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  1. And the instructions for the visible kit make no mention of the Cheyenne turret even though the parts for it are in the box. If I remember right, it 2 or 3mm you have to cut off to fit the pumpkin tail.
  2. I assume you mean the 1/48 pro modeler B-17G kit, if so there is no need to cut the fuselage halves for the Cheyenne turret.
  3. I can’t help you on a kit selection as I only build in 48th scale but I do know that kits world makes a decal sheet for movie belle along with a few other cast mates from that movie. 99% sure it’s available in 72 scale and available on a few on line retailers as well as eBay.
  4. The last one that did that I’m aware of was the newest version of the visible kit. Had everything from the pro modeler kit minus the photo etch parts. And you have to cut off the tail to use the pumpkin tail.
  5. Looking to see if anyone has a set of the kitsworld decal sheet that Wolfe’s and vonnie gal on it and won’t be using the vonnie gal markings and they’d be willing to pass them along.
  6. I actually seen yesterday that Tamiya has a curved masking tape that might be helpful for this.
  7. I have the Revell/ Monogram B-17G kit number 85-5600  in 1/48th. I was wondering if you have two part 13 the pitot tube for the left side of the fuselage. Please let me know. Thank you and best wishes to you.

  8. Near as I can tell she was overall natural metal.
  9. 🤯 I admire the dedication it takes to actually complete what you just did! I actually have the same kit going with foil now, but I’m using furnace tape cause it’s a lot cheaper. I’ve picked it up and put it down 100 times. Really hard for me to keep interest long enough. And it is not an easy task. I have most of the fuselage done, have the engine cowls done but the wings are killing me.
  10. Someone wake me when a new tooled 48th scale B-17 or B-24 comes out 😴
  11. Thanks man, I got it to work. It’s way round about but got the job done. I’m only 38 but old as hell with this tech 😔
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