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  1. I have used them in 1/32 scale for my Hornet. There very easy to use easy to clean up and fit prefect. The only downfall is painting the inside the can. Other then that i will be using them again.
  2. Looks Outstanding. I like the weathering job on the missles. :lol:
  3. Soooooo Hows first in the decal race. My moneys on TwoBobs VMA-311, VMA-513 and VMA-211. So what you say Bob. Now all we need is some 1/32 lau-10 zuni rocket pods for the plane.
  4. Thanks for the info gents. RJ thank you ill be standing by.
  5. Does anyone know if theres a site i can download REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT flags. If some one know could they please forward a link. much appericated. <_<
  6. Outstanding work on the cockpit. Aries does it again.
  7. Does anyone know what loadouts F-18 crews used in OIF. Thanks. :)
  8. Hey Gents Does anyone have or know a link to some AV-8B Cockpit ref pictures. Also what loadout plans are used in Iraq. Thanks.
  9. right on dave! i am with you on that one. I almost forgot, that scheme is missing the eagle globes and anchors like the real marpat pattern. just thought i would throw that in there. :D
  10. I have Seen that cobra at Pendleton before i got out. The even got a throw back scheme of green black and gray. Old School. I have been wanting to get pictures of that cobra for a while but when you enter the airfield theres signs posted saying NO PHOTOS. But now i can work on this cobra. Im still trying to figure out how to pull it off. I have one idea. I seen in Shotgun news a kit to paint guns with the marpat scheme. The only thing is would it right in scale. Its a cool looking piece of gear. Duracoat.com is the company.
  11. :( HOLY *&^%$! Got to get one of those. better start saving my lunch money.
  12. Im trying to go for the best recreation of the sidewinder for my hornet. I looked in the daco book. I they look kind of metallic greyish. Should I go with the old school way and paint them black or go with the metallic grey. Your input will be greatly appreacticated. Thanks gents.
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