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  1. Great job on the sway braces! What a sweet looking display you’ve got going. Can’t wait to see it finished! Steve
  2. Awesome- thanks for posting the link Sabre Freak!
  3. Oh wow, I hadn’t heard that yet! Thanks for the heads up 11bee- do you have a link? I didn’t say anything over on their website or Hyperscale Steve
  4. Haha, nice Mike! I am super pumped because I see Xtradecal is going to do “Pat II”. I have the same exact Aeromaster sheet that’s pictured on top of your stack, and while the sheet has decals for Pat II, some of the decals on my copy of that sheet are pretty blurred and not really usable. It’s hard to believe the old Aeromaster sheet dates back to 1993! It’s definitely time for new P-38 decals! Steve
  5. Gotchya! Thanks again for the kind words. Steve
  6. I love this competition and think it would be awesome to bring an American contingent some day. Now, which four modeling friends would be crazy enough to join me? 🤣 Steve
  7. Hi Bo, I’m glad you like my Mustang. I built the tail wheel unit per the instructions but using the Brassin tailwheel - it’s solidly in there at this point 🤷‍♂️ I will take a closer look when I build up my second Eduard Mustang and see if I messed this up somehow. I would also like to say Thank You! to Steve or Terry or whoever took the time to put the article on the main page of ARC! I didn’t submit it but that really means a lot to me. I discovered this site as a sophomore at the Air Force Academy in 2001 and have been a member since 2004, not to mention a daily “checker” of this website for almost 18 years! Everyone at ARC has done so much to teach me as a modeler and I am very grateful for those who take the time to chronicle their builds here. Regards, Steve
  8. Looks like another MCP (multi colored plastic) release. I have their new 1/72 F-4J and F-15K in that series. While I agree the panel lines and rivets are a bit overdone for scale, the plastic looks nice in the box and they should be able to go together fairy easily. It’s nice to have more options for a 1/72 F-14A! Steve
  9. Thanks Brett. I went through all four pages of your build thread and must saw your paintwork is fantastic! I have thought about doing the 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1A in the future as everyone seems to agree that the Tamiya 1/32 Corsairs are among the best kits ever made. Someday perhaps, but I have quite a few kits in the cue, including the new Tamiya P-38 next up on my bench 🤗 Thanks for stopping by! Steve
  10. New Ware Masks just released a set of digital camouflage masks for this scheme 👍🏻 https://mek.kosmo.cz/newware/nwmasksnews028.pdf
  11. Thanks 11Bee, it’s a fun project and it doesn’t have a “deadline” like my Mustang did for the High Plains Con XXX. The Corsair build is all about pushing some of my limits and learning new techniques by adding extra details! Another quick update - this time, it’s about the Quickboost Mk VIII gunsight. I think it’s a worthy upgrade over the thick kit clear part and I loved the iron fixed sight too. It’s definitely finicky to finish and install. The Tamiya kit features a clear glass pane insert behind the windscreen. I’m assuming this was armored glass on the real thing? I ran a bit of Tamiya clear yellow along the edges of the pane insert to give the glass an armored look. Anyways, here’s a few shots of the work completed... Thanks for stopping by! Steve
  12. Superb work so far! I love the approach to replicating the various knobs and switches in the cockpit - it looks great! Steve
  13. 10/12 Greetings everyone! With the P-51 completed, attention now shifts back to the Tamiya Corsair. I have been working on restoring a lot of panel lines and rivet detail on the main fuselage lately and this kind of work is rather boring, tedious, but necessary. On a detail note, I decided to try and spruce up the kit fuel tank a bit by adding the missing hatch detail. First, a picture of the real deal from the Boeing Museum of Flight I drilled out a corresponding hole on the kit tank and backed it with thin sheet styrene. Then, I punched out a few 4.5mm discs from plasticard and made an attempt at replicating the hatch. I cut an outline of the hatch with Tamiya tape, secured with thin CA glue, in attempt to mimic the prominent raised weld circle around the hatch. Here’s how it came out (and compared to the kit tank). Hopefully this will look ok after some primer and detail painting. I am only doing a single tank as I am adding a 500lb bomb on the other side. I wish the sway brace attachment was molded separately and a bit more refined, but I’m going to leave the sway braces as they are. I also drilled out the large underwing light and replaced it with an AK 4mm white lens. I am going to do the same thing for the ID lights on the other wing after trying out a combo of gap filling CA and AK Gauzy that wasn’t quite satisfactory. I have a set of 1mm AK ID lenses on order and hope to finish that up the wings soon. Thanks for taking a look! Steve
  14. They just fabricate new parts - there are very talented aircraft restoration organizations that can do this. For example, Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection in Seattle is backed by some awesome ex-Boeing machinists. The guys that rebuild and fix these planes know what they are doing. There always risks if something new breaking on a 75 year old airplane, but that shouldn’t prevent these old birds from flying. My unsolicited $0.02. Steve
  15. Looks ok to me too 😜 Great job!
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