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  1. I was thinking the same thing Dutch! After receiving the decals I want a second kit too!
  2. Fantastic! I love the 335th FS Indian head. I’ll be picking this up for sure!
  3. I believe the inventory issue is due to Eduard slowly switching their Brassin line over from cast resin to 3D printed parts. They have indicated that eventually all of their Brassin line will be 3D printed.
  4. I’d be in for a set as well. This is a great kit and it’s selling well. Maybe consider a Japanese version
  5. Also wondering the same now that it is slated for a January release
  6. I agree. They had an all black and green livery a few years back in the F-15s, Eurofighter, and Tornado that was excellent as well.
  7. Thank you Cruiz! Definitely a fun project
  8. Ok, well the names are out there if you want them. I do t have a shot at the moment, sorry. Hasegawa’s latest release has then for both EX1 and EX2, but the decals are a bit thick.
  9. Here’s my latest, the Arma Yak-1b built out of the box with Exito Decals. I drilled out the exhausts, gun barrels, and added the rigging. It is an excellent kit! Thanks for taking a look! Steve
  10. Outstanding! Are there crew names included for EX1 and EX2? Steve
  11. Excellent work! I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve checked on this thread. The paint finish and weathering is sublime! I love it! Can’t wait to see her finished! Steve
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