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  1. Don`t know if you know, but the pilot involved has been giving an interview on the incident to Channel 5 in the UK. (CVN 77 currently in the Solent off Portsmouth). Can`t find a link, but heads-up for someone who can. Cheers, Ian
  2. I agree with everything you have said, Trev. And so do a great many others. I don`t know about a solution, but I do know that Humbrol`s customer care dept. promised a reply within 28 days to my complaint. That was February. I`m still waiting. Like you, I find Humbrol is accessible, and with the current ban on mailing aerosols, that leaves Humbrol as the only player in town when it comes to spray cans, and these have declined in quality also. Suffice to say, Humbrol`s attitude to customers, as well as their products, is in steep decline. Hope you have better luck than me Trev. Cheers,
  3. From available reference (such as Shlomo Aloni`s `Israeli F-4E Phantom Aces`), it would appear that Israeli F-4E were appearing with slats as early as May 1973 (possibly earlier), and that several F-4E with slats were in service at the outbreak of the October war, both conversions and new deliveries from the U.S (Peace Echo IV). This meant a mix of slatted and unslatted F-4E in service at the outbreak of war, further augmented by the Nickel Grass deliveries of aircraft, still in their USAF camo, later in the war. Cheers, Ian
  4. Howdo RCarlson RAF Reapers can carry Hellfire and Paveway IV in various combinations, including asymmetric loads. http://www.raf.mod.uk/equipment/reaper.cfm http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafcms/mediafiles/5DBBB93B_1143_EC82_2E8B5A0341A81C6F.jpg HTH :) Cheers, Ian
  5. Glad to help Eric. And I have to agree that Humbrol`s quality has declined steeply. From what I`ve read, their customer care dept has stopped answering customers mail, so I tried myself and, right enough, nobody home. Bad product and bad customer care- Humbrol is a once great brand with self-inflicted problems. Cheers, Ian
  6. Hi Eric I sometimes use Humbrol 120, but that is by no means gospel and I would fully expect others to have their own take. I tend to go heavy on the weathering so the lighter shade of green suits me. It`s worth remembering that enviromental conditions can give mid-east jets variations on the standard paint. #120 isn`t bang-on accurate for that era so I`d get as many views as you can and make-up your own mind. HTH Cheers, Ian EDIT- I assumed you meant IAF as in Israel, forgive me if I`m mistaken Eric. :)/> Double Edit- I see India operated the Mirage 2000 and Israel the Mirage III,
  7. Brilliant achievement by Leicester. "Jamie Vardy is having a party!!" "We`re all going on a European tour!!" Made all the sweeter by soulless corporate clubs crying about how tough life is on £200,000 per week wages. SWEET! Cheers, Ian
  8. Just chanced upon this pic of a SHar on test with an interesting mix of Sea Eagles and two twin Sidewinder rails. Shows what was possible, if not often practiced. http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/5394/1483/1600/met%20001.jpg Cheers, Ian :cheers:/>
  9. Hi Ricardo Here`s a thread from Britmodeller on this very subject with contributions from someone who loaded Sea Harriers. You may find post #19 by Shar2 useful. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/64725-sea-harrier-frs1-and-sea-eagle/ HTH Cheers, Ian
  10. Hi Doug If you were wanting a British Army Centurion then care should be taken with the engine deck as three of AFV Club`s Israeli Centurions are modelled on Sho`t Kals which were given new diesel engines in Israel that meant giving the engine deck a new set-up that the British Centurions did not have. Here`s a British Centurion. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-br7uEZ6WTUw/UjRJ3pCiVoI/AAAAAAAABrg/2aTiVTxtFmY/s1600/IMG_4312.JPG And the Israeli modification (Sho`t Kal). https://miniarmour.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/shotkalimg_4911res2.jpg As also seen in Frogman`s excellent build above. This A
  11. The Italeri kit looks impressive when first opening the box, but, upon closer inspection, it very much is an Italeri kit of it`s time, basic and flawed. But as Janman says, and Flankerman proves with his excellent build, it is salvageable. Problem I had was that my kit came with no transparency sprue. I contacted Italeri and got (what I now know to be their standard answer) `it is impossible for us to send out a kit with missing parts`. Hobbico (Italeri`s UK distributor) at least tried to help, but ultimately I got a canopy from a second hand model. I`ve got all the Italeri kits I want a
  12. Surprised me too Slater, but F-15I fly with AIM-7, amongst other air-to-air missiles. http://cache1.asset-cache.net/gc/181828549-an-f-15i-raam-of-the-israeli-air-force-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=weM9WicWdUnr86JvinaviGE9vGB3J0Bo2wbhcNu0wU%2FV1fFJRYj7pWnN9i%2Br9crzDXZ8wPCV7TBf0MM3T4rqyw%3D%3D Cheers, Ian Edit- didn`t realise before, but pictured Ra`am is carrying Python, AMRAAM, and Sparrow missiles.
  13. Well done Ken, a lovely job you`ve done of that. Cheers, Ian
  14. RIP Lemmy Although, maybe his idea of paradise isn`t so peaceful and is a little more rocking Thanks Lemmy.
  15. Excellent find twong, thanks for sharing! Cheers, Ian
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