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Mig-21 F-13, Indian AF

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To the tune of Iron Maidens Children of the Damned.

Not the kit itself (Revell 1/72), which is a fine model. Well detailed, good fit, nice decal sheet and all at a low price. No, this kit is damned for the way it acted like a posessed demon child, trying to kill itself, and send me insane in the process :bandhead2: I dropped this kit, 4, 5 times? Another time it fell off the end of the workbench when I was moving something else. In the process of all this self harm it lost a wing and snapped one of the tailplanes in two (both after it had been painted naturally), lost several ariels and the under-fuselage airbrake got swallowed by the carpet monster :bandhead2:

However, because I'd put a few extras into this kit (Quickboost nosering, Neomega seat, Begemot decals, Eduard masks) and because it is meant for display on the Cold War SIG table at Telford next weekend, I persevered.




I'm not sure about the Neomega seat, the kit seat is quite poor and needs replacing, but the quality of the Neomega piece didn't seem up to their usual standards.




One last shot with the Fujimi Mig-21 Bis, completed 10 years or more ago (not my best work ;) )


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