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    Essex, GREAT Britain
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    British Military Aviation & NATO in 1:1 & 1:48 scale mainly post war
  1. Gary West

    Hawker Hunter F.6A

    You're singing my tune
  2. Gary West

    Folland Gnat T.1

    Thats a beautifully finished Gnat - excellent stuff
  3. Gary West

    Tornado Gr.1

    Thats a very nicely presented "Gold stars" GR1
  4. Gary West

    Early RNZAF A-4K with Gekko Graphics decals

    That is a stunning looking build
  5. Gary West

    MiG-21 bis

    That build and that scheme is awesome!
  6. Gary West

    Hobbycraft 1-48th CT-133 Kiwi CAF

    Thats one fine build
  7. Gary West

    1:48 NF-5A

    Special tail for Holland winning the 1988 Euros right!
  8. Gary West

    Hobbycraft 1-48th CT-133 Kiwi CAF

    Try Winsor & Newton Galeria Matt Varnish - available from all good art shops. Mix 2 parts varnish to 2 parts water and you get a perferct flat coat every time
  9. Gary West

    1-48 BAE Hawk - Hobby Boss

    [quote name='Andrew Maverick Taylor' As for the 200 series, Neomega resins do consversion sets in 1/72 for both the Airfix and Italeri kits and in 1/48 for the Airfix kit Better still, theres a 1/48 kit of the 200 Hawk on the table from From Hobbyboss - announce last year........hopefully it will still show up
  10. Gary West

    1/48 Tornado Gr.1, Revell wip

    I comend you on your attention to detail - incredibly good work Sir
  11. Gary West

    1/48 AV-8B Harrier Monogram

    Thats a very good looking Harrier
  12. Gary West

    Hobbycraft 1-48th CT-133 Kiwi CAF

    Im watching with interest
  13. Gary West

    Heller Mirage IV P 1/48

    oh yeah and how! Seriously time someone brought out a modern kit including the CT52 camera pod. Hope your build goes well
  14. Gary West

    Heller Mirage IV P 1/48

    I just finished the now old Heller Mirage IV P - This is an old kit, with raised panel lines, a basic cockpit and poor wheels but with a little effort Id build this old stuff all day long........... I used Neomega's cockpit, aftermarket decals, modified the Boz pod from a tornado, and stole the Barax ECM from Kitty Hawks RAF Jaguar!! I opened up the main undercarriage doors and did some basic scratching on the interior wheel doors just so they didnt look sparse. Paints are Tamiya XF61 & XF66 The WiP thread is here....... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234965806-heller-mirage-iv-p-148-finished/?p=1710827 Thanks for looking
  15. Gary West

    Kinetic Mirage IIIE

    I think Unc was brought up by Pirates?