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  1. Tbolt

    Airfix Mustang

    You must have seen some CAD images that I haven't, because I've only seen the filleted tail. The fin is separate because there are two types ( panel differences ). Airfix may do the filletless tail in a furture boxing hopefully. Though I'm not that impressed with the molding quality from what I've seen - there's quite a few fasteners that blend into panel lines, which is a shame as they are doing some nice work just let down by poor molding.
  2. Tbolt

    Airfix Mustang

    I can't see what you are talking about, what shadow? And what spot at the bottom? It all looks good and Mustang like to me.
  3. Very nice looking P-47. I haven't built the kit, what's the fit like? Where did you get the idea to have the handle open on the side on the canopy? This is for an emergency exit and it's actually a cover which is removed to expose a handle which when pulled unlocks the vertical support and allows the two square window panes to be pulled out.
  4. Can't help you there, I'm in the UK that's why I gave you the link to Hannant's.
  5. Quickboost! That was Quickboost Dorsal fin and Quickboost compressibility flaps - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/QB72260
  6. Tamiya never did the M kit in 1/72nd, despite tooling it like the 1/48th to allow for it, hence the need for the Quickboost parts. An engine has to be sourced and as well as a prop (or modify a prop). if you want to do an M in the smaller scale.
  7. That's a D-30-RE. I would use the Tamiya kit with the Quickboost Dorsal fin and compressibility flaps.
  8. Tbolt

    Shark Mouth P-47

    Sharp paint job. Now get it dirty ;)
  9. Tbolt

    Shark Mouth P-47

    I came to the same conclusion here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235014180-shark-mouth-p-47/#comment-2584184 I haven't worked out what this airframe was marked up as in the 325th though as they were not over keen on painting the serial number on when they had the checkers. . The site I linked to in that post only lists the aircraft with the 86th so no help there. Of course that assuming they haven't been really sloppy painting over the numbers and it's the slightly smaller numbers used by the 57th FG. I stil think the 325tb is more likely. Though without a
  10. Tbolt

    Shark Mouth P-47

    Just be aware that the serial number on the Montex sheet is I believe incorrect - 42-76973 is not a P-47 number - this aircraft is a P-47D-16-RE serial number 42-75973.
  11. Eduard did say they intend to do a limited edition PR.XI version of their Spit, though this hasn't been mentioned for a while so I hope they still plan to do it.
  12. Airfix's other kits have clear nav light covers for those that have clear covers and I'm sure the Sea Fury will, I guess because they are coloured lenses on the Meteor they figured it wasn't worth it, but it would have been nice. Still doesn't take long to cut out and add some clear sprue in there.
  13. Yes, it was announced back in 2015 for release the end of next year. Thought I'm not sure if the II or V is coming first now. It's being jointly developed with the MPM 1/32nd scale kit.
  14. Eduard already said they are doing a Mk.II after the V.
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