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  1. I only want to let you know that I've recently started to publish pictures of aluminium plated models on ARC Facebook and the size of the pictures is fantastic. You can see there much more details now. Have a look ! Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Dutch, another silver bird is on the work bench at the moment and will be shown on ARC as soon as it is finished. I'll try to enlarge the number of pictures. It will be a highly polished USAFE F-86 F during a gummery meet in the fifties. Stay tuned ! Cheers Pete
  3. Thank you so much guys for your very kind words you've found on my Sabre Dog model. They really make me happy. If you can say that the model comes close to the original, that's the greatest compliment you can get. Thanks again and happy modeling. Greetings from Germany ! Pete
  4. Due to my language problems describing the foiling technique, I want to illustrate my article with a lot of pictures doing the talking for me and everybody knows, a picture can say more than a thousand words. My problem now is that I need an understandable explanation how to post these pictures into my article. If this problem is solved, I can start. Your help is needed. Thanks in advance ! Peter
  5. That is correct, but I'm working on a special article explaining my foiling technique, which is in no way a witchery. The only problem is the language, but I promise to do my very best. Give me some more time to get that settled. Thanks in advance guys for your patience. Pete
  6. Hi everybody ! I'm planning to convert an Italeri F-104 G in 1:32 scale into a CAF CF-104 of 439 Recce-Squadron while stationed in Germany in the sixties /seventies. Does anybody out there know, if a Vicon camera pod in 1:32 is available as an aftermarket product( perhaps in resin)? This recce pod was carried by the CF-104 on the centerline station. Thanks in advance for your help. Peter
  7. Hi Bob, I gave up ,sorry !!!!!! Peter
  8. Sorry Bob, but it does'nt work. No Picture !What have I made wrong ??? Any idea ?? Peter
  9. Thanks Bob for advice. Let's see if it works. Here is a Picture of my RB-66 Destroyer in 1:48 based on Collect Aire's all resin kit.
  10. Thanks guys for your nice compliments. I think that I can do the foiling technique a lot better today, the Hustler model is just 10 years old. I could post a couple of pictures of my latest products. but I fear that it does'nt work here? Or am I wrong ?????? Greetings from Germany Peter
  11. Thanks Tom for your efforts. It helps anyway,I'll leave the right upper wing free of markings. Cheers Pete
  12. Hi guys, I'm just building Trumpeters F-8 E in 1:32 and I've chosen the markings of USMC VF-235 "Death Angels" for my model.Here's my question: does the right upper wing carry any letters or numbers, for example 19 DB ? Thanks in advance for your help. Greetings from Germany Pete
  13. Thanks a lot John for your help.I was after pictures of F-4J 153783 "Vandy 1" and as far as I can see on the pictures the walkways on the upper fuselage are dark gray.The instruction sheet for Hobby Decals (Dry-Transfers) recommends FS 37038, but I do'nt trust that. What's your opinion in this matter ? Pete
  14. My next model project will be a 1:32 Tamiya F-4J in VX-4 colors, the famous "Black Bunny". Could anybody out there tell me which color the walk ways on top of the fuselage had. Thanks in advance guys for your help. Pete
  15. I'm just building Hasegawa's 1:32 F-104 C Starfighter in the very colorful markings of Col. George Laven's personal aircraft (56-891/FG-891),479 TFW based at George AFB, California. If I can trust the profiles I have at hand (On Target Profiles and Warpaint No. 43), this bird had already an arresting hook, but I've just found a picture of a 4 Ship Formation F-104 C's of the 479TFW and none of these F-104's had an arresting hook. Can anybody of you guys help me to prevent that I make a fault ? A picture of Col. Laven's bird would be great. Thanks in advance! Flightliner
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