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  1. Hi. They are Tadmit's, not Popeyes. Tadmit is a TV guided glidebomb. Avaliable in resin from Isradecal http://www.isradecal.com/?storeid=110&view=products&id=5475 /Bosse
  2. Now I know what I want for Christmas. /Bosse
  3. Interesting. I'll certainly buy at least one. /Bosse
  4. Finally If it's good I'll ruin myself. /Bosse
  5. Hi Gang. I managed to steal me an hour at the worktable tonight. So now the cockpit is underway. The kit comes with pre-painted PE. I searched my inventory and found the Humbrol 124 Petroleum Blue is a fairly good match to Eduards PE. I've also glued the nosegearbay to the fuselage. That's it for this time. To be continued. /Bosse
  6. Thanks Guys, @Allan. I'm not using anything of the kits ordnance. So if you want some parts PM me your adress and it's yours. /Bosse
  7. Hi my Su-7 is finished and it's time to start a new build This time it'll be Kopros Su-25 in the Eduard edition. This is what I have to work with. To be continued.... /Bosse
  8. Hi Gang. My Su-7 is now finished. I've added the last few piece to it during this week. This build took me six months and I had lots of fun. On to the next one. /Bosse
  9. Stunning Shahak Gianni /Bosse
  10. Hi gang. This isn't a fast build as I think you know by now. I've done the PE airbrakes and armed my Su-7 now. Not much to write home about, so I'll let the pictures speak for them selves. There are still some more bits to do, but I can smell the finnish line by now. To be continued.... /Bosse
  11. "A labour of Love, a labour of Love" Gianni. You've had a rocky road to travel with this, but I think you've reached the crest. I really love your work Gianni and I hope you'll be able to finish theese soon. All the best. /Bosse
  12. Phaboulus Phantom F-O Looks great with four Harm's /Bosse
  13. Thanks Aaronw I've been neglecting my Gripen. Perhaps it's time to give it some attention again. /Bosse
  14. Thanks Gregg. I think I'll build my self a Saudi F-15SA with station 1 and 9 attached. Should bring something more to the beautiful Strike Eagle. /Bosse
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