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  1. I'll be going for the upcoming 1/72 F-15E sheet (CD72063) later in the year to put on my GWH kit that is patiently waiting 🤤. Bennet
  2. Honza, You are surly the master in rivetting!! I know there are many tools (many of them using some sort of wheel). What tool(s) do you use? How do you get the rivetting in the hard to get to corners? Thanks in advance --Bennet--
  3. Hi Jack I started following you unbelievable build. Unfortunately some of the early pictures are no longer available (bandwidth exceeded). Is it possible to repost all the pictures in a location which can bee seen by all? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello Eric Great builds Can you give some more info regarding the "N-44" versions (unit, decals,...)? Thanks --Bennet--
  5. Thanks for your feedback. --Bennet--
  6. Quick question to the experts. Which is the best 1/72nd scale kit (Hasegawa or Fujimi) of the recce Phantom RF-4B? Thanks for your feedback. --Bennet--
  7. Thanks for your quick reply Jake. --Bennet--
  8. Nice looking bird Jan P! I have no clue to which version I'm going to do ;-) BTW, does Mike Grant make the decals specially for you? --Bennet--
  9. Dear all Was (or is) the two-seat version (F-16D) used during OEF/OIF? And if so, are there any pictures available? Thanks --Bennet--
  10. Jan P Which version, country, unit are you building? --Bennet--
  11. I'm planning to start a 1/48th Hasegawa F-16D myself soon. I already bought the Aires cockpit and exhaust sets and FoxOne decal. I hope the following image helps regarding the HUD type? --Bennet--
  12. Thanks for your feedback guys! Up to the next model show... I'll keep you posted about the results. --Bennet--
  13. Hi everybody I’ve seen some articles (hints/tips) related to model photography. Unfortunately, the articles I’ve seen focus on shooting pictures at home, where you can create the right environment and setup. However, does any know a good article (or tips) for shooting pictures during model shows where you cannot change the setup, lighting etc? I use a Nikon D70, with the build-in flash. The problem I have is that I don’t get any sharp picture (depth of field), e.g. one area is sharp… and the rest of the aircraft is fuzzy (see picture below). Thanks for your help --Bennet--
  14. I want VF-1 Wolfpack history sheet
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