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  1. Hello! I'm looking for a Paragon F-5G lightning nose in 1/48. And decals for latin American aircrafts also in 1/48. . Aztec, FCM, lf models, hobbycraft. Subjects like: Salvadoran Corsair, Mustang. Dominican Vampire, Mustang. Bolivian Mustang Honduran corsairs And so on, Everything is useable, it does not have to be complete partial is also very useable! Must ship to Denmark, PayPal ready! Best Regards Mikkel
  2. Latin American ones. Brazil, Chile and Uruguay :)
  3. whatta ya expect, it's from Grecce :P
  4. Well that sucks... I was thinking on using my AVM decals for one but not anymore then!
  5. Kickass video!!! That loop + roll though.... God I'd give my right kidney to fly in that thing!
  6. Why don't you use your decals from the AVM kit? (have you sold it???) :)
  7. I have quite a few, I'll get op later :) Do a google fu on Super Tucano immanent fury
  8. Does anyone know if Duarte is doing a belly corections set for this beauty??
  9. Hey guys!!!! Thanks for the nice words! and it was a real day to remember!!! I think I passed out because I "forgot" to hold my breath when we entered the loop. The strange thing was that the Fouga is pressuerized cabin and when I was trying to breath it felt like running in head wind (does it make sense my writing??) or that the air was blown into face and you really had to suck the O2 in.... damn that didn't came out right :P anyhow still the must awesome thing I've tried so far! The view in the Fouga is really great actually: A link to some of me picies, I like taking pics. If you
  10. Mine is still in the super awesome custom box ya made when you send it :D waiting for a decent kit!
  11. Luckly I got one from ya :D Really nice stuff them Ricardo Dacoba resin conversions!
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