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  1. You did a sterling job Phantom, but I am affraid that has more to do with your modelling skils than with the quality of this kit. Hey, I know we should be glad someone tackles the subject. I hope for the best but am expecting the worst...
  2. Wow, great work on a fascinating kit!! The S-92 is top on my helicopter model wish list although as a particular impatient modeller I do not look forward to the hassle with resin... But hey: beggars can't be choosers and I did get acceptable results in a resin kit on the S-92- predecessor: the 1/72 S-61N by Whirlybits. Thank you for keeping us updated, will be following this one with interest. Good luck!!
  3. 1/72 S-92 1/72 H225 1/72 AW139 1/72 Bell 214ST 1/72 /48 Bell 407 1/48 H145 1/48 MD530F 1/48 H300 please.. And oh yeah: as said by JohnEB: no need to go crazy on the parts number!
  4. 👍 👍👍 Couldn't agree more!!!
  5. Fascinating read, thank you for sharing the link 11bee!! Gertjan
  6. Nice subject to model, Dave! 1. I have the Whirlybird 84sq RAF Akroti kit in 1:72. Although most of the time I am quite fanatic about the Whirlybird stuff, this kit was somewhat of a disappointment. The parts that you would need are the long exhausts, the big sliding doors (with the bigger windows) and the fast fin tail. The doors (on the 1:72-Wb-kit) are just two door- size pieces of transparent resin: you have to mask the window positions and then paint the parts. Effective, I know, but you could just as well cut these parts yourself from transparent sheet plastic, using the Italeri doo
  7. Nice find Andy! I bought my DreamModel kits at Hobbyeasy Japan, purely because I have not been able to find a DreamModel seller in Europe (exept 1001hobbies but they dare to ask over 50 euros for a Dauphin which comes pretty close to ridiculous). Quite affordable prices at Hobbyeasy (but take shipping costs into acount), but I once had an unpleasant surprise when I unexpectedly had to pay a considerable amount for customs clearance when the kits had arrived in the Netherlands. How are the shipping costs from Daiyee/ US?
  8. Andy, I have these parts; I have not used them. If you pm me your home adress, I can send them to you.
  9. Thank you so much for the heads up 11bee! Listened to the Mills episode this morning. Awesome to hear the man speak after having read Low Level Hell several times; listening to his stories make them even more real. Terrific story teller, humorous and modest. Also great to hear mr. Mills say that that a second book and a documentary are in the making!
  10. Whoa,,,!!! Ofcourse nothing certain yet, but man does this fuel my dreams of an S-92 kit!
  11. Thank you John, I will definitely contact this guy!
  12. I have that one. I lost the spray booms and the rotor blades, but the rest survived my youth in the '70's. I also still have the yellow float equiped version, minus the floats and rotorblades that is. Somehow the Britains model perfectly captures that typical insect like appearance of the Osage/ H300. I think it got me my soft spot for the H300, while most of the time having a preverence for the bigger (civil) helo's. I built the 1/72 Special Hobby '300, but it stretched my meagre modelling skills to the limit. I just cannot wait for the new AMP kit.
  13. Thanks for the reply Winnie. Man, what a tragedy...! Ofcourse the 214ST with its twin blade design must be susceptible to mast bumping as well. Somehow I always thought that phenomenon was only for the smaller Bell's; 212's, 205's and 206's.
  14. Same here Loach Driver. I went the same route and painted the windows on the Attack Squadron resin fuselage black. Squinting from some distance it looks ok, but I would prefer an injection mould kit.
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