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I started on this model a couple of days ago. It will be built completely out of box. I don't know a whole lot about cars,

so I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

First, I started with this thing and assembled that thing and glued it to that other thing.



I then glued the engine together and painted it. After that I glued on the other little things, painted them

and then I gave the whole engine a coat of future.





I then glued the radiator and the other stuff and painted and futured it.


Here is a pic of the body. The color is Italian Red.


More to come as I progress.


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Oh c'mon Ryan-it's a car! Once you get past the interior and the engine it's all downhill and you're over halfway there already B) Besides, it would kinda suck to not see this one done.


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No, it's target practice! In all honesty, I haven't finished a single model yet, although I do have about 20

unfinished models. Entering in this group build might be the answer to finally getting one finished.

I am working on the rear drive train right now- actually , I was working on it until the power cut off

from a severe thunderstorm. Dang! I should have taken some pics of that lightning, but my camera ran out

of juice. I'll try to have another update in a couple of days.


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Hey there. I got a little bit more done to my Camaro. I painted the tub flat black. I will future parts of it later tonight.


Dash board is painted, also


Hood is painted.


And last, but certainly not the least, I painted the door side panels. I'm painting the inserts black. Some touch ups are needed, but I'll get to those later.



See, ya.


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Hello. I have done a little more to the Camaro. No pics right now, but really soon. I have the seats painted and did a little detail painting. I did a test fit and everything seems to fit alright. The headers are giving me some serious fit problems, but I improvise, adapt, and overcome (5 points to the one who can tell me which movie that came off of :rofl: ).

Pics to come shortly.


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Hey, everyone. I'm sorry that there hasn't been an update for a while. I am just not really in the mood to do anything,

much less working on a model. My mother has been stressing the crap out of me about getting a job and paying her back

for the repairs to my truck. Like I told her, I will pay you back when one of the 50+ jobs I applied to will ever call me back

and offer me a job. Sorry, wandering off subject here, I had to respray the body because I accidently spilled flat black

on the body. I just sprayed it and I will start wet sanding the body as soon as it dries. I have both headers attached(what

a dedicated pain in the rear that was trying to get those put together!) and I did some more work on the interior.

Hopefully, I'll get some more pics up.


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Hey everyone. I'm still working on this one. I just got a new job working at the local mall. I'm working from 9pm to 5am

and I'm tired as hell when I get home. I will work on the car some more when I get the time.


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