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  1. I'd agree with Motty about the CyberHobby/Wingtech Bf110D-3. The moulding are clean, well detailed, even the framing of the canopy shows the rivets. I haven't really started mine proper yet, but one little grumble is that the engines supplied are in their "fresh out of the crate" state, there are fixings and pipelines missing. But overall just superb, I can't wait to get started! Max
  2. Looks good to me, as Brett Green says about weathering, subtlety is the key!! :huh: Max
  3. Any particular markings or unit codes? I have some spares. Max
  4. If you don't mind spending some extra cash, there are bits you can get here: http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php...p;setPerPage=25 Max
  5. I'd go for the Revell/Monogram Pro-Modeller G2. I've built 3 of their G-4s (one with the CE correction kit) and I'm just completing the Eduard G-4 as a review model in comparison. The Eduard one has, for me, several issues which spoil it not least of which is that it's unnecessarily complicated in build (not to mention the fit of the wings to the fusleage, and has already been stated, the nacelles). The R-M one isn't perfect but in my opinion builds into a better looking kit AND it's fun to make. Something they all seem to miss is that many G-2s didn't have the blind-approach "towel-rail"
  6. I'm hoping to build one of these in the near future but I wondered what the kit was like? I've built the CA Anson and enjoyed it, but I know some of their kits are more "comprehensive" than others. If anyone has experience of this kit, I'd appreciate soem feedback. Max
  7. Jose, May I suggest you ask the question here: http://www.luftwaffe-experten.org/forums/ You'll undoubtedly get a very detailed reply. Regards Max
  8. Let's just say a disagreement between the C-in-C and some members. Hopefully it will be back before too long. Max aka ME453
  9. Just a quick update to save you any trouble Mungo, I've scanned all the detail from "Confound and Destroy" and "One Thousand Shall Fall" and sent it to Jeremy. In the future I also intend modelling a Fortress from 100 Group so any additional references will be welcome. I had the pleasure of meeting Angus Cameron who was a wireless op. with 214 squadron last June when I went to the Bomber Command ceremony in Canberra; a fascinating guy. Max
  10. The truth of the matter is that there is lots of speculation about the yellow circles on the armour, but NOBODY (not even, as Edgar said, Harry Holmes) can put their hands on an authoritative document that spells out exactly why it is there. So choose the one that you fancy, and whether they were front and/or back, cos there ain't no-one can contradict you! Now, that handrail down into the bomb-aimer's position - black or yellow (or pink)??? Max
  11. The best Lanc site is this one - http://www.lancaster-archive.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10 and we have a good modelling section in "The Hangar" almost 100% Lanc related. I'm doing the Tamiya 1/48th right now and keeping a "progress" report on the forum - there are other members who have built many Lancs, especially Ian, who is a mine of information. Regards Max
  12. This may be a long shot, but having just got hold of the Pro-Modeller BF110G4 kit, I'm now looking for decals that will enable me to finish it as that of Heinz Schnaufer's favourite G9+EF. I believe the Cutting Edge decals included this, so does anybody have a spare, or even part set, for sale that includes this particular aircraft? Max Williams Dorset, England
  13. I'd certainly like one of the G4s, can you give me a price incl. postage etc? Max
  14. Has anybody one of these in their stash they'd be willing to sell me? Max Williams Dorset England
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