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  1. Whoa, thanks for posting! So there's still more to learn about helicopter prototypes after all. Indeed, ugly, and indeed: interesting landing gear configuration!
  2. Hi Dutch, That's an impressive list! I have been looking for Bobkit kits (and then the Bristow machine) but have never been able to find one. The Heller Super Puma kits have indeed different sponsons included, some of them both have the streamlined sponsons with the emergency flotation gear, and also the big sponsons included in one kit. Some only have the smaller sponsons. Quite a challenge. Too bad though that there still is no 225- kit. Best regards, Gertjan
  3. Nice find Dutch! I had always hoped an aftemarket company would show up with a conversion to turn the Heller 332 kits into a 225. Whirlybits did some nice conversions on the 'classic' 330 Pumas. For the LA rescue bird I guess that one of the regular Heller Super Puma kits would do? Rescue 5 is the 332L version, right? Good luck on the builds, keep us posted! Gertjan
  4. Can't wait!!!! I was affraid that it would be another modeling hoax, but the signs are getting better. For me by far the best helo modeling news in the last years!!!
  5. Sorry Chris, not really sure what you mean with bubble windows: the newer type of JetRanger/ 206- pilot and passenger windows that are not flat, but 'stick out a bit'? Or the type of window on the pilot door that is used for vertical reference during aerial crane work?
  6. Guess you mean made an A model in 1/48th Reddog-03? I am anxiously awaiting the re-release of the OH58/ B206 by Italeri, but afaik it hasn't materialized yet... But you're right: if I were to build a model OH58A I would prefer the 1/48th Italeri/ Esci over the 1/32 Revell. The Italeri has the correct type windows and has high skid landing gear included.
  7. What Norbert says!! I forgot and came to regret it later. Also agree on Froggy's posts. The Dauphin in real life is a helo with beautiful sleek and aerodynamic lines, and I would like to build it like that, not with doors and panels sticking out. After building panels and doors on the KH kit closed, the thing looks like a WWII- tank and you have to carefully sand everything flush again, thereby removing any surface detail. Imho the kit could have done with less detail, but I know that's subjective: I am a lazy modeller... Gertjan
  8. You must have good eyes Loach Driver! I finished the Special Hobby Hughes 300/TH55 some years ago and it's close to microscopic... Very glad with a 300 in 1/48 or 1/32 though. At last!!! Gertjan
  9. Now that is a nice release! No particular fan of the R44, but Stransky's choice of subject imho definitely beats yet another Black Hawk, Cobra, Huey or you name 'em... Now if the kit would get an upgrade to 1:48, it would be even better!
  10. Great work Wafu!!! I will be following this one! Gertjan
  11. Maybe the fuselage and rotor parts to at last make a real Cougar/ EC225 from the Heller or the Italeri kit?
  12. Great work as usual John!! At last a 145 in the proper scale, and looking good. I have never understood Revell's tendency to release these kits in 1/32. I would prefer a civil livery myself, like the scheme hawkwrench provided. But I guess I'd be outnumbered by the military aviation fans on ARC! Gertjan
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