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  1. WymanV

    Metallic paint

    I was listening to the OTB podcast a few days ago and Ian suggests warming your paint bottle/tin in hot water before brushing it on. He says it helps level it before it dries.
  2. From all the evidence I've seen, conjecture. There are photos of post Midway trainers showing them in BG/LG but nothing I've ever seen in tri color. Even 0363 ditched off Miami Beach on 27 Aug. 43 is still in BG/LG. I did a whiffer myself many years ago but so far, it remains a whiffer. Ken
  3. I'm having absolutely no issues with it whatsoever.
  4. I'm stalled right now because for the last 6+ weeks I've been "flipping" an apartment I'm moving into. If I donate my time the owner will keep my rent the same and he's covering material costs. And it's an end apartment so I have windows-plus, it's above my workshop. I won't be able to make noise in there anymore if another tenant moves into that apartment. But most of my builds stall because I hit something that's beyond my skill level at the time. My latest one is a JG54 BF-109F in white winter camo over grays, and the white has worn away around the panel lines. When I paint, it looks like someone painted up to the lines and stopped instead of looking like the paint wore off. But there's no rush to finish these things, is there? I'll get it one day. My favorite stalled project is a 1/48 Revell B-17F. I opened up the waist windows and was filling the interior with framework when the idea hit me-"I could make up this framework and then cut up soda cans for skin and glue it on...". With that bit of absurdity in mind I packed the build away and moved on. I've built both 1/48 Fort kits (F & G) since then but every time I pick this one up I'm reminded of the idea of scratch building a 1/48 B-17 of Evergreen strip styrene and Pepsi cans and I just put it away again.
  5. The restoration crew pulled a lot of artifacts out previous to working on the building. I watched video of them taking the copper statues down off the spire Friday. I found one of the more interesting questions that came up in the aftermath is where to get the lumber to rebuild the roof. People don't let trees grow that tall any more.
  6. And for fun, an update. Wing buttoned up: The ailerons that came with the kit are far more accurate for the E than the resin CMK parts so I went with them. They're too far inboard on the Revell kit for the sake of moving parts but I wasn't about to alter that. Replicating lost detail would certainly stall the build for some time to come. Dry fit to the fuselage: How about those gaps. The plan here is to plumb and fit the engine assembly, finish up any other interior work ad glue the fuselage halves together. Then I can sand the sidewalls on the cockpit and fit until the gaps close up, hopefully without being so wide it eliminates the wing dihedral.
  7. And hard stuff isn't worth doing...
  8. If I remember my history right, Model Master got RLM 82 & 83 reversed.I do remember going through the paint shelf renumbering bottles because they screwed that up. Not that it matters much on my bench these days anyway-I made the switch to Colourcoats long ago.
  9. One of the details I wanted to take care of on this before I close the wing up is the landing lights. Revell depicts them quite simply as engraved detail on the wing bottom with no trace of a lens for a light bulb. Once again, M.V. Products Lenses to the rescue. In this case, 15/64" clear. My first step was to open up the holes in the wing: I took a Dremel grinding stone (seen above the leading edge) and cupped out the inside to fit the lens flush to the hole: I glued the lens in with contact cement to avoid damaging the lens with any incompatible adhesives: And there we go-landing lights: The real one has a three legged frame inside the bulb with a circle in the center but I'm not going to try that-I'll just end up trashing a rather hard-to-come-by lens. Glue the other one in and the wing should be ready.
  10. DAMMIT! Who knows this kit that didn't see it coming... I was doing the sanding on the wing to fuselage joins and sure enough-the windows popped out. The fuselage access doors are sealed in and sanded to fit-the piece was 'flatter' than the fuselage and didn't conform otherwise. Add to that the delicate nature of the hinges and there was no way I was taking it off to fix this. So I came up with this: It would seem Monogram depicted a sealed up window opening there which was likely present on the DC-3 version. What you see there is a 1/8" HOLE I had to drill in the model 😒 Big enough to fit a toothpick in: Using the toothpick to push on the clear strip from the inside I wicked more liquid cement in around the windows. Then I tossed the crappy camera in the trash (yes, it finally gave up the ghost) and broke out an old one: And finally sanding a taper onto a piece of sprue to plug the hole: I'll sand that down once it's good and set up. Still have to fab something up for that broken hinge. Meanwhile, I have engines to tend to. And a new camera on the way.
  11. You needed to put a spreader bar inside the fuselage to open it up to fit. Common issue and fix on all the Trimaster/DML/Dragon FW kits, including the TA-152. This kit's also missing a rather distinct bulge in the hood to clear the engine mounts, in case you weren't aware.
  12. And the end of the weekend brings us here: The wing roots are pretty decent-there won't be much filler there. But the seam in the back of the bottom is another story... I think I'll fill that with strip styrene instead of putty. It'll make cleaner work of replacing the panel lines.
  13. And I'll pile on the C-47 updates for today Probably shouldn't have had Band of Brothers running for "background" noise because I ended up spending more time watching the show than building the plane. But I did get the fuselage buttoned up Saturday and spent Sunday finishing up the DVDs and sanding seams. Nowhere near as much inside this one as the Trumpeter kit but it's the same story-can't see any of it anyway: Note the broken hinge on the doors... 😒 Can't find it floating around in the box so it looks like I'll have to scratch up a piece to fix it. Some filler on the weak spots of the fuselage-I was expecting more from a Monogram kit so things are going well. And further on tobiK's suggestion, that's the most likely fix for the oversized window. The bathroom window on the other hand... There's the kit's representation near the center of the photo and it is indeed too far forward. And very narrow... I spent some time cruising pics on airliners.net (first time I've been there in years) and it seems to be more consistent in C-47s/DC-3s than that radio room window. But I can't get real excited about making this window. Being so small it's more likely to give me problems than not and I want to keep this build moving. I'm thinking the best bets are either to scribe the window frame in the correct location and depict it painted over with invasion stripes, or least likely replicate it with a piece of Bare Metal Foil. Today's progress was the MV Lenses that showed up in the mailbox. Here they are glued in: Horizontal stabilizers are glued up and now sanded and ready to fit. Also got a first coat on the engines. For the large bladed props on this plane I'll rob a pair of props from one of the B-17G kits in the stash. And as it now sits, the spar is glued in: I'd be gluing up the wing but the contact cement on the lenses isn't dry yet.
  14. Well, not 50. No sales tax in Montana. Just to be sure I ran a purchase through to entering payment info and sure enough-no tax.
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