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  1. Matt Walker

    New aftermarket parts maker

    Frank Crenshaw is the fellow behind Kokopelli Design.
  2. Matt Walker

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    Order button has been pushed!! Now for the 2 seater! 🙂
  3. Matt Walker

    SU-17 M4

    Brandon. The HB kit "builds" easier, but is simplified in detail compared to the KH kit. Surface details for example are much better presented by KH than HB, with HB leaving out a good amount of "stuff" on the exterior surfaces. The HB cockpit is really bland and not very accurate and really needs a complete replacement if accuracy is important to you, where-as the KH cockpit is very well done, with the only thing (maybe) needed is a resin seat with belts (I don't get on well with etched belts) The HB canopy/windscreen has some accuracy issues too HB has closed airbrakes and intake blow-in doors. The HB "plug in" wing panels are a neat idea, but the ability to mount the KH wings in either extended or folded position, with extended flaps and LEF in the extended position gives many more options with KH. Since building both KH and HB kits for review, I have bought he KH 2 seater. M
  4. Matt Walker

    SU-17 M4

    Having built both the KH and HB kits, I would choose the KH kit any day over the HB. Lovely result! Great build. Gives me inspiration to build the 2 seater. M
  5. Matt Walker

    VT F-16C-25 PIDS pylon question (with GBU-31)

    Shull24 made a PIDS pylon, if you can find one! M
  6. Matt Walker

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    Yes, but I'm not willing to pay stupid money like they are asking for that kit. Yes, that is my choice to make. I don't need it "that" badly! M
  7. Matt Walker

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    How about a re-print of the single seater?? They're very hard to find for a reasonable price. M
  8. Matt Walker

    F-16 Aggressor

    Corrected my post. Thanks Jens.
  9. Matt Walker

    F-16 Aggressor

    The WA Aggressors are Block 32/42, so, you need the small mouth intake, and PW engine. Light undercarriage for the B32, and heavy undercarriage for the B42. The AK Aggressors are Block 30, so you will need the Big Mouth intake and GE engine, but again, the light weight undercarriage. So from the B50 kit, you could do the AK jet with the only thing "wrong" being the undercarriage/doors/wheels. M
  10. Matt Walker

    Obsession with FS 36170: Who Got It Right?

    When I did the 32nd scale F-35 I used the MRP HG clear as the final clear coat. Gave a good result, IMO. It appears slightly less obvious over the lighter gray of the markings and RAM panels. FWIW... M
  11. Matt Walker

    1/48 Tamiya 109 G-6 - ANR

    May I suggest that you could "harden" up the mottle? It looks great as is, but is softer than the photo shows. Nice work, non-the less!
  12. Matt Walker

    Any other pictures of this MiG-29?

    The aircraft in the photo is a Mig-29 9-29 SMT. GWH do one. getting there with the Academy kit would be a LOT of work.
  13. Matt Walker

    1/48 Hasegawa F-15C exhaust nozzles

    The burners from the Revell F-15E work well on the Hasegawa kit. You may be able to pick up the entire kit from Michaels or Hobby Lobby for less than the cost of resin aftermarket (using the appropriate coupons with each store)
  14. Matt Walker


    "I realized I had to start with the dumbest rock" Wow, your arrogance is just astounding.