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  1. Nice idea to improve the otherwise dull boringfighter. Congrats!
  2. Awesome!, is there a place where we can see the WIP?, I would like to replicate your weathering. Since this is critique corner I would like to mention the wheels, tires look too shiny in contrast with the rest of the aircraft, I can say it because my tires look the same, I'm still looking for a technique to make them look better. Regards!
  3. Finally a company how does not releases another F-15 or a bf-109 or more Spitfires!!! Kudos to AMK!
  4. I'm incredible happy, we need a new up-to-date SUE, and even more if it's you who releses it, I built your Kfir and I loved it every single moment: Here's an almost finished picture of it Your engineering has nothing to envy to well established Japan manufacturers, WAY TO GO! I'll buy 6 SUE so I can build the complete flight line of Malvinas war. IMPORTANT: please check and double check two things on the decals: - Anchors, get them right please! - The sun on the tail is gold not yellow Best regards Luis
  5. Hi guys I'm looking for 1/48 Hasegawa B/C Skyhawks, I need them sent to NYC. PM me. PayPal Only
  6. Some progress, boys are getting ready, I'm running on mojo fumes :)
  7. Lovely Foxbat!, the weathering makes it really really interesting what otherwise a flying gray brick, a mean looking gray flying brick but a flying brick in the end. I agree on your disliking for those persons with a ruler in the hand like to criticize this kit saying this is worthless, but if you start to dig up on their profiles don't usually show what they do. Personally I think this kit is a mix of good and bad things, detail-wise it's pretty lovely, even when some detail is wrong, fictitious or in the incorrect place, at some places it's really idiotic, some times I think they have an i
  8. Really beautiful, it's refreshing to see something in non-us non-european colorsc :), I hope someone does a decent quarter scale one
  9. Good to know you're better now, couple weeks ago I had a terrible cough myself, not strong but annoyingly recurrent :/ Very nice detail OOB, I like the shading you gave it, I don't remember where I seen using graphite to highlight the edges, over black doesn't seem to change the color but gives a nice metallic shine, give it a try some day. cheers!
  10. I been playing a lot with weathering, now it's dirty as hell On the bench looks nice, so I decided to take it ouside and with a better camera takes some stills to see what's what.
  11. Thanks Shernak! Thanks, it's a technique I seen somewhere, can't recall where. I found oils most easy to work with, most forgiving, and the most progressive, as you can add as many layers as you want and work knowing that you can take all the time you need, their main drawback are it's stronger point, they dry very slowly, but what I do to seal the job even when oils are drying is to apply the varnish, this will make the varnish not to dry as quickly as it should, but it will protect the weathering.
  12. Exotic is such a relative term :P, I would say not-so-boring, regarding SEAC painted Mirages there's a lot to choose from, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, etc., well maybe not Peru, I plan to build most of them. Get this book, there you have lots of nice pictures plus the history of each aircraft on each air force. . Cheers
  13. Thanks?, not trying to be mean, but I gave up a long time ago trying to understand what you write, I hope you consider start writing in a language we all understand the first time we read it. Cheers
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