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  1. I know, another Mustang...do we really need one?! After spending about two weeks on the new Eduard kit, I think the answer is a resounding yes! I got so into the build that my Corsair project is effectively on the the back-burner until the P-51D is done. Here’s a quick recap of the progress I’ve made on the Mustang so far. The cockpit is highly detailed - I augmented the kit cockpit photoetched placards with the excellent set by Barracudacals. Primed with Mission Models Black Primer The floorboards were painted Tamiya XF-57 Buff and then streaked with Burnt Sienna oil paint for the wood look... ...then oversprayed with highly diluted Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black. The seat was assembled and painted US Interior Green, with highlights added and then chipping with Aluminum. The seatbelts are from Eduard’s Steelbelts range and come with the aftermarket LOOK resin instrument panel that I purchased. They are a bit more refined and detailed than the kit supplied photoetch belts. Finally, everything is brought together with the excellent cockpit sidewalls which are adorned with all of the Barracudacals stencils and placards. The gear bay is superbly detailed and features an interlocking assembly to ensure rigidity and alignment. And that’s where things stand at the moment! It is a superb kit and I highly recommend it. Thanks for taking a look. Steve
  2. Thanks! I will keep that in mind next time for sure. I wasn’t planning on it at this point, however, I am adding AK Lenses and Master 50 cal barrels to the wings and I will try to replicate the plumbing in the wing fold- I purchased some TopStudio resin hose connectors for this purpose. Also, right now the Corsair is on the back burner as I am very deep into my Eduard P-51D build- it’s a fantastic kit! Steve
  3. Fantastic work Carlos! You have an awesome eye for detail and are inspiring me on my own Corsair project. Keep it up! Steve
  4. I received my white boxed P-38 tonight sent from a friend who attended nationals. WOW. What a kit! I’m looking over the sprues and then instructions and really love what I see. It should be a great build experience. Well done Tamiya! Now, I have to finish the Eduard Mustang first, then my Corsair, but this will be next! Steve
  5. Thanks for posting these! I will definitely be building a GWH Su-35 at some point Right click, save ... repeat
  6. If you’re modeling an F-15E seat from those last decade+, it’s the black lambs wool 👍🏻 You could probably replicate it by filling in the vertical cushion “stripes” depicted on most ACES resin seats and stippling some fresh Mr Surfacer with an old brush. Paint it flat black. Steve
  7. Nope, just the mention from Vlad that you alluded to. No CADs, or anything else. Might be awhile.
  8. Look at the larger diameter, more muscular look for the intake on the right compared to the left in the photo. That’s all I was getting at. Steve.
  9. Curt, you will not be disappointed, I assure you! I have built two of Eduard’s new Spitfires and two of their re-tooled 109s- I can vouch for how easily they build and how detailed they are- you can’t go wrong with a Eduard’s latest stuff!
  10. I’ve built the Tamiya Mustang and have the Meng. The Tamiya kit shows it’s age and the fit, while pretty good, isn’t like the new Eduard kit. Neither are the details. It’s probably better to compare to the Meng kit to the Eduard kit. The Meng should build up easily enough but there are some weird aspects/compromise of that kit due to its snap together nature. The Eduard kit has much finer details and, in most cases more details than both the Tamiya and Meng kits. Also, the wings aren’t riveted like the Meng, which is a major plus. The engineering on the Eduard kit is superb. The gear bay for instance, self aligns and nearly snaps together like a jigsaw puzzle requiring only a dab of quick setting cement. The gear bay itself is about 15 parts! There’s a ton of detail! Compare my photo to the Meng single piece bay. Sprue attachment points are narrow and generally on the sides of parts that will be glued anyways. Ejector pin marks are few and not on any of the visible painted surfaces (so far that I’ve seen). Oddly, about the only thing that Eduard missed are the prominent Dsus fasteners on the top of the cowl. I will be adding those with a MDC rivet tool. There are many many Eduard P-51s in my future and the other kits will go to my kids 😜 Steve
  11. I started mine tonight with the main wheel bay first. It blows away the competition in fit and detail. I have the Tamiya and Meng in my stash. There’s no comparison really. Steve
  12. It’s simply incredible- the Tomcat in a shrinking machine! Superb! Steve
  13. The natural metal B-25 a few pics down is incredible! The shading of each panel- wow! Thanks for posting these! Steve
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