adding the LG and such until the end. -Brett
  8. Just started by build log for this: -Brett
  9. Hello Everyone, I have begun work on my next major project. I will be modeling Lt Knights P-47D "Oh Johnnie" and will be using the Tamiya P-47D as my base. I have purchased the Eduard Big Ed set and a set of EagleCal decals. It is my intention to model the following image: In addition to the airplane it's self I will be adding Lt. Knight and his crew chief Sgt. Childers onto a diorama base. I will try to replicate the scene as best as possible, however, there are a few area's where I will deviate for "creative license". I will be posing both ammunition pays in the open position to show off the sweet Eduard photo etch and I will be giving the plane a bomb load as well as the belly tank. For Anyone interested, I had started a thread earlier regarding the color of Oh Johnnie's wings, that can be found here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/311360-p-47d-bubble-top-oh-johnnie-color-question/ In the end, I settled on depicting the wings in a natural metal finish. This should contrast nicely with the OD/Grey fuselage. There is some interesting history behind this plane and her pilot, you can read a little about it here: https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/oh-johnnie/ Needless to say, this should be a fun project and I will probably take my time, so I apologize in advance if I'm not updating often. Here it is all laid out. Looking over the Eduard Photo Etch, I think I will be able to use about 90% of it. There are a few items that I will substitute instead of the photo etch, mainly anywhere the photo etch is meant to depict hoses, wires, lines of any sort, I will use actual floral wire or solder. I like the 3D look these give over the flat PE. I will also replace the kits blast tubes with brass tube. Off hand, I can't think of anything else significant that I will be doing with the build, so I suppose I will begin. For this project, it was really important for me to depict the two figures. But, I am not much of a figure modeler so I went about looking for some suitable figures to do the job, and quite frankly, I didn't find much online that would match these two individuals and their poses. So, I went to the spares boxes and started combing through all of my OLD monogram kits. Most of those that came out in the 80s and 90s had a few figures included with them and I settled on two that I figured I could modify enough to be a close resemblance. These are the two I settled on: I think the figure on the left came from an old Monogram P-38 and the one on the right from the Monogram B-17G. But, I would need to modify each. Left side figure would depict Sgt. Childers and would need both arms and his head replaced. The figure on the right would depict LT. Knight and would need his left arm and head replaced. I searched the remaining figures that I had to see if I could find suitable heads and arms. I was able to find heads, but no arms that I liked, so I figured I would need to do some sculpting. Here is each figure in process. I managed to lop off some hands to use on Sgt. Childers and attached them and their heads using floral wire: They are slightly frightening at this point, but I'm hoping the next step will work out. As much as I am not a figure modeler, I'm certainly not a sculptor. But, I gave it a shot. Using a two part epoxy putty mixture, I managed to blend in the necks on both figures and replicate their arms. I had to make LT. Kinight look like his left hand was in his pocket. I'm not totally satisfied with the result, but will allow it to cure before deciding to do more to it. Overall, I'm happy with the results, it's definitely not a spot on representation, but I think with a little paint, they will look the part. Next up will be to prime and paint these guys and then I can move on to the plane. I will be deviating from the normal process of starting with the cockpit and will start on the wings. The way the Tamyia kit is designed, the wings can be largely built up as separate sub assemblies, and my biggest concern with this kit will be the metal finish on the wings, so I want to try and get these out of the way first. I've never really done a good natural metal finish, and I will be using this kit as a competition piece so I really want to take my time with these and do them up front while I'm still gung-ho about the build. Anyways, if anyone has built this kit I'd love to hear about any potential trouble spots or things to look out for. Thanks for looking, Brett.
  10. So, I’m between major projects, my son and I decided to do a dual build together. My son picked the Revell 109 so I got the Sea Hurricane. This was my son’s 3rd model (he’s 15), and I guided him, but he did it all himself, including using the airbrush for the first time. Super proud of him! Not bad for a 30 year old kit. I didn’t take the Hurricane too serious, I added some Eduard seat belts and drilled out the gun ports and exhaust but otherwise it was a straight OOB built. It was pretty nice, detail was adequate but the fit, especially around the wing to fuselage join was not great. Required a decent amount of sanding and dry fitting. Also, I managed to lose the left side navigation light clear piece to the carpet monster. Oh well. Paint on both planes is a combination of MIG and Vallejo colors. My son really wanted to put his plane on a diorama base and got a pilot figure from AeroBonus to compliment the plane. Thanks for looking, Brett and Gus
  11. Dutch, If you could get a scan of that article that would be amazing! Yeah, it's really unfortunate that he was so close to base when he crashed, within 25 miles if I recall. He almost made it. I suppose this all speaks well to the ruggedness of the P-47. If he was taking multiple hits from flak and ground fire each mission and taking the same plane back out the next day, it was well built. -Brett
  12. Hey Eric, For what it's worth, when I was researching for my White 147 build, I didn't find any evidence that they panel lines were taped on the wings. The only evidence I could find was that the nose/cockpit and engine areas were taped up for transport. I recall reading a small article about the purpose of the tape, it only referenced the engines and gun bays, but I cannot recall where I saw that article. As for the exhaust staining, as I understand it, it wasn't so much exhaust staining as it was heat damage. I don't believe that the forward portion of the supercharge got as hot as the rear portion. When I did mine White 147, I refrained from adding the head damage forward of the rear "round" part of the supercharger, but I wasn't able to find good reference photos of this area on the F/G models, so mine is more artistic license. Take it for what it is. Brett
  13. I need to get me one of these. The spinner looks great, and overall, even without the finishing touches you want to add, this is a good looking kit. Brett
  14. I'm not the biggest fan of Russian aircraft, but this is a joy to look at, well done! Brett
  15. Very nice, that’s really unique. Brett
  16. You're not kidding, those are really nice. I'm especially drawn to that Hurricane in US markings with the sharks mouth! Thats sweet! I might have to plan some more projects...Sigh...better check the bank account. Brett
  17. Rick, thank you, this is fantastic! Brett
  18. Hey Rick, thanks for the additional info, unfortunately the link you supplied isn’t working for me. But I’ll have to try and track down a copy of that book. Brett
  19. I managed to find a copy of the text from the book and you're right it doesn't outright state that both wings were replaced, but merely says "flew through his own bomb blast...necessitating a wing replacement..." But, like you said, I'm sure the author did his due diligence on his research as well as the artists of the images in the book. I think then, to replicate the photograph, I will paint the aircraft with both wings in natural metal, the fuselage with OD/Grey with the wavy demarcation from stem to stern. As a side note, further in the same text from the Osprey book, it appears this this particular air frame was destined for the Brazilian fighter unit that was part of the 350th fighter group but was diverted instead to LT Knights 346th fighter squadron, so it appears that the OD/Gray was factory applied and not field applied. Thanks again to everyone who as assisted on this! Brett
  20. Thanks curt! Well, you’re not wrong. It’s possible to model this particular aircraft prior to it’s wing replacing incident. However, and perhaps I wasn’t clear in my initial posting, I’m looking to build my kit as it’s represented in the photo I posted, which I believe was taken after the wing replacement. I did find the idea of the contrast between the od/gray and the natural metal to be fascinating and was drawn to doing that scheme, just wanted to make sure I was getting as correct as possible. That’s a lot of helpful information! Thank you so much! Unfortunately this is the only photo I can find of this plane, so its really all I have to go on. And any written text about this plane is silent regarding its field applied paint scheme. I did read this this plane was the only one painted in OD/Gray in this squadron, so it was rather unique. Brett
  21. Excellent, thanks! Everyone has been very helpful. Brett
  22. So the next question then, would the wavy pattern continue down along the back of the fuselage like how it is on the cowl? Brett
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