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  1. The hobbysearch website has pics of the instructions. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10063924z/70/1 Hope that helps.
  2. Dan, How much did you increase the image size to make the masking templates? Did you photocopy the image and increase it by xx%? It looks great so far.
  3. Great communication, shipped fast, items were as described. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks Chris!
  4. Yep and so will I. Somewhere I have pics of someones build of this bird. He scratch built the round multi axis thrust vectoring nozzles. It was really impressive.
  5. Interested in the following: Italeri Lockheed TR-1A/B Open box, never had bags, w/instructions, w/decals 15.00 and MMI BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Viper Lnading Gear Detail Set (Out of Production - Rare) (No MMI-1003) -Complete 50.00 PM to follow.
  6. I am not a number, I am a free man!
  7. I received notification of my refund today. I hold no animosity toward either Mr. and especially not Mrs. Flemister. I dont know the circumstances that caused the problems, and I do not care to know as it is not my business. I do feel it was poorly handled to say the least. I hope eventually things are made right with everyone.
  8. I am also waiting on my F-22 from Dec. 5th. Its kind of disturbing to read that others are getting extra kits and kits they didnt buy when there are those of us who did who are still waiting. Have all the F-22 kits from Dec. been shipped out?
  9. I'm hoping to be able to make it. I figure its close enough to the USAF museum that I can make that part of the trip as well. I dont plan on entering anything, just buying stuff.
  10. I read a few good names, but can t come up with one of my own. I'll just have to settle for buying the sheet, and I definately will be. It looks great!
  11. I was also at Anaheim last year and compared to Phoenix in '04, Anaheim did seem a little less organized. I have only attended 2 nationals, so I only have those 2 to compare. The registration the first day was the thing I noticed the most. Phoenix had your package of goodies ready to go in aphabetical order, Anaheim asked you to keep checking back with them to see when they might be ready. It was a minor thing, but something I noticed. There seemed to be more standing around not sure what to do by the people attending the convention that first day in Anaheim.
  12. It would make for a very interesting scratchbuild project for someone WAY more talented than I am.
  13. I recieved mine today as well. Excellent coverage of the F-15. If you are a fan of the aircraft, this is a must have book.
  14. Nice they have the exhausts in the wide open at rest state you see in pics.
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