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  1. Your afterburners & nozzles look amazing. I can almost feel the heat. John
  2. I bought a similar photo in large poster format for my son after seeing the movie in the '80's. It came with an embroidered F-14 round patch. The poster has long gone but I do remember that the resolution wasn't very good. It was a enlargement of a smaller photo. I've included a photo (not the best resolution) in your In-progress thread showing the tank round end http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/311221-top-gun-1986-f-14a-tamiya-148-in-flight-twin-build/&do=findComment&comment=2990960 John
  3. I agree about the Fightertown decals. I used them on my 1/48 VF-74 Tomcat. Colors & detail were great. BTW, I vote for the dome. John
  4. Nice! Looking forward to watching another of your detailed builds ... and two F-14's to boot. Bonus! John
  5. Hi Jesse. Wow, it's been a while, but still good to hear from you. I'm still upset about the PB experience, as are many others. Thanks for your kind comments. John
  6. Steve; Have you tried posting to another modelling site? That will tell you whether it's this site's problem, or not. John
  7. That's frustrating for sure. I guess you'll have to look on the bright side - more time for modelling. John
  8. Steve, I'm still watching. Looking forward to the final reveal. John
  9. That bomb load is impressive. Can't wait to see the finished display. John
  10. Very nice, Steve. Looking forward to seeing her finished. John
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