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  1. Hasegawa F-4E is currently the best Phantom in 1/48 IMO. Maybe the Italeri/ESCI Phantom can be also ok, if you add some additional work.
  2. This will be very cool, if it's 1/48
  3. 1/48 Frazor & Hind. Great news
  4. Very nice build. I like the details, especially the cockpit floor wear.
  5. WOW, that is incredible work! Amazing details.
  6. No, they are not the same molds. Italeri mold was initial released around 2005 KH was 2013
  7. Nice Hunter 😎 I love this Aircraft. Have seen it many times live. BTW; the real Papyrus Hunter will fly next weekend in St.Stephan, Switzerland.
  8. WOW.Nice start. It's an amazing kit from Eduard. I started today my Mustang too 😉
  9. Hello, I looking since a longer time for the Furball 4809 F-14 Colors and Markings Vol.2 Does someone have a set to trade? Mainly the complete Set, but the 2 Forrestal Versions will also work.😊 Thanks for
  10. Dear Luigi and Steve, Thanks alot for your great help. So, I need to modify the BuNo and Modex or to choose another decal sheet....
  11. Hi, As mention in the titel, in need some help...... I started with the beautiful Tamiya 1/48 F-14A and would like to use the CAM Decals to build a Jet from the VF-11 Red Rippers, USS Forrestal. Cam Decals 48-051 info; - F-14A, - Modex AE-106 - BuNo 150922 - VF-11 Red Rippers, CVW-6 - USS Forrestal 1991 Have started with some research about the particular F-14, BuNo 150922, but this number does not exist So, in my opinion, there is somehow a minor mistake. I have found a picture online from AE-104, BuNo 1612608, but not from AE-106 Does someone have any informations what maybe the correct BuNo is? All help and informations are very appreciated.
  12. Hi Ben, Maybe, this link helps; https://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48d.htm Looks like, Sprue W & X are the only parts with the camera fairing. Regards, Marcel
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