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  1. Well, aluminized lacquer is essentially lacquer gloss coat with aluminum powder mixed in it so it will start out glossy. It's the same 'silver' used in pre-war USN Yellow Wings era aircraft. OTOH, I polished the aluminum bits on my bike when I was putting it back together and they're quite a bit shinier than the silver painted frame...
  2. From the Better Late Than Never Dept. Done: Spent a pretty big chunk of this group build moving into a bigger apartment down the hall. Part of the deal I made to keep the rent reasonable was to do the repair work in here myself. How bad was it? One of the prior tenants peed on the floor at the foot of his bed... regularly... So it took a while. But once I got settled in I got back to this. Long story short, the side windows punched out again, this time from the front. The only way out of this one was to split the fuselage. But once it was opened up I glued them in hard. Beyond that, it was all downhill. I wanted to run aerial wires but the best pics on line are restorations and/or mods and there are a lot of variations. Rather than getting them wrong I just skipped them. Engines are Quickboost and both were short-shot on some way-one is missing a chunk of head (one pushrod cover instead of two on that one) and the other is missing the box on the front. Props are robbed from the Monogram B-17G kit to be correct for Sugar Puss. So that's it-she's done. And it doesn't take up a whole lot of space.
  3. I did not see anyone state the Japanese did NOT commit atrocities.
  4. I picked up a tube of Deluxe Materials 'Perfect Plastic Putty' at Who's Hobby House in Rapid City S.D. a few years ago and have been pretty happy with it.
  5. I remember the revamped panel lines on the Pro-Mod kit to be rather heavy handed.
  6. I'm not one to burn bridges but I nuked that one.
  7. The early G did not have the nose cheek guns. They were deleted because it was believed the chin turret would be sufficient. It didn't take long for them to come back.
  8. It was for a minute, but it's back.
  9. I'll start with one that will mesh with my personal WWI Theme Build-Eduard vs. DML Fokker Dr.I, in 1/48: I've already built the DML kit in Josef Jacobs markings so there'll be no surprises there. It was a sweetheart of a build. Not sure yet what I'll go with for markings on that kit but the Eduard kit will be the Richthofen plane before the markings change, as the iron crosses just looked cooler You'll note the Weekend Edition F.I peeking out of the bottom of the pile. I'll be building that one at the same time but it won't be part of this group build-these are all the Fokker triplanes in the stash so I'm building them all at once. That one will be the last ride of Werner Voss, a build I've wanted to do and fortunately it's one of the decal options. Ken
  10. I'm planning to start with 1/48 Eduard vs. DML Fokker Dr.Is because I'm still up to my neck in a personal WWI theme build which, coincidentally enough is stalled on a Testors/Hawk vs. Eduard Nieuport 17 build. I had considered Monogram vs. GWH TBD-1 Devastators but the GWH kit has already won that. Also in the stash is Lindberg box scale vs. Monogram 1/48 He. 111s but I'd like to save the Lindberg kit for an oldies style group build. I also have 1/25 AMT vs. Revell 1957 Chevys, 1/48 Airfix vs. Classic Airframes B.P. Defiants, and 1/48 Monogram vs. Hasegawa F-14 Tomcats-one I would consider but I'm also in the midst of rigging Revell's 1/96 USS Constitution and I'm pretty sure that'll use up my ration of patience for the rest of the year...
  11. Fun fact: There are currently NO group builds running 😶
  12. I'll likely get one. If they come out with an F, I'll be homeless...
  13. One year? I'm in! Been waiting for the run time on a group build to be extended beyond 6 months for a loooooooong time. Now if we could just get some of them pinned... Been thinking about a side-by-side build of DML's and Eduard's Fokker Triplane and I might just throw in Classic Airframes' and Airfix's B.P. Defiant.
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