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  1. Your post is a bit confusing. You don’t want to get the Eduard kit because you don’t want to ruin it so you get an Airfix kit or kits? And a bunch aftermarket stuff for them? The aftermarket parts can’t be more of a challenge than kit parts can be. I’d say build the first one OOB, test and gauge your skills and go from there.
  2. I think I either used French blue or true blue from the square testers bottle. FYI: Biggest mistake I always see with that stripe is people not making the notch outs for the serial number, squared U and the aircraft letter. Just saying, it’s worth the effort to take the time for that.
  3. Perhaps a link to that build?
  4. Ok so, the easiest way to spot the early G model would be to look at the waist guns. If the windows are not staggered and straight across from each other. And those same windows should generally be 3 separate windows instead of a single panel window. After that look at the tail guns. If it has the pumpkin tail it’s likely a later G. You want to look for the stinger tail like the E and F. Don’t overthink this, it’s really not that complicated. There are plenty of decal options out there. Google, eBay, and all the other online hobby stores will show a lot of options. Just use what I’ve already said to spot the ones you that are correct for the kit. There are tons of decal options out there too many to list. And yes, they can be either painted or bare metal, just like the kit decals are.
  5. Hopefully I’ll have one waiting for me Christmas morning.
  6. And I’m not looking at the angle of where it’s mounted to centerline of the wing because that pic is a bad angle to judge that from
  7. Ok, so looking at those engines, I can’t tell if they are upside or not. Honestly they don’t look right when compared to the real thing. I don’t have a small enough picture of one to post. But to me the kit engines look like generic radial engines instead of wright cyclone radials.
  8. Glad I still have a bunch with a good amount of spare bits and pieces.
  9. Are those engines upside down?
  10. If anyone finds a pre order, post a link.
  11. Oh my god. Never thought I’d see this day. I don’t see where it says series but if HK’s history follows on this we’ll have a few more kits coming in the future.
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