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  1. Awesome work on the Mustang. Can't wait to see it finished. RG
  2. Gdub, I continue to be amazed at your work. Fantastic my friend. RG
  3. Very cool! Great information on lighting. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thoughts and prayers to all involved.
  5. Just curious if anyone has recommendations for 1/32 GBU-24s. I was thinking Flightpath, but would need to find 2. RG
  6. Is there a Hornet site out there like the F-15 Info site or Tomcat site that deals only with the Hornet (layout, information, weapons, bureau numbers, etc.)? I think Habu had a site for the F-16 too. Thanks RG
  7. Looking for Flightpath AIM-9's in 1/32. Need four total. Thanks RG
  8. Nope, not working on my end. What address are you using?
  9. Richy's build was awesome "Busy Night in Bahran"! One of the best dioramas I've ever seen.
  10. Anybody know or is anyone else having trouble getting to HobbyDecal?
  11. Would be great to see the Hobby Decal Tomcat Weapons in 1/32 in production again...
  12. Gotta tell you that gives me the inspiration to get my Hornet done in-flight too! Thank for the tips. RG
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