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  1. Fantastic! And coming in June I see as well! Can’t wait!!
  2. Old camo birds on the sheet would be most welcome as well
  3. I just pre-ordered the Wolfpack reboxing on HLJ. Count me in as someone in the market for B-58 decals!
  4. Thanks Mr Happy! Sorry for the delayed response. It was a fun project and a bit of different finish from the usual drab greens and grays. I am glad you liked it! Thanks Carlos! I agree that the rivets really help add some interest to a monotone paint finish. They are definitely a cool aftermarket product and it won’t be the last time I use HGW rivets! Steve
  5. I doubt it for a solo, dedicated sheet, but perhaps you could add like two A jets to a second “big scale eagles” sheet. That old sheet is hard to find on the secondary market, and with Kopecky Scale Models releasing a ton of 1/32 upgrades for the Tamiya C and E kits, it would be most welcome to have another version of that conglomerate sheet. Perhaps some of squadrons that haven’t been really well covered in 1/32 like the Reapers, Jacksonville, any of the ANG Heritage schemes, TBolts, TBolts, TBolts 😃😂😉 etc. Steve
  6. This kit is a total letdown and doesn’t improve on the Academy or GWH offerings (except the Academy P&W exhausts). Not sure what the point was Revell?? Hard pass. Steve
  7. All done! Sorry to the lack of updates but I’ve migrated to Instagram (@Boommodeling) and the various Facebook groups. Pictures in the Display Case thread 👍🏻
  8. My first model for 2022 crossed the finish line this morning. I started this model in December of 2020. This is the 1/48 Tamiya P-47M with the following additions: - Eduard Löök Instrument Panel and Steelbelts - Quickboost resin gunsight - Added wiring to the instrument panel and gunsight - Aires R-2800 Late engine modified to fit the kit firewall - Quickboost oil cooler and wastegate interiors - Eduard Photoetch Gunbay - GasPatch .50 Cal Flexible Ammo Belts (2x) - Eduard Brassin Wheels - Brake lines added with copper wire - HGW Wet Transfer rivets adapted from the P
  9. PM inbound regarding F-15QA references. Steve Baker
  10. Oh that’s an inspiring build there! I hear what you’re saying, but the Tamiya kit is just so much fun to build in pressing ahead with it - there can be another gray one later 🙂 Steve
  11. How close is the Tamiya F-4B OOB to a QF-4B?
  12. Fantastic work Drew! As a former F-15E driver, I can confirm you are knocking this one out of the park. Looking forward to seeing this one finished up! Steve
  13. My kits on the way! In stock at Sprue Brothers!
  14. Happy to hear this as well. I just got my FM F-4D - it’s gorgeous! I think these FM F-4 kits will prove very popular!
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