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  1. Hyperscale has had an Airfix Group Build going on since 2007 and it's still active. I've never understood why the group builds here have to be subject to time constraints. There have been subjects here in the past that have proven popular enough to keep them open ended. What's the stumbling block?
  2. I built the Hasegawa and Eduard kits for a group build here some years ago (and the Monogram kit for a different build) so I got to compare them head-to-head. The Hasegawa kit got the Obsecuro cowl, the Eduard kit is OOB. Both are Yorktown birds with #30 being the Eduard kit and 21 Hasegawa: I liked the Hasegawa kit better. Not that it was the better kit but because the build experience was better-Eduard relies on photo etch for cockpit details and it was fiddly and time consuming. The cowl and maybe an aftermarket cockpit dresses up the Hasegawa ki
  3. I just recently did some digging into this when a friend decided to sell off some of his enamel paint stash, including a bunch of Colourcoats Italian colors. One of the four kits I have in the stash has a scheme that is for a plane repainted in RLM 74/75/76, after Italy's surrender. If you're looking to do the green/blue-gray scheme the colors you're looking for are likely Verde Oliva Scuro 2 over Grigio Azzuro Chiaro. Curiously, the Luftwaffe operated some Italian aircraft later in the war and most of them flew in the original Italian colors.
  4. As far as the build itself is concerned, unmasking. The big reveal. Overall, throwing the empty box away 👍 And I threw away two this week...
  5. 1/32 TBD-1 Devastator. Oh wait! Trumpeter's doing one! Oh wait.. that was what-15, 20 years ago? 🙄
  6. And comfortable shoes 👍
  7. New management added a post to the relevant thread on hyperscale https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/like-a-phoenix-from-the-ashes-squadron-is-being-re-t523908-s70.html#p2796337 detailing the trials & tribulations of restarting a website and correcting the issues left behind by previous management. I'm sure he'll get it straightened out.
  8. Got my second Moderna Wednesday. Thursday I was wiped out with everything they said-chills, fever, body aches, fatigue. Throw in a hernia issue I've been dealing with and it was an ugly day. Friday I was just a bit tired. Today I mowed, got the sprinkler system back up for summer and replaced 22' of rain gutter that came down over the winter. Next stop-the bench and some paint on a Pro Modeler JU-88. Ten more days and it's all behind me. And if Thursday was just a taste of what getting covid was like I thank the gods I didn't get it for real.
  9. Considering the facebook post this is based on has been proven to be a lie I'd have to say nothing. Nothing at all.
  10. I miss their Stash or Cash segment. I submitted three-two went 2/1 and the third never aired.
  11. None! I listen to them all at work during the week. The first one I discovered was- On The Bench. then- Scale Model Podcast Model Car Podcast Scale Model Shed (now defunct) Plastic Model Mojo Plastic Posse Podcast ModelGeek's Podcast (with ties to this site) Just Making Conversation And a couple R/C podcasts- FreefallRC Podcast (a bit Helicentric) RC Plane Lab (just found it) I also listen to many history and comedy podcasts, and I download them all to my mp3 player at- https://playe
  12. Googling info for my latest B-17 build and stumbled across this thread. Don't know why I never posted finished pics, but here she is:
  13. Among the observations I stirred up on the FB page where I'm posting progress pics is that while the top of the nose had the "round" taken out of it in front of the windscreen the sides where the windows are look "pinched" and was described as looking like hollowed cheeks. Haven't gotten far enough in this build to pull the nose pieces out of the bags and compare them to the Revell kit but I certainly will be 👍
  14. No, the landing gear is still ugly. I'd be robbing a pair of Monogram legs from the spares box but that would violate the terms & conditions of the comparison build I'm doing (Revell vs. HK). I also have the G Early in the stash so it'll likely happen with that build. A couple of things I do like about the kit; it comes with parts for an astrodome (the kit OOB is Memphis Belle which didn't have one) and it also comes with another, single gun nose cone for the secondary decal option. Also includes that four legged frame that holds the gun in place. Gives the builder more option
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