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  1. I didn't get flu shots either until I got the flu last year and was laid up for a week. Now you too get to learn the hard way.
  2. Fatality rate aside, I don't know why so many people are so determined to get sick in the first place. I'll pass, thankyouverymuch. I don't have time to be laid up by something I could have avoided. Got all my vaccines when I was a kid; got all the vaccines at boot camp and at 57 YO I've yet to experience an ill affect from any of them.
  3. FWIW, posted by Scale Model Podcast in my FB newsfeed:
  4. Interesting responses. I think my only rule is NO music. I can't go 10 minutes before I'm inspired to pick up an instrument and play something or play along. My background noise of choice is Turner Classic Movies or a well worn DVD. I don't find either distracting. Even documentaries catch my attention and take me away from the bench.
  5. The first ever group build here was F-14s, 15 years ago. It's popular.
  6. I'm still convinced ARC needs to have an open ended F-14 group build. Why limit it to a time frame-it seems to be the most popular plane here. I have the Hasegawa 48 kit in the stash and I'm sure I could never finish it in 8 months with working for a living interfering with my free time.
  7. Just last week-I was going through The Naughty Closet picking my projects to revisit in January when I opened the box on an Eduard 1/48 FW-190A-5, the early release that can be built with everything opened up. It was years ago when I started it and the wing went on so far off the wing root gun panels didn't line up. After collecting dust for a few years I bit my lip and tore the wing off successfully and refitted it. Then the paint went straight to hell. I tore it apart again last week, pulled the motor and cockpit and trashed the rest. I bought another kit last year so I will giv
  8. U.S. Navy And Marine Aircraft Of World War II Part 1. Dive and Torpedo Bombers by Bert Kinzey. (a Detail & Scale Aviation Publication) Big title 😏
  9. Not entirely sure the 'press office' is the right contact for such things. You need to find out who makes the containers and ask them. The underlings for upper management probably wouldn't know and would likely not know how to find out, nor care to. OTOH, the guys who do the work on them would probably get a kick out of what you're up to and be happy to share-if there's an actual RAL code for the color. If not, you're matching it anyway. Easily done by anyone with a comprehensive color chip book. Something else to keep in mind-many of the available yellows disappeared in the late
  10. I'm at the decal stage with my build and I haven't noticed anything unusual about the plastic. Seems to be the same as any other Tamiya kit I've built over the years.
  11. I think model manufacturers would be hard pressed to make a significant improvement on Monogram's revamped Helldiver.
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