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  1. Oh yes. I'm wrapping up a couple of car builds I pulled out of The Naughty Closet back in January and a couple more going on in the group build. Since it still looks like it'll be awhile I'm thinking of pulling out a couple more stalled builds. That pile got pretty small this year 👍
  2. Yeah it is. And the time off doesn't hurt (terribly) either. The belts showed up Thursday and I closed the fuselage Friday: It fit together pretty well. I started by cementing the front firewall in place on one fuselage side which ensured everything else would fit up square. The back of the cockpit floor butted up against formers molded in the fuselage and the floor under the pilot butted up nicely to the frames of the cockpit sidewall. The upper decking fit nicely. The only issue was one I read about on another on-line build; the instrument panel is too wide to fit. I rounded off about a mm of material on both sides of the panel and it fit without taking off so much material that it looked crammed into the cockpit-it still looks right. The upper decking at the front was cemented to the pilot bulkhead and once it all set up the other fuselage side literally snapped into place. The fit is good but the molding isn't exactly Tamiya good. The bottom seam was a bit wavy and needed some extra attention with a sanding stick. And another Airfix issue came up that I read about in someone else's build of a different kit. The panel lines on his build were terribly misaligned and while this one wasn't, I did notice that some of them are different widths where they line up on the bottom of the nose. A little attention with a #11 blade fixed that. The seat belts were worth waiting for: Still some touch-up to do on the panel but everything forward of that disappears of course. The one real annoyance so far is the gap on this side's wing join: It's a little extreme here as there's no pressure on it but when I put enough pressure on it to close it up, it looks like I lose correct wing dihedral. Still debating if I'll shim it, or trust Airfix, put appropriate pressure on it and glue it up as it is. The time I've spent on this isn't representative of how long it actually takes to build this kit. Without all the extra project side trips I've been up to during my time off this build would be cruising right along.
  3. So after a couple days on the Airfix kit we are here: I had to order PE belts for this and since they won't be here until Thursday the fuselage isn't buttoned up yet. So I skipped ahead and built up the wing and assembled the turret. The trailing edges of the wing still show gaps so the fit there isn't exactly Tamiya, but overall it's pretty good. The turret is not as fiddly as it looks. And I didn't expect the exaggerated instrument panel detail to work out but once the decal went on it turned out OK. Since this is now stalled for a few days I may just get a start on the Classic Airframes kit.
  4. A lot of information here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgylp3Td1Bw&list=LL6dMA87XNi8nUmXrAXYavGg&index=2&t=0s
  5. It's about time I got to it! I got pretty carried away with finishing up stalled projects, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The first step has proven to be sorting through the paint stash. Been quite a while since I did a Brit subject and it shows...
  6. January is the month I break out builds from The Naughty Closet and see if I can get them wrapped up. With 2 done, 2 moving to completion and 2 right back in there where they belong AND with the added bonus of Gibson Brands shutting down production due to Captain Tripps, it's time to get these underway. Here's the box art: I'll not lose a minute of sleep over never considering the old Classic Airframes release and coincidentally enough, this release got a whole lot cheaper when Airfix announced theirs. The plan is to do a pair of 264 Squadron Defiants; one the day fighter on the Airfix box art and the other a night fighter from an aftermarket decal set. Sprues from the Airfix kit: And the Classic Airframes kit: Judging by the part count I'm guessing the C.A. kit will go faster. Ken
  7. From the color pics in Aircraft Pictorial #3, the outboard lights above the wing tips are white or clear, the ones inboard are either green or blue. The one at the base of the stabilizer (top of the fuselage) looks to be either green or blue as well. A B&W pic clearly shows the one at the end of the fuselage to be white or clear as it stands out rather starkly against the dark blue backdrop of the upper stabilizer. Given the choice I'll go with green over blue when I build mine. It looks like the most likely choice.
  8. Went a round with the flu a few weeks ago that was just about what you described. Oddly, I found Creamy Chicken Noodle Ramen to be gratifying, as well as Progresso's line of chicken soups. Still have a touch of the cough going on but otherwise feeling good.
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/he-has-17700-bottles-of-hand-sanitizer-and-nowhere-to-sell-them/ar-BB11blvS?li=BBnb7Kz
  10. I'm putting my Fokker Triplane build on the back burner for the time being. I'm in the middle of building all the Nieuports in my stash and putting a hold on those to switch to Fokkers doesn't appeal to me. However, we have the 80th year anniversary of the Battle of Britain coming up and I've been wanting to build one of these for a long time. Why not build 2? I won't build more than 2. The first Classic Airframes kit isn't worth the trouble under the circumstances and I haven't 'heard' good things about the Trumpeter kit. It's my intent to do a pair of 264 Squadron birds, a unit that flew the Defiant from Dunkirk well into the Defiant's career as a dedicated nightfighter.
  11. There was a mention on their FB page over the weekend that whoever was financing the board has found themselves with other financial priorities and was looking for help to keep the site up. Seems like they found it.
  12. When GWH came out with their 1/48 TBD-1 Devastator kit they made the landing gear at full extension as if it was in flight. The SAC "upgrade" was a still incorrect copy of the kit gear. That told me everything I needed to know about SAC.
  13. I don't remember what comedian said they thought it was remarkable that for 50 cents someone would come to his house, pick up a piece of paper and carry it all the way across the country for him.
  14. They used to make straws out of paper as well. Never understood why some people are upset about ditching plastic ones.
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