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  1. Matt Walker

    F-15C/E exhausts 1/48 by KA models

    I think that depends on how important having a detailed burner tube is to you. For me, the exterior and immediate interior of the nozzle is more important than the tube. I don't tend to look up there much once the model is finished, so don't see the value, personally. Having said that, the detail is extraordinary, being way better than anything that has been available to is point.
  2. Matt Walker

    Su-33 1/48 (Academy + Wolfpack)

    Ok, I had not remembered "quite" correctly. Getting old....
  3. Matt Walker

    Su-33 1/48 (Academy + Wolfpack)

    Great work! I think the MRP colors are meant to be for the later, hard edged camo, which was brighter than the earlier soft edged version. M
  4. Matt Walker

    Question about F-5E Aggressors' wheel wells

    That last one looks like it is gray in the wheel wells.
  5. Matt Walker

    Question about F-5E Aggressors' wheel wells

    I'm fairly certain the the ex-Swiss jets were repainted in gray. The original early US jets had metalic wheel bays and gear legs.
  6. As mentioned above, you got me on the hunt for F-D's. I now have the Academy kit, Print Scale decals and XMM intakes on their way to me! Did the Iranian D"s use the regular MB mk7 seats, as used by the USAF? Cheers M
  7. Matt Walker

    Question about F-5E Aggressors' wheel wells

    I don't recall where this info came from, but some F-5's had their gear bays/legs painted in a mid/dark gray too. Just to confuse things... M
  8. Matt Walker

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-27?

    The HB kits are "ok" in my opinion. There are areas where they are really quite poor, actually. The exhausts for example, the aforementioned wheel well angle, and some of the surface detailing is purely fictional. Based n my experience with the KH Su-35, an Su-27 from them can "only" be better than the HB version. Sure, HB kits assemble well, but KH kits are more accurate and better detailed. The Su-17's are an example of that. M
  9. Curses! Now you've got me shopping for F-4D's and Iranian decals!! 🙂 M
  10. Come on, it's been 18 hours since the last post. Where are the photos!! 🙂 M
  11. Matt Walker

    New tool HobbyBoss F/A-18C ?

    I've built one HB Hornet. Will be sticking with Hasegawa! M
  12. Matt Walker

    1/48 - Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" by Great Wall Hobby

    Raymond, Do we ask for just the effected parts, or the entire sprue? Thank you, M
  13. Matt Walker

    710 Blue "older" Su-35

    Matt Foley, Would having him send 2 sets help with shipping costs? I'm in WI too, and would be happy to split the shipping w you. (And pay to get mine from you to me) Thoughts? Matthew
  14. Matt Walker

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    I have asked the question of MCW Finishes about doing RAL 7015 in their "acrylic lacquer" series. (mcwfinishes.com) It looks like they would be able to do it. Maybe if a few more were to ask about it, it would give the impetus to move on it? M
  15. Matt Walker

    F-16/F-15 Aces II

    Hey Kurt, Any chance you will have more of the F-16 cockpit sets in stock? M