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  1. Yes! Still have it, but I can't play it anywhere. Even built an old Revell Fokker D.VII that was inspired by that game.
  2. Got caught up in some 1:1 projects over the last couple of weeks but, decals are on, final coat applied and ready for final assembly: The landing gear for this one looks rather fiddly but I suspect everything else should go into place smoothly. And that Spitfire is about ready for my True North enamel test.
  3. I did-I HAD to have this! I don't know if I'll ever build it but if I do I'm seriously considering a diorama of the box art. The Blitz has all the aerodynamics of a tool box but who knew it could take a P-40 in level flight?
  4. Burbank's House of Hobbies. They still are. https://houseofhobbies.com/
  5. Well, black as Night: Blackened 👍 The Montex masks showed up Tuesday and while they weren't the best fitting they got it done. Some had to be trimmed to fit, some had to be replaced and two were missing for the turret. But they're on and it's just painted in the pic with Testors flat black and a splash of Model Master Neutral gray to take the edge off.
  6. My father's father was Army infantry and served on the Philippines in 1944. He was walking point one day through the forest when he came onto a clearing. Not 20 feet away a Japanese soldier also walked into the clearing at the same time. After a stunned pause from both my grandfather fired first. He never told me that story-his daughter did. One of my uncles served on a minesweeper off Okinawa in 1945. This much he told me. After he died his youngest son told me his ship was struck and sunk by a G4M Betty kamikaze. He was awarded the Navy Cross for saving what shipmates he could.
  7. An FYI-those shell ejection panels are actually bulges to make clearance for the M2 lower mounts.
  8. It is, but little has happened since the post. It turns out Montex DOES make a canopy mask set for the CA kit so that's on the way. Meanwhile, finished another one out of The Naughty Closet a couple days ago and another one (both stalled for years) spent the week racing to the paint shop so I don't feel bad about sitting on the last Defiant for a few days.
  9. He posted on hyperscale some weeks ago that the website is being changed and will be down for a while. Sounds like that's happening right now. Not that it has anything to do with his lack of replies...
  10. My favorite part of any build is throwing the empty box away: Tail feathers are on the Classic Airframes kit: Still have to mask up the clear parts as the masks I got for the Airfix kit do not fit. And the stabilizers were gappy so there's some cleanup work to be done there. But I used that orange cap Tamiya cement to put them on and even without mounting tabs or reinforcements, they're pretty firm. I don't typically spend time trying to reinforce joins like that as they're not toys-I don't worry about them breaking off.
  11. The wash showed up Saturday and I got the final coat on the Airfix kit today: Final assembly is going fairly quick. Tire/wheel combination is 2 parts making paint a lot easier, but I have some reservations about how robust the landing gear will be. The mounting points are very small for what it could have been. And the wing is on the CA kit. The rear edge where the wing meets the fuselage was cast somewhat rough and I could've sanded it down but I didn't want to chance making a gap. So, I set the wing in place with the rear edge in contact with the fuselage and filled the gap with liquid cement some 4 times. I slipped a single edge razor blade between the front of the wing & fuselage thinking it was the slimmest, stiffest tool I had for this. On every coat of glue I put back pressure on the blade to push the cemented joint together. On the third pass with glue I pushed it back and pushed down on the wing. It slipped right in place. Sanding down the excess styrene from the glue will be a lot better than applying and sanding filler: The wing at the front is wider than the fuselage so there will be some sanding there to make it flush but the wing is on and the project moves along: Also ordered some camouflage masks for the Wellington so that build may just happen 👍
  12. My family is already aware that this is my wish after I've checked out-finished builds to kids in the family, or neighborhood kids. If it snares just one of them into the hobby I did my part. For a long time I considered the local range until I took a bunch of very old builds to the local one with a friend. It was amusing to watch them blow up into a bazillion pieces but, of course the cleanup was a disaster... Won't be doing that again.
  13. I won't even try enamel on lacquer. Solvent on solvent is just asking for trouble-nothing's wrong with the Airfix kit (yet) and I won't take the chance. I tried a bit of Polly Scale acrylic wash on the landing gear well plugs and I think I can do this, but the Polly Scale stuff is a very reddish brown and I want to go with something a bit more on the chocolate brown side. I'll save the Polly Scale for desert camouflage projects. I'm curious about those True North paints too. Rather pumped about trying them. Found a set of camouflage masks for the Spit in Poland-they emailed me yesterday that they shipped so I'm figuring it'll still be a couple weeks before they get here.
  14. I've never been 100% satisfied with any of my builds. Always chalked that up to part of the learning process. Every build is a little bit better than the last but I haven't done one I'd consider a showcase piece yet. If I consistently knocked every build out of the ballpark I would've bored myself out of the hobby decades ago.
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