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  1. Thank you Cruiz! Definitely a fun project
  2. Ok, well the names are out there if you want them. I do t have a shot at the moment, sorry. Hasegawa’s latest release has then for both EX1 and EX2, but the decals are a bit thick.
  3. Here’s my latest, the Arma Yak-1b built out of the box with Exito Decals. I drilled out the exhausts, gun barrels, and added the rigging. It is an excellent kit! Thanks for taking a look! Steve
  4. Outstanding! Are there crew names included for EX1 and EX2? Steve
  5. Excellent work! I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve checked on this thread. The paint finish and weathering is sublime! I love it! Can’t wait to see her finished! Steve
  6. I just had a look at MRP-002 and you’re right, that does look much better!
  7. Dead match for international orange. I don’t have the fighter town sheet to compare
  8. I don’t think the MRP international orange is quite right. I’ve tired it and it’s not as red. I picked up some tru-color (TCP 1210) instead and it is dead on IMO. I thinned it with Mr Color Leveling thinner and had great results Steve
  9. Wow! This will be such a unique model when it’s finished! Nice progress and thanks for sharing the info on the paint colors! Steve
  10. Curt, the Phase Hanger seats are excellent and a big improvement over the kit seats. Steve
  11. Amy chance some 65 AGRS F-15s make the cut? Decals for those birds are pretty hard to come by these days Steve
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