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  1. https://www.raytheon.com/capabilities/products/amns Archerfish Airborne mine neutralisation system.
  2. Hey Oliver are you planning anything special for the wheels? All that gear on board has to weigh a lot. Looking great by the way. 👍
  3. Really nice. How was the fit of the decals? Did you have to do any touch ups of the red and blue?
  4. Excellent Dave. I will be starting one soon and will be paying attention to your advice.
  5. They clearly did not have access to a real horse so they relied on pictures on the internet to do the cad work.
  6. Nice start. I always add some weight to my skidded helis, it helps to make them sit properly on the skids. Nothing worse than part of a skid up off the ground.
  7. Looks cool. Paint job would have been a challenge.
  8. Thanks Collin The nose wasn't particularly troublesome. It can be a bit tricky in some areas but I think leaving off the bottom panel helps make sure the two sides of the nose line up with the main forward fuselage lower piece. The windscreen piece does require some removal of plastic from bottom of the front "fat lip" curved section to get a better sit.
  9. Thanks once again. Really proud of this one.
  10. Cheers Guys. I appreciate the feedback.
  11. Thank guys. I punched some disks from self adhesive iridescent films. One side was over painted with Tamiya clear blue, the other with clear orange. Under the studio lights it looks a bit funky.
  12. Hi Folks This is my recently completed 1/48 Kinetic Hornet. It represents A21-7 as she was circa 2006 with 77 Squadron and finally gave me a chance to use my Afterburner Decals Hornet sheet. I added some extra goodies into this project. Resin Seat, Resin wheels (Nose-AMS resin , Main - Attack Squadron), Resin burner cans (Attack Squadron). AIM-132 ASRAAM from Airfix spares, Litening Pod from Tamiya spares and scratch modified TACTS pod. Eduard etch set in the cockpit abd some epoxy putty intake FOD bungs. Paints used were MRP and SMS Lacquers. Happily for me this model was awarded First place (1/48 Aircraft - Jet - Modified) and also Best Kinetic Model at Australian Model Expo 2019. I hope you like her. Cheers Andrew P.
  13. A vote for the browns. I think the helo needs to stand out to be a focal point as your bases are always quite busy. (Not a bad thing).
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