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  1. "Preparations A through G have been deemed failures, however, we have high hopes for Preparation H. Yes, we feel that Preparation H will work, on the whole." --Excerpt from the minutes of the CoV High Council for Technology and Research Stuff
  2. Not to mention how it was hurting the galactic real estate market...I mean, who's going to pay those kinds of prices for a semi-planetoid? At least try and have some volcanic activity to attract buyers.
  3. That's a sharp looking beast you've got there. How much display room do you have? That Buff and the tanker would have me sleeping in the garage, they'd take up so much space!
  4. That's what I thought would be the explanation after reading your previous post, Joe, but I do appreciate the amplification, it makes me feel like I actually have some idea of how the darn things work. Truth be told, I like to build the -22 because so many people rail and gnash their teeth over it, plus I think it's just a cool idea in many ways. Well, it looks to be beer-thirty on the wall clock, so I'm headed out!
  5. Do I need to get my tinfoil hat out? I was just nosing around sites the other night looking for a Prowler to add to the stash, not really sure why, just had a "hankerin" for an EA-6B... I'll have to see if I have any allowance left to pre-order one of these soon.
  6. I'm no expert, and I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but all the ones I've seen at New River sitting on the flightline and the few here at Quantico the flaps are up on them. Maybe I've just never seen them when they've had a chance to bleed off and droop? Is there some way to lock them in place, so the nacelles/wing can fold up for storage aboard ship? They couldn't be allowed to drop in the stowed position, could they?
  7. Most of them were designed more with starting fires in mind...but in a pinch, I'm sure they're appreciated. Didn't anyone think to work the comms bugs out beforehand? Some of those red-patches that work LZs could have come in handy in that situation, I would think. I'm not talking about crypto and just handing over radios to anyone, but embedding a radio operator with the right gear with the smoke jumpers and firefighters just makes sense (to me at least).
  8. If I remember correctly, the A-4 only took a couple of weeks from start to finish. I had a string of free evenings and it went together nice and easy. It sat without any weapons for a while, until I had the A-6 done. That one is an older kit, and needed some extra effort to build. The Intruder probably took closer to two or three months, but I didn't have as much free time to devote to it. I had thought about trying some different wash methods on these, but in the end, I like them just as they are.
  9. I've had these two done and in the display cabinet for a while, and I've been meaning to get some photos taken and posted, so here they are: Both in 1/48, the A-4 is a Hasegawa product and the A-6 is I believe a Revell kit, but I found mine on Okinawa with both Revell and Hasegawa logos on the box. Weapons are mostly from the Hasegawa weapons sets. I used the kit decals for both of them.
  10. That's one good way to show a Phrog at work. Nicely done.
  11. That is one awesome BUFF! (I was originally going to say it was beautiful, but that sounds rather odd.) Really, just an outstanding build. What kind of mileage do you get going to work in that monster?
  12. Well, that's just plain mean, then. Good thing I try to pick up all my 1/48 V-22s at Hobby Lobby when they have the big discounts... True, I should shake my internet fist at GINge (and credit where it's due) for that yellow SAR scheme. The more I look at it, the more I think I have to make one for the collection. It does look good in the brighter schemes, doesn't it?
  13. I always seem to join in a GB, then never actually get anything built...but, here we go again! I'm in with the Academy CH-46E, I've got the Eduard PE for the exterior and cockpit, just going to go with the stock decals, not sure which squadron's markings I'll use at this point.
  14. Trigger, are you trying to put me in the poor house with all these sweet V-22 profiles? I have 2 in the stash right now, one is going to be a USCG white/orange bird, but I've got that yellow Canadian SAR profile you did up stuck in my head, and now that yellow/green UFS idea is just too eye catching to ignore. I wonder if I'll ever actually build a vanilla USMC battle bus?
  15. Carving up the Moai into souveneir ashtrays isn't enough, you actually have to reduce him (it?) to the sub-atomic level and then scatter those particles across the cosmos to insure that they can't reconstitute into the standard form. (Fruit cake has similar properties) Best bet would be to process the Moai-gravel in a unobtanium alloy rock crusher, pack the powdered Moai into fireworks, and sell those at the annual CoV fireworks roadside stand leading up to the 4th of July (or any other holiday that involves fireworks for our non-US membership) celebrations.
  16. Moose bites can be painful...my sister was bitten by a moose, once... Now, bring on the feast of Spam! Where are the bar wenches with flagons of mead to slake our warrior thirst?
  17. Looking sharp! This one is sure to be a conversation starter anywhere you take it.
  18. There's a selection that I can get behind! If the oversight committee does well, he may allow them to have a teaspoon of honey with their nightly ration of rice. May I suggest Jack Burton, owner/driver of The Porkchop Express from Big Trouble in Little China as a nominee?
  19. Oh, so the software was written by Microsoft? And just because: A Sure Cure For VanWinkle Posioning
  20. Looking sharp! Can't wait to see more.
  21. and don't call it Shirley...unless you've bought it a couple drinks first...
  22. At 1.21 gigatweets, we can travel through time!
  23. Well, not to toot my own horn (too much), this is what I just finished up this weeked: Check out my AV-22! It's over in the helo forum if you want to see it all from its humble beginnings. I've also got a 1/48 A-6E that I just need to hang the ordnance on and take some photos to post.
  24. The idea keeps running through my head to try and make it. Have to see how the work and home schedules align. I doubt I'll bring anything, but who knows?
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