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  1. I have a few kits and some other items for sale. All kits are unstarted, complete and include shipping via USPS to CONUS. 1/32 Roden: Spad VII c.1 $50.00 Siemens Schuckert D.III $55.00 Fokker Dr.1 $40.00 Tamiya: A6M5 with Master barrels,Pitot and Eduard Big ED PE set $150.00 PCM Spitfire MK.XVI Full Kit #32009 $75.00 1/48 Monogram Pro Modeller B-24D (sealed) $85.00 Monogram B-24 J $35.00 Pending Monogram visible B-17 $40.00 Monogram P-61 (2 kits) with True Detail PE Cockpit, Eduard Exterior and Interior PE $50.00 Tamiya Lancaster BI/III with Eduard PE Landing Flaps, Interior a
  2. Believe it or not, I did finally paint the camo and applied the decals and stencils.............. The ordinance is not finished, but I couldn't resist placing it........... I am finally getting close to the finish line.
  3. I have moved up to very large scale kits as my eyes are getting smaller. I have a number of kits and AM things to sell. I have not been active here in over a year or building either. If any of my prices are out of line, I apologize upfront. I am open to offers, but I do not wish to trade and I prefer to ship within the CONUS and pay-pal only...please. 1/48 Monogram; B-17G Pro Modeler with Verlinden Update Kit, Verlinden crew, True Details resin waist gunner, Mike Grant cockpit decals and 2 Eduard PE 50 cal sets. All bags sealed. $130.00 shipped. CONUS B-24D Pro Modeler Sealed $100.00 ship
  4. Part two........... I still have no idea what is going on with photobucket? :BANGHEAD2: Well at least I am having fun and all the airbrushes are ready to go for the camo. Did I say that again? Rocky
  5. Thanks Paul! You are much too kind. I have finally made some time to work on Chico and I keep thinking and telling myself that I will do the camo tomorrow. And as usual, another problem arises. :BANGHEAD2: I realized that I should paint the nose before I painted the camo and it is a good thing I did. How did I miss this? :notworking: Drats and double drats! Now I have sand this thing again! The first pic is with florescent and a 100 watt bulb and the second is florescent only. How did I miss this? Oh well............ I have done a few other things. More to follow a
  6. Mike, Stellar stuff as usual! That is a great jig and the engines are the cats pajamas. BTW, just so you know, there is more than one way to fly a Ford! Keep it up! Rocky
  7. Thanks for the link and it is a great article. Their kits are simply outstanding! Rocky
  8. Pete, This is a very ambitious project and you are doing a great job! Rocky
  9. Chuk, Looking exceptional as usual and thanks for showing me another gizmo I had to order! Rocky
  10. Many thanks Mareku! Pig, many thanks for the kudos and the iapp! He is under house arrest agian! He cannot accomplish the simplests of tasks and I have sent word to London to bring him to the tower...off with his head! The MAJOR Hey guy's don't worry about me. The Major is just upset about "the Lady." He did not mention that I bought him a wooden base while he was away. As noted in the pic, the pre shading is very light. This was done on purpose. The pre shading on top was done in flat black and in a very different way. I hope it works! Pictures of the camo tomorrow. Von Rock
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