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  1. Happy to hear it. I’d also advocate for the Academy F-15K as the best starting point in 1/72 👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Update 9/2 Hello everyone. It’s time to post an update on the P-47M. I painted the upper surfaces using a multi-step process to achieve some tonal variation. First, the lower metal area was masked off using rolls of Fun-Tak. Next, I applied some shading on selected panels over the black primer with some Gunze Russian Eggplant and MRP Dark Blue Finally, I used a lighter Gunze blue to add random mottles and shading over the surface. I kept the airbrush moving continuously until I built up an almost cloudy appearance of light blue ov
  3. My jaw hit the floor when I saw you putting the corroded shell over the Jasmine kit - absolutely incredible! Steve
  4. Carlos, Your work on the control surfaces, canopy, gear, etc., is incredible! I love how you are just taking your time and not sacrificing any accuracy. Your Corsair will be one of a kind for sure! I agree with your color choices based on the refs you posted. Keep up the great work! Steve
  5. I also ordered a couple of the Eagle’s Call boxings Curt! Two of my former F-15E squadrons are represented in that kit (No.71 Eagle Squadron which became the 334th FS and the 307th FS). So I will definitely be building those at some point. I’m getting roped into building the Eduard Fw 190D by some other friends at the moment, so that appear like my next build after the P-47M 😂🤷‍♂️ Steve
  6. You bet Rodney! Sorry for the super late reply. I’ve been away for most of the summer but now that the kids are back in school, I will have a lot more bench time! A big update is coming soon! It’s a great kit for sure! Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you’ve taken something from this thread- that’s the whole reason I’m doing it! Steve
  7. Curt, that’s a great question. I won’t be giving up my Gunze Mr Color. There’s nothing “new” or “better” about the Tamiya paint other than it’s a lacquer and in the same colors as their other lines of paint. The performance is just like Mr Color and I have been using Mr Color Leveling Thinner and Rapid Thinner (for Metallic LP paints) to thin Tamiya LP. Tamiya has a Loooooooot of work to do to match the range of Mr Color paints, and I somewhat prefer the exact color matches Mr Color provides instead of having to mix Tamiya paints. That being said, I love the Tamiya LP-11 col
  8. Fantastic start! I am planning to do the same conversion in the next year and will follow your build closely! Steve
  9. Curt, I like these pictures much better and it is easier to see what is going on with the paint and weathering. Yes, the paint finish looks much smoother! The construction and paint work looks really good, so let’s talk weathering… I really like the weathering on the exhausts and undersides where the tires kicked up dirt. Something to consider to take it to the next level is using different dirt tones to build up the grime on the bottom to simulate old vs new dirt, wet (darker tones) vs dry (dustier tones) dirt accumulation and spreading out and randomizing the effec
  10. Excellent review Paul, thanks for sharing. Steve
  11. Honestly, I’m having a bit of a hard time with the photos Curt. It might be easier to provide feedback with a few shots of both models entirely in focus. From what I can see, the base camo looks good, but the mottles appear to be a bit rough on the G-6. Perhaps the paint was drying a bit before it hit the model? I’d like to see more pics 😊 Steve
  12. Gorgeous work! The paint finish is just flawless and all the little details like the intake covers and RBF tags make it really stand out! Superb model 👍🏻 Steve
  13. I ordered both and concur- excellent value with the masks and cartograf decals! Definitely the way to get a Hasegawa P-40N at the moment. Steve
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