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  1. BeeJee

    1:48 F-16A Hasegawa kit

    This is a 1:48 Hasegawa F-16A with a lot of resin parts to make it a RNlAF F-16A with a MARS recce pod on the centerline station. It is painted with Vallejo, Revell AQUA en Alclad paint. Decals are DACO's
  2. BeeJee

    New Decals - 1/32 O-2 Skymasters in Vietnam (in stock)

    Super decals, used them on my O-2A
  3. BeeJee

    Royal Netherlands Air Force Days 2016

    Very Nice Michel !
  4. BeeJee

    Dutch Airshow and F-35 Intro

    I was great to see the F-35 flying hard and low over the field, fantastic aircraft.
  5. BeeJee

    What'd ya see today???

    Old and new formation.
  6. BeeJee

    F-16C, Blk.32, 86-0280

    very nice!
  7. BeeJee

    1:48 F-16AM J-055 Tigermeet 2010

    That is the Kinetic F-16AM, (the one with the Belgian Airforce solo display team)
  8. F-16AM from the Royal Netherlands Airforce 33sqn with Tigermeet decals from DMX , and Zotz, and DACO Wheels came form Royale resin.
  9. BeeJee

    Italian RF-104G, 101┬░Gruppo 1965

    Very Nice !
  10. BeeJee

    1:48 NF-5B (Kinetic)

    Made by my self, except for the bombs the are made by DACO (F-104 detail set)
  11. BeeJee

    1:48 NF-5B (Kinetic)

    That is correct.
  12. BeeJee

    1/48 Kinetic F-5B HAF

    Very Nice !