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  1. Aggressors don't fly Air to Ground mission profiles. Ive never seen a photo of an Aggressor with anything other than the pods associated with their main mission.
  2. That armaments diagram is fine to show what it "can" carry, but that isn't what he is asking for. There are some photos of recent ops in Syria that show the 35's and 34's carrying relatively light loads of "dumb" bombs. It seems quite contradictory to use such a highly capable plane to carry 4 x unguided KAB 500's, or 2 unguided rocket pods, but that is what they're doing!
  3. Well, You certainly know how to build and paint models! very lovely, clean work. Thank you for the thread that you did earlier on the build and painting of the Su-35. It is an invaluable resource! Re the Su-27, having built both the Kittyhawk and GWH Su-35's, I will be waiting patiently for the GWH kit to arrive. Without a doubt, it will be the benchmark Flanker in "any" scale! M
  4. From a modelling point of view, the engines are the same. Difference being, the 25/32 has "silver" exterior petals, and the 52 has carbon fiber (very dark gray) petals. M
  5. I believe it is actually a "well worn" 2 color scheme. Which 2 greys I'm not sure.
  6. Speaking of Rafales, the C is a single seater, correct? So why are all the pictures of the HB "C" kit show them as being 2 seaters?
  7. Gorgeous Su Paul!! The Akan paint is a much better match to the real deal than MRP, which is a really weird shade of purple. Who knows what MRP used as their guide? It is nothing like the right color! M
  8. The KH gear doors are really only meant to be built open. I modified mine to close the appropriate doors. The fit was not the "best"! M
  9. Yes, KH have improved in recent releases. Having built both kits, there is no contest. The Zvezda kit is fantastic! Clean moldings, with precise engraved detail, excellent fit through out. The assembly sequence works! Breakdown of the airframe is sensible. The ejection seats are great representations of the K-36L, and appropriate weapons are included in the box. Where-as the KH has soft engraved detail, fit is "okay" for the most part (the engine air inlets are not great) and airframe breakdown just doesn't make sense. The K-36 seats are a joke. There is an overabundence of weapons in the kit, but there are not many that are actually appropriate to the aircraft. Yes, the decal sheet is a travesty! Not only are the wing walk lines incorrect, there are several other major markings where 2 identical markings are provided instead of left/right. The red markings have no white backing and are translucent. Generally speaking, the Zvezda kit was obviously well researched, and great care was taken in the production of the kit, including someone actually making it to ensure fit and finish. The KH kit is very "approximate" in construction, feels very "rushed", and obviously no one actually built the thing before releasing it. (If someone "did" build it, and they still released it, then KH should be ashamed!) The Zvezda kit is a little jewel. KH? Not so much... M
  10. Since we're talking extra sprues... George, Is the M/N sprue for the D in stock at present? Part No 1916087 TIA! M
  11. The HB kit builds very well, bu as pointed out there are issues. Some of the panel detail is fictional at best, and the burners are pretty poor representations. If GWH do a -27 in the same vein as the -35, it will be fantastic. The KH -35 is pretty good, but really pales in comparison to the GWH. I expect the same will be the case with their respective -27 kits. M
  12. Speaking of ridiculous Hasegawa prices. Add the 4th TA-4 Skyhawk to the list! Stupid asking prices!
  13. BTW. Dave made a jig for the 48th scale Hasegawa Hornets to set their incidence correctly. If you asked him nicely, he may do one for 32nd scale! M
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