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EC 145 Vanderbilt Life Flight

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Hello out there,

my name is Georg an I am from germany.

"Anthony NZ" posted a link to his BK117 Westpac in a german forum www.wettringer-modellbauforum.de

where I also got some of my posts and reports.

Here I´d like to poist a shortened report of my EC145 Vanderbilt Life Flight from Revel.

Everybody is building the original ones out of the box so I thought "I need a nicer looking one"


I know, there are more beautiful color schemes in the states world of HEMS, but Vanderbilt was so kind to send me detailed pics. So I can make the painting, interior and the decals much more better than just w

having a look on to pics of a heli.

Anthony also showed me a photo-etched and resin parts set for the EC145 in 1/32nd scale (www.renaissance-models.com)

The first step was to cut the cabins roof and insert a stepdown.

The big sidewall window on the left hand side has to be covered up and a different equipment mounting has to be scratchbuilt.

The floor rails for the seats have to be removed on the left hand floor side and the rear part of the right ones.

All the seats have thicker seat cushion in the original and cushioned head rests.

Seatbelts have to be positioned coming out of the cushion instead runnig over the shoulder parts of the seats.

Now I got some pics of my little success. More pics will follow after having done some more the next days





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Welcome to the site. Vanderbilt is an excellent program, well known here in the US. I am a flight nurse, but don't have the luxury of flying on an EC145. Our ship is an EC135. Good luck with your project. You are off to a great start. I look forward to following your progress. There just aren't enough civilian and medical helicopters being built. One of these days, I will get up enough nerve to start my own helicopter projects...



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Hey Georg,

I'm looking forward to following your build. I'm always thrilled to see builder build outside the box. I'm not alone after all!

I remember Vanderbuilt Life Flight when they first started back in the 80's under US Jet with a BK-117. They have really progressed into a impressive air medical program. I have some of their pins in my air medical pin collection.

I have yet to build the EC-145. We had one flying in the Cleveland area for a short while under the Cleveland Clinic with STAT Medevac. But now they fly the S-76 on their own. However, our local trauma centers Metro Life Flight of Metro Health in Cleveland will be replacing their S-76s with EC-145s. So then I'll have an excuse to do an EC-145 build.

You'll learn a lot of neat techniques from many of the pro-builders on this forum. They are all very helpful and inspiring.

Be sure to post lots of pics!


The Aeromedical Post


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Hey everybody and thanks for the warm and friendly welcome.

Great to see the interest on my project.

If anyone has got some nice pics of the interiors of medical helis or some nice paintings for a new project (like Anthony with his Westpac), let me know.

Best wishes, Georg

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Hi, hope you all had some blessed christmas days yet, good and enough food and a lot of sweet gifts!

I did some more on my EC today. I just added some of the photo-etched parts, but that´s quitea bit of work. All that tiny pieces.

on the bottom nd the skids:


the cargo doors with locks and hinges: they look awsome but u might not see it.


the outer door hinges for the copilot doors


and some other parts as well as the resin parts pilot door which will be displayed open:


CU :)

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Is there such a thing as an ugly medevac chopper? :) This is our EC-135, soon to be replaced by a brand new EC-145. Lifeguard 11, Carilion New River Valley Medical Center, Christiansburg, Virginia...




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oh the EC135 looks nice. I am looking for the next project for some nice designs.

This one might be in my favorites.

Oh, the PE parts and the resin are from www.renaissance-models.com

It´s a french site where the enfglish part didn´t work.

They are 30€ for the Pe, and 48 for the PE+resin parts.

THX ;-)

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Great work Georg!

I have just tossed my 1:32 ADAC EC145 away: couldn't get the EMS cabin to fit inside the fuselage halves. I had that too in the 1:72 ADAC EC135, so it might just be my inabillity to build precise enough :bandhead2: ...

I enormously enjoy Anthony's detailed BK117-build on this forum, and I look forward to see your progress!

Good luck!


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An ugly helicopter? No, just an ugly paint job. You guys haven't seen Metro Life Flights paint job have ya?



I understand Lifeguard 10 (Bell 412) was being replaced with an EC-145. Is Lifeguard looking to upgrade to an all EC-145 fleet?

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Speaking of UGLY helicopters, this is MONOC One. Commonly referred to as the "Creamsicle". The photo came from FLICKR, can't give credit to the photographer, as I don't know who took the shot. I'm sure that we could start a whole thread on UGLY helicopters, but any rotorcraft is beautiful in my book. Especially when they and their crew perform such noble work.




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I don´t think so. see what the german ones look like.





by the way, does anybody what this bright square on the 145s top is good for?


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todays work was adding some more pe parts, scratching the flood lights mounting. the revel ones is different. a hole needed to be drilled belowthe front screen and a od added to hang up the spot.

the open doors on the side behind the cabin windows are pe parts, opened steps to climb on the engine deck.


the other pic shows some more painted parts fromy yesrerdaly.

the litter has to be completely new scratched. the revell one is differenthere again. pics of that tomorrow when its done.


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Hi Georg

I have been away and taken my family on holiday. I arrived home to see your excellent workmanship! You work fast with fantastic results my friend. Your work with P etch is first class, do you use etchmate/Hold n Fold?

About to sit down tonight and work on rescribing the fuse and re-profiling the upper door track on the BK........thanks for the inspiration!



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Hey Anthony,

great to hear. Hope you had some nice xmas.

what is etchmate? hol´n fold? i don´t know these products...

what inspiration do you mean?sorry...

do you know what the bright square on the ec145s top is good for? is it a plane surface or a mesh?

thanks buddy and all the best for 2009

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Etchmate & Hold n fold are tools for bending up photoetch parts.



I ment that "inspiration" was seeing your nice work made me want to get going on mine.

It is possible that the big mesh screen is for an Air Conditioning unit. I know that our local BK has one on the top that is similar but not as big, but in a similar place to this one. If you scroll back through my build you will see mine added to the top of the engine cowling.

Another clue is if the engine cowling/fairings has something like an exhaust port sticking out the side, this would indicate also that it is for air conditioning. I will check with the BK engineers tomorrow for you and see if they know.

Kind regards


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Some last paintings before packing my stuff and rocking the highway again, so all parts could dry till tomorrow.

I did the seat cuhions, the beginning of the litter carriage, the pockets on the sidewalls as well as the mountings for the EKG and Defibrilator.

The small rod on the right hand side contains the the anti aspiration catheters vor the accuvac.



good night out there

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Hi Georg

Just been chatting to the Eurocopter NZ engineers and they seem to think that big panel on the top will be for the Air conditioning unit as well. It is a different(bigger) unit than those that can be installed on the BK's (hence a bigger opening). As far as he was aware there was nothing else that goes in that space.

He advised that it would have a mesh screen not a solid panel.

Hope that helps



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I'm watching this thread with great interest... I worked in the Vanderbilt ER as a psych consultant for years before they built their new helipad on top of the hospital. It used to be on top of the ER roof beside the hospital highrise, which made for some very interesting takeoffs and approaches, especially in windy conditions and the rare snow fall in Nashville. It was four stories above the ground. Patients would stand at their windows above the ER roof, poised above the rotors to watch the helicopters rise to meet them as the medivac teams departed for their emergencies. Back then they operated two BK-117s.

I remember one night during one of those rare southern snow falls, it was night and the helo came in and was kicking up snow everywhere. It was very windy and he had to make several approaches before he set it down. It seemed like everyone came out of the ER waiting room to watch the spectacle. It was very impressive. And with the land pad right beside the highrise and situated between several other buildings, it was extremely noisy. Now, those days are gone b/c, like I said, they wisely moved the helipad to the top of the hospital building above the 12th floor.

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Hello out there.

After weeks of abstinence I´ve been continuing modeling.

I did some work on the interior. Seatbelts from papersheets, the locks from the PE Parts Set, nearly all out of the box equipment removed and built some new relating to the original.

Vanderbilt Logos on the head rests, strains from the boots in the front and cables fo the helmets will follow







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