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  1. I'm nearing the end of a personal Battle of Britain theme build right now which included Spitfire Mk.Is from Airfix, Tamiya and Eduard. Airfix: I like their most recent moldings of the plane. There is a red boxing out there that is labeled Mk.I/Mk.Ia/Mk.IIa and if you see it, run away. It is their older reworked mold and no longer measures up. There is just enough detail to keep the build moving without being fiddly and it looks the part when it's finished: The Tamiya and Eduard kits are equally fiddly. Tamiya doesn't rely on photo etch for some of the co
  2. Might be tricky to answer to what they're actually doing to the plane but if the question is why is it on a carrier? Operation Torch.
  3. The last 2 cars I built I stripped with brake fluid. One because I dropped it while it was wet 😡 and the other because it was well over 20 years since I painted the body, never finished it and it really needed fresh paint. That one soaked in brake fluid for 3 days before it started cutting through the paint. I have never had issues with brake fluid damaging styrene.
  4. I've bought kits on a facebook group called Scale Model Trader with success.
  5. I just use brass screen available at my local hardware store. Comes in many sizes and I can cut it to fit with an old pair of scissors.
  6. Just went there. No problem.
  7. WymanV


    Yeah, I don't get that either. 25 years of painting cars taught me to make long even strokes passing over the surface evenly without turning the (spray gun) airbrush to either side and overlap the previous coat on the next pass. That jerky, skipping motion I see on so many utube videos makes my fur stand up every time.
  8. I believe it was put up a few years ago when there were tech issues with this board.
  9. On the contrary-all these scale modeling forums have been an early form of "social media". A place on the web where like minded people can get together and discuss common and mutual interests, and where advertisers can read the cookies on your computer and tailor make ads for you much to the embarrassment of some participants (or have we forgotten all the people complaining about ads for singles sites?). Like it or not, by definition this is social media.
  10. For some 15-20 years now every time a resin caster goes on one of these groups and asks what we'd all like to see him do I express the need for this twin .30 set. Someone nibbled once. Beyond that all suggestions have fallen on deaf ears 😒
  11. Hyperscale has had an Airfix Group Build going on since 2007 and it's still active. I've never understood why the group builds here have to be subject to time constraints. There have been subjects here in the past that have proven popular enough to keep them open ended. What's the stumbling block?
  12. I built the Hasegawa and Eduard kits for a group build here some years ago (and the Monogram kit for a different build) so I got to compare them head-to-head. The Hasegawa kit got the Obsecuro cowl, the Eduard kit is OOB. Both are Yorktown birds with #30 being the Eduard kit and 21 Hasegawa: I liked the Hasegawa kit better. Not that it was the better kit but because the build experience was better-Eduard relies on photo etch for cockpit details and it was fiddly and time consuming. The cowl and maybe an aftermarket cockpit dresses up the Hasegawa ki
  13. I just recently did some digging into this when a friend decided to sell off some of his enamel paint stash, including a bunch of Colourcoats Italian colors. One of the four kits I have in the stash has a scheme that is for a plane repainted in RLM 74/75/76, after Italy's surrender. If you're looking to do the green/blue-gray scheme the colors you're looking for are likely Verde Oliva Scuro 2 over Grigio Azzuro Chiaro. Curiously, the Luftwaffe operated some Italian aircraft later in the war and most of them flew in the original Italian colors.
  14. As far as the build itself is concerned, unmasking. The big reveal. Overall, throwing the empty box away 👍 And I threw away two this week...
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