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  1. Brb just throwing my matchbox kit in the bin. A Vulcan can't be too far behind either.
  2. I've said before that at the rate these left of center aircraft are being produced in plastic form, that we will likely see every aircraft ever imagined or produced. Now me i'm just here patiently waiting for an rb/wb-57f.
  3. Exactly. Too much "wahhhh they didn't make the plane I want." The rate these kits are popping out we are probably going to see every aircraft ever built, flown or conceived reproduced in plastic form.
  4. Sorry to hear of your trouble. But if its any consolation, at the rate we are seeing once seemingly thought to be unmarketable kits I wouldn't be surprised if we see an injected have blue in the next 5 years.
  5. James


    Markings for Nasa 849 would be highly appreciated and purchased.
  6. James


    Markings for Nasa 849 would be highly appreciated and purchased.
  7. Very rarely do I feel compelled to comment on anything I see on the internet anymore. I first saw the build thread and to be honest I thought it won't ever be finished, it's just too hard of a kit to build. Seeing the progress at a very startling rate had me eating my hat. You've literally turned a turd into a gold masterpiece. A beautiful model built by an extremely talented builder.
  8. I may be one of only a few people to ever to say this... but I preferred the X-32 to the X-35. The X-35 was just soo.. meh.
  9. James


    There is also this. I have been eyeing the xb-36 conversion myself. https://click2detail.com/products/21/XB-52-Stratofortress-Conversion-Set
  10. Will the cockpit glass be clear in the finished product? Some etch compressor blades would be great, just sayin....
  11. A couple more. I already wanted this kit, but loved loved loved! the boxart. Shame the kit isn't as nice as the boxart <_< A recent addition. This thread should be titled "why dosent the kit look as good as the picture on the box" While not so much the boxart, I have always loved the collect air boxes.
  12. Those monogram bomber boxings jogged my memory. Only have one of each of these.
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