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  1. That's a lot of heavy metal. Looks terrific.
  2. Incredibly this is my 8th finished model this year. This has been part finished for a good 15 years, but very happy with how it turned out. Only problem was the decals which were very fragile and cracked and shattered very easily. The yellow leading edge markings were especially bad and pretty much unusable. The date on the sheet was 2003, and they've been in the loft for most of the past 17 years so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised...…I ended up raiding the decals folder for some yellow markings from an old Tamiya F-84 Thunderjet Not perfect but pulled me out of a hole. The a
  3. Very nice. I'm put off doing this scheme because of the masking, but yours turned out a treat.
  4. Number 7 complete for the year. This model sat, like so many of my stalled builds, partially assembled and covered in primer, probably for at least 5 years. The HobbyBoss kit is something of a throwback. I know there have been complaints about it's accuracy, which I won't comment on (as I don't care enough), but it reminds me of the classic Monogram and Hasegawa kits of the 80s. It's a big, chunky model, well detailed in some places, a bit simplistic in others. It goes together quickly and easily, but not necessarily well I chose to build mine as an in-
  5. Wow, what a lovely paint job! And that's a hell of a masking job in 1/72.
  6. Very, very happy with how this kit has turned out considering its been sat in the garage swathed in dust and masking tape and at the mercy of the cats the last 5 years, whilst I've been in a modelling funk. The Tamiya kit is absolutely superb, one of the best kits I've ever built, the quality is really obvious when you place it next to the Kinetic and Hasegawa kits. There's 4 or 5 little bits on there I'm not happy with, but I'm happy to move on and call it done. Onto the pics. F-16C Block 30, 527th Aggressor Squadron, RAF Bentwaters, 1989. I used just a litt
  7. Sad news, a legendary figure and an inspiration to countless modellers. The world of miniatures loses a towering giant Howard Sheperd Paine, who for six decades tirelessly worked to spread the popularity of the art miniatures worldwide, died on Saturday, August 1. An extraordinary artist, prolific author, widely respected military historian, and renowned collector of military artifacts, he was 69 years old. Universally known to his many friends simply as “Shep,” the artist suffered a stroke at his home on Chicago’s Northwest Side on July 27. Though he never regained consciousness, he spent
  8. Great job Gary, happy for you that you finally got the light (and all the specials)
  9. Quick Reaction Alert. Don't know why its called Zulu by the Americans though
  10. Great stuff Gary, unfortunately I won't be able to get down, I'm completely stacked out for the next week at work, then am on holiday from Friday. I'm off to the Lake District, so if I'm very lucky I may catch a glimpse of them if they do any low level stuff. I do remember the last time they were here, landing and taking off in the torrential rain at Waddington. Then caught a lucky glimpse of an Su-30 in low level formation with an F.3 (also in the rain!)
  11. Doesn't sound that unreasonable. Its only 1.5 aircraft per year, for a large fleet of aging aircraft that were maintenance heavy and unreliable when they were brand new. The RAF lost something like 1 in 3 Lightnings it had over the course of its 30 year career.
  12. Beautiful model - makes me want to go and build me a Tomcat, that's how nice it is! Couple of points 1) Whats up with the LGB? Nose looks bent 2) Never seen those VF-102 tail markings before, whats it meant to be? Looks like a mis-shapen lobster.
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