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  1. Paragon Designs did 2-Stage resin engines (P32011) probably v.rare by now. They actually did a fair bit of 1/32 conversion/upgrade stuff for Mosquitos. Wheels, rockets & rails, drop tanks, paddle props, flaps, bulged bomb bay, bulged camera bay, bomber & PR style canopies, full resin & vac conversions to an FB.VI and XVIII. Presumably all based on the old Revell kit. --------------------------
  2. Cowlings were slightly deeper as well to accommodate the supercharger intake, easy way to tell if it's a 2-stage Mosquito, it will have an intake below the spinner. Not that it's relevant to your build, but later mark night fighters got 2-stage Merlin's. ---------------------
  3. The new tool Airfix kits do have very tight fitting tolerances by that I mean any paint on the joint surfaces, or seam lines etc should be removed, as this can cause fit problems. ----------------------
  4. I doubt the L/E of the wing was stripped back to bare aluminium, if it was even aluminium in colour, it would have been painted. I think you will only get a best guess as there are no colour pics of this a/c. and none of us were there. If you want to read more try the (lengthy) thread below, may even make you more confused...…... Hurricane spaghetti
  5. This is probably the brake line here?
  6. I just know this is going to be spectacular when it's finished. Sterling work so far. ---------------
  7. Now that's just a bit good looking. --------------------
  8. That's come up pretty good. BTW it's not from a photo recce unit, but it's the personal plane of Air Vice Marshal Sir James Robb. ---------------------
  9. I versions of both a Trumpeter Mk.X and a new tool Airfix VIII in my stash, both are reasonably well detailed, Airfix is better detailed, but this is a moot point as little will be seen when built up. The Trumpeter kit supposedly has the engine nacelles or undercarriage opening too thin, which results in the undercarriage and tyres being too thin as well. Another criticism is the fabric effect on the wings are bit over pronounced. The kit decals are not up to much in the Trumpeter kit I have, I don't think they are that accurate. That said it I have seen them built up well. The Airfix kit will likely need careful assembly due to tight tolerances between some parts. Fabric effect on the Airfix one is IMO fine. Having seen both in the box I would rate Airfix above Trumpeter. Note that I haven't built either yet, just my impressions. Airfix have released the MkIa/Ic which is a std bomber variant and an anti-sub variant VIII which comes with depth charges, but can probably also be built as a std bomber with after market decals. They are also due to issue a Mk.II merlin engine variant at some point in the future. There are also the MPM kits which I believe have problems in fitting the canopies and turrets, it is reputed to be a somewhat challenging build. One of their Wellington kits, has appeared in a Italeri and a Revell boxing, who have also boxed the old Matchbox kit. Neither of these 3 are probably worth considering. --------------------------
  10. Those aren't invasion stripes you are seeing, these again are I.D. stripes. In early Typhoon's they were added as a result of being misidentified as FW-190's, there were quite a few friendly fire incidents before they were added. See how the white bands are much wider than the black bands, unlike the D-Day invasion stripes, which are of equal width of each colour. ------------------------
  11. If you mean differences between the lengths, the official order on 1st Aug 1943 stated that they were to extend from the inboard cannon out to the wingtip. It is possible the shorter ones you are seeing was done before this official order came out. The ground crew doing it may have loosely taken the info/idea from Spitfires and Hurricanes & yes it is for head on ID purposes. --------------------
  12. For the rails I think you would be looking at a dull aluminium colour, possibly the stub part that fixes to the wing may be the same colour as the underside. Rockets themselves were either a Bronze green (not the US colour)/olive drab. Dark green or Olive drab. There are some good diagrams & colour pics in this thread...………... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235017618-typhoon-rocket-colour/
  13. The old Airfix Harrier II kits should come with them as well, may give you another option? -----------------------
  14. Fantasy Printshop does small sheets of prototype P's...……. https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/shop/?s=prototype
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