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  1. GWH, Minibase, it's time to step up and do a MiG-25! While you're at it, Su-17/22. Su-24. Su-15. Su-57. 🙂✈
  2. Thanks. If there being painted all one color, then it will be easier to paint the model! LOL
  3. Aren't they painting them all one color now?
  4. Who knows, maybe GWH will do one! 🙂
  5. My personal opinion is that the Hobbyboss F-18E Is more accurate, and has much finer details. I also hear the fit isn't too bad. They definitely had their A team working on that one! Just in case you were wondering.
  6. But then I have to scratch build the instrument package, that was suspended underneath the balloon!
  7. Can we get a 1/48th scale model of this baloon? 🎈LOL
  8. Merry Christmas Dave! Would you consider doing a set of intake and exhaust covers for the Hobbyboss F-18E/F. Maybe the covers for the various vents that cover the aircraft also, like the vets on top, just forward of the speed breaks.
  9. WORD! Re: I simply have too many kits! Don't we all. LOL
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