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  1. Well, it's not looking good Chuck ... mail delivery, that is. A local news web site is reporting that "There are around six million (undelivered) parcels sitting in trailers across Canada" & mail volume is currently "three times higher than this time last year". I'm waiting on a order from Shapeways, but I'm not holding my breath. Fingers crossed. 🙁
  2. She's looking awesome Chuck. Hopefully you'll get the parts soon. It looks like the mail backlog is gradually starting to move here in Ontario. John
  3. JohnS

    1/18th scale JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    She's a beaut! Great job Steve. Another suggestion. Can you take a photo of the jet along with something that can show the relative size of this big bird? It would help everyone understand the huge scope of the work & what you've been able to accomplish. John
  4. JohnS

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

  5. JohnS

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Wow, I don't think my old bod can handle the shock! Congrats Steve on keeping focused on completing this project over the years. It's been a great trip. Can't wait to see photos of the finished big 'cat. John
  6. JohnS

    F-14B Hasegawa 1/48

    Very nice! One of my favourite squadrons, too!
  7. JohnS

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Gee, Steve! Just when I thought you were just about finished, too. 😀 She's looking better & better. John
  8. JohnS

    1/48 Kinetic CF-18 2018 Demo

    I like it! Unique photos too!
  9. JohnS

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Need I say more? John
  10. JohnS

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Nice! Not too long now. John
  11. JohnS

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Nice work, Steve. John
  12. JohnS

    Gull gray paint match

    Here's a link to an FS colour/paint conversion table that has been around for a while. IPMS Stockholm Federal Standard Colour Conversion Chart
  13. JohnS

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Personally, since this build has been on the go for a long time, I'd take my time & finish the build properly. Of course, this is from the guy that takes years to finish his builds. Ultimately, you do what you think is best. I'll be here watching whichever way you go. John