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  1. No news, joachim. I might be able to get back to work on the Foxbat at the end of next week, some more scribing & riveting I guess. This won't be a quick build by any measure, I just hope to finish up the fuselage soon, so I can get cracking on the cockpits.
  2. My thoughts exactly! This build really looks fantastic, one of the coolest dioramas I've seen in a while. I'm particularly interested in the way you've done the weathering (exposed metal areas) and the whole burnt-out central section. Btw, where does the engine come from?
  3. Thanks for your replies, everyone. Ken - I just checked the canopies, everything seems to be in order. Sorry to hear about the troubles with your build, I hope you'll be able to get a replacement. Speaking of the pilots' offices, how did you tackle the barren cockpit? I was planning to display at least one canopy open, but since there's no detail whatsoever to show (not even an IP decal!) I'll probably have to scratchbuild pretty much everything in there. Time to get myself a contour profiler and a punch & die set, I guess. By the way, do you have any detailed photos of the Foxbat's int
  4. Here's a kit I've been working on for a while now, though progressing at the slowest possible pace. I'm still entangled in some preliminary work, namely the complete rescribing of all engraved detail. This is a remarkable kit under many aspects, but the quality of the surface detail definitely isn't one of them. Panel lines are cleanly traced, but they appear to be both very shallow and unusually wide. A shortcoming that has been addressed, as far as i know, in the ICM release of the MiG-25PD. As I was saying, unbelievably boring work so far. I'm not the greatest fan of having to rescribe det
  5. WOW. The construction seems flawless, and the camo is beautifully done. Did you use masks or did you paint it free hand? Also, nice choice of subject.
  6. Wonderful model, you've done a great job with the weathering. Totally looks bigger than 1:72. About the missing "nosering": I think Bombcat was referring to the panel line right aft of the intake, which you represented as a row of rivets. I hope the following picture helps clarifying what I mean:
  7. Hi Ian, I'm planning to replicate that same kind of weathering on a MiG-25, oil leaks and all. I couldbe wrong, but i guess that stains like those could be due at least in some part to the matt finish of the aircraft, which allows them to spread to a much wider area compared to a gloss finish. If that's the case, I believe that a very thin oil wash applied extremely carefully over an acrylic matt coat might do the trick. Of course it would be very tough to remove in case something goes wrong, unless you can cover up the "damage" by spraying some base colour over it. Another option could be us
  8. I think it's a must-have for the Zvezda kit, it can really bring the model to a new level.
  9. now i know what i'll be building for the rest of my days.
  10. Thanks everyone for the tips, guess I'll have to look into that Hasegawa weapons set after all.
  11. I'm currently building an F-111A in Combat Lancer configuration, unfortunately Hasegawa doesn't supply the two ALQ-87 ECM pods i need in order to make an accurate SEA bird. I was thinking about scratchbuilding the pod and making resin copies of it, but I haven't been able to find the pod's specifications anywhere. What I need is the external dimensions of the real life pod, or at least measurements of an accurate scale reproduction. Thanks in advance guys.
  12. Good day gentlemen. I'm looking for reference on the TF30, which I'll try to replicate in 1:72 to pose alongside a Hasegawa F-111 A. I've already searched the forums and the web for some good reference, but I haven't been able to come by any significantly detailed photograph of the engine. If anyone has any material to share regarding this engine (and particularly the P-3 version), I would really appreciate it. Anything goes, from photographs to technical drawings and charts with external dimensions and other specifications. Thanks in advance.
  13. The Valkyrie is one of my favourite aircraft designs, and your model definitely does her justice. Nice job. I love the group shot with the Peacemaker, I wonder just how tiny a Starfighter would look beside those two heavyweights. You were asking about ways to fill the gap between canopy and fuselage, here is what I usually do whenever I need to fill large gaps: I mix cyanoacrylate and talcum powder, which I apply with a toothpick or other suitable tools. You should get a thick mixture, so it doesn't run inside the clear part. It dries hard, but not nearly as hard as cyanoacrylate alone, so i
  14. A quick update: I added a pair of R-3R missiles (built using toothpicks and p-e fins from the detail set) and a few small details around the pitot tube
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