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Hi all mates this is my last model, the first of three that I planned and started.

Sorry for the bad pics,I hope to take better shot when I'll finish the display base.

shahak0581024x768.jpg"]Here[/url] the WIP.

Thanks for looking.








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Thanks a lot guys!

How did you find the AML kit, any problems?

Cheers, Ian

Oh my friend, YES! Probably lack of experience with shortrun model,skill,some kit shortcomings and a little of bad luck made these builds very frustrating... but I love the Mirage and the IAF ones in particular and the kit choice is so limited! But I hope that HPM news help to fill this unexplained model gap


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Thanks Gianni :thumbsup:

Just found your `in-progress` thread, real nice work, Shahaks looks very nice indeed.

I think AML is the best choice in 1/72 scale and I`m interested in your observations, thanks again.

Cheers, Ian

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Glad to be useful Ian!

Now I'm waitimg the new HPM Nesher,when arrive I can compare with the AML. Another cheap option is the old Heller but it have raised panel lines, almost no cokpit or gear bay details ( but Pavla produced a good pit/nosewheel bay detail set ) and to realizea IIICJ you have to cut 5mm of the forward fuselage at the air intake level but if you see my WIP then you already know!

:wave: Gianni

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Good day all my friend and many thanks for your word Dragan!

I'm glad to post my actual progress;

the recon bird is virtually finished,I've only add the canopy and the belly tank.




One of the goal in this model that I like is the camera lens and I want to show the process by which I got it:

First I painted in light grey the camera background...


...subsequently with the help of the punch & die obtained two dish,one from a photographic negative and the other from a confetti sheet for which I am still grateful to geedubelyer...


...next step was gluing with the Future the confetti dish first and the negative one after...



...finally,I find an Hase'F-14 HUD projector lens in the spare box; glued in place .


Also ,I've prepared a pair of figure and various accessories for the display base.


That's all for now, but I've near finished and hope to post the entire models as soon is possible.

Thanks for looking,


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I like the base!

Hehe, my mirage? it's just a boring one from South Africa...



Thanks mate!

Mmmmh, I don't think that the SAAF Mirage are boring; is one in the old or new camo scheme?


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