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  1. Speedhunter Graphics is working on this Decals..... Found this info on his FB site Facebook
  2. Upps, I missed this information.... looking forward for further updates 😉
  3. Very nice Decals. Must get a copy too. We just need a new NF-104 Conversion for the 1/48 Kinetic or Hasegawa Kit, as the Model Art or Cutting Edge sets are long OOP and rare to find or very expensive on "evilbay"😬
  4. Yes, it looks like all late upturned exhaust options from the 1/48 sheet are included in this 1/35 set. Very nice decals....... MUST HAVE !!!
  5. I have the F-16D kit in my hands and checked the FWD Fuselage/Wing part. There is NO step present at the wing root.
  6. Great News Kursad. Have already the Takom Apache in my Stash awaiting new Decals 🥰
  7. Are you asking for canopy masks? If so, I'm not aware of any aftermarket canopy mask for 1/48 T-50. Only the T-50 rebox from Wolfpack "T-50TH Golden Eagle RTAF" #WP14818 has canopy masks included. Also the future release FA-50 Golden Eagle from Wolfpack should include the mask too
  8. Very nice. Another set to have 🥰
  9. Great idea👍 I'm curious about your first "April Fools'Day Sheet"
  10. I'm not a Mirage 2000 expert, but found following informations; India have upgraded the Mirage 2000 fleet in 2013 to the Mirage 2000-5 Mk. 2 standards, so I suggest to use QD32010 (Single-Seater) and QD32014 (Double-Seater)
  11. PWMP (Plastic World Modeling Products) made a conversion set for the ADF F-16 including tail and antennas. # 3234 F16 ADF tail and antennas (Tamiya T-bird) Not sure, if PWMP is still in business.
  12. Options are: KASL K48125; SJU-17(MK14) Ejection Seat for HasegawaF-14D Legend Productions LF4047; F-14D Seat set (SJU-17 / 2ea) Wolfpack Design WP48091; SJU-17/A NACES Ejection seats (2 pcs) for F-14D True Details 48047; NACES SJU-17 Ejection Seats You may can find them on ebay or other online shops Hope, this helps
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