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  1. Hi Curt The only real option you have is the various re-issues of the Italeri Blackhawk. It's not a shake & bake but can be built into a decent model. I won't presume to comment on the Gothic Serpent suitability but others will come along with that. The minicraft kit is a far distant cousin best avoided IMHO As usual with Italeri it provides a good basis for detailing as far as you want to go. Pretty sure Floyd did some decals for Irene & Others. Fair bit of aftermarket as well in the Black dog & Live resin range. Hope that helps
  2. thanks Tank. I’ll see if I have any worthy in progress shots on my phone and post later if so. No build issues to speak of. The sections designed to be open, fit well closed for a nice change. The multi part clear sections to build up the double bubble canopy are a bit daunting at first. Fit is good enough to work with. cheers.
  3. Hi all Posting this here for the rotorheads rather than finished models. I've been working on this kit since it landed on my bench. The fit is very good but the detail is quite basic. I used a fair chunk of aftermarket bits and pieces. -Montex Decals -Quinta Studios 3d cockpit decals -Eduard exterior photo etch -Eduard Brassin Resin UB-32 Rocket Pods -Eduard Brasssin resin Wheels -Eduard mask set -Master metal DUAS air probe and nose gun barrels I also added all the rivets and fasteners in a recessed style with my riveting tools
  4. Nice display. Sets the scene for your great build.
  5. The lens is just my kit lens that came with my Nikon. 18-140mm. I think I shot at F11 ? Each pic is a two shot focus stack composite blended in photoshop to get the sharpness front to back. Thanks guys for the great comments.
  6. Lovely work. Glad to hear it didn't give too much trouble. Have the kit to do at some point once I get the courage to tackle a vacform canopy.
  7. Crikey! I’ll bet that thing flew like a dumptruck. Nice job.
  8. No nothing special. Just kept them protected and buffed with a soft cloth. Yes Tarps pod. Loadout as per the kit instructions.
  9. Thanks all for the kind words. Rodney I was stressing about that area, after my final flat coat I used the AK weathering pencils. I inserted the wing into the socket, held the pencil in place and moved the wing to mark the arcs. Do this in a few places - remove the wing again and use the marked arcs as a guide for weathering sets ( or your chosen method) blended with q tips. Hope that helps
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