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  1. I'm at the decal stage with my build and I haven't noticed anything unusual about the plastic. Seems to be the same as any other Tamiya kit I've built over the years.
  2. I think model manufacturers would be hard pressed to make a significant improvement on Monogram's revamped Helldiver.
  3. I've been keeping a wary eye on Tony Iommi over the last few years-never suspected Eddie would go first. Van Halen pretty much defined my life/lifestyle from the late 1970s through the 80s and into the 90s. They were just so much fun. Caught all the tours from Fair Warning through VH3 at least once and I've been wearing all my old concert Ts to work in tribute since he passed. They're not all the best fit anymore but it's nice to dig them out and fly them one more time. Edward? Thank you...
  4. I've had that happen with all brands of enamels I've used over the years. Saving thinned paint is a crapshoot-usually it survives but from time to time this happens. Considering how seldom it happens and how relatively inexpensive it is, I just dispose of the offending paint and buy another.
  5. My bad-it was actually a woman who said it. And the "organization" has no head-it is member led.
  6. One guy said this and now it represents everyone associated?
  7. Yes, the doors had a piano style hinge along the wing root edge of the door and opened up against the fuselage.
  8. Raider fan, curious to see which Derek Carr shows up this season-the "by any means" QB that ended the playoff drought in 2016 or the dump-it-off-so-I-don't-get-hit player he's been ever since. Also interested in seeing the new Death Star in action but it won't be the same without fans in it.
  9. I'm not entirely sure this is true however. It seems to me it doesn't matter how little space you think you have; there's always room for one more...
  10. 1/48 Boulton Paul Defiants, Mk.I: Airfix vs. Classic Airframes 2.0. The Airfix kit was built as a day fighter, the C.A. kit as a nightfighter. Both builds represent aircraft of 264 Squadron, a unit that flew the Defiant in the thick of the action in 1940 including Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain: Paints used on the Airfix kit was mostly Humbrol with some WEM/Colourcoats, particularly as camouflage. Decals are Airfix, the box art plane: The Classic Airframes kit was painted with a Model Master mix of Flat Black with
  11. Done: And further on the sidetrip: True North's spin on Dark Earth isn't particularly 'dark'. Or nearly as thick as their Dark Green-I only had to cut the raw paint 50% and it still took 2 coats.
  12. Not a big jet fan but I always liked this one:
  13. After a sidetrip into some long neglected 1:1 builds I'm closing on the finish line with this one: There were some issues. The turret dome was too tall. I had to sand about half the lower frame off to get it close. And the turret itself was too big for the opening and I had to take material off both the turret base and the fuselage sidewall to get it in deep enough. The landing lights didn't even try to fit inside the opening with the lens covers, as they were molded WAY too thick. I could've used the lights and scratchbuilt clear covers but I just didn't want
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