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  1. I got it from another site. I think it's from a book, no idea which one, sorry. I did find this site, which has plenty of pics on it.............they have a farcebook site as well. https://b17alliance.com/restoration/
  2. Here's one I found, unrestored & some parts painted with what looks like interior green. They may of course not all have been finished like this. -----------------
  3. First pic is wearing a tropical shirt, can't see lower, it could be shorts or trousers. See RAF P-47's being armed/serviced link for typical colours, it's a tan/type sand colour..... https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060025281 Second pic looks as if it could be a great coat, but not sure if they flew in those. It does look quite a thick coat, it's too woollen looking to be Irvin or leather flying jacket, or RAF battle dress uniform. Colour probably RAF blue (Humbrol 96) --------------
  4. Oops, my apologies. Clearly I must update my refs. Thanks. --------------
  5. I like that a lot. Unusual placement of the rear reg. I guess to keep it out of the muck from the exhausts. It is accurate, though possibly less of an angle than you have it. In any case, it doesn't detract. -------------
  6. This is correct. Official shade is BS 298 Olive Drab. Puma, Chinook, Merlin, Sea King HC4, Wessex HU5, were all painted the same colour. It can look different due to lighting conditions at the time & also the colour of the undercoat affects the look of the final colour. I think the Merlin undercoat is a zinc chromate yellow type colour, Chinook is black. ------------
  7. I have read that Vallejo Model Color 70.838 Emerald mixed with Vallejo Model Air 71.001 White in the ratio of approx 3:1 is close. It's too dark out of the bottle without adding white. -------------
  8. It would probably depend on the season & again where the a/c was based, ie winter they likely would have worn jackets, summer or desert not likely, though it does get mighty cold stooging about up there. I don't think Beaufighter crews would have worn Sidcot suits (which is what the chap wearing all brown is wearing in the Revell box you linked) they tended to be for Bomber crew (but certainly not exclusively) who flew far longer missions than fighter crew, or for open cockpit biplanes. The other 2 are with the dog, look like fighter pilots. The rest are ground crew. Humbrol 96
  9. As far as I can gather it only appears to be on fighter/bomber Mosquitos, esp ones with the machine guns in the nose. Don't think it's on any glass nosed ones. I think you are correct in thinking it's switches etc for bombing & other weapons, given the glass nosed bombers would have the controls down in the nose. A pure night fighter probably didn't have this panel, given their main task was to hunt for enemy bombers, but an intruder a/c may well have carried a couple of bombs over to occupied territory to make more of a nuisance of themselves. -------------
  10. As can been seen from this pic of R2069, there are no openings in the l/e of the wing, unless the fabric coverings are painted in the camo colours (unlikely, this was more of a pre war thing) they should probably be filled (not forgetting the cartridge slots in the underwing) At the end of the day it's your model, if you want to have the wing guns, you can. I would use the pic above for the life jacket colour. You want something on the orange or tan side of yellow. IE add small amounts of red until you get your desired outcome.
  11. Out of business I think, was a thread on it........... http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/305132-flightdecs-decals-in-canada/
  12. That date puts it either at Debden, North Weald or Wittering. The first 2 are within easy reach of the coast & Thames, less so for the third, but it would only be a short flight away. I would say that yes, the crew should be wearing life jackets. A small pointer, this was one of the first batches of Beaufighters, so probably didn't have the 6 wing guns. ------------
  13. The answer is it may well depend on what scheme you are doing, pic 1 shows an a/c & pilot supposedly in the desert theatre, no life jacket, not much call for life jackets/Mae Wests over the sand, though they did range over the coast dealing with enemy shipping, so would have been worn for these ops. pic 2 is a normal image, not sure where taken, but it shows the pilot wearing it. He isn't strapped in though, so may not actually be in the air. Pic 3 taken in Malta, shows a typical well dressed Beaufighter crew they are wearing leather flying jackets over RAF blue uniforms c/w life jackets.
  14. it does............pity most of it will disappear when fuselage is closed up. Other decal option is Valiant Lady.
  15. Airfix are to release a new tool B-24H Liberator, quite soon too.......... https://uk.airfix.com/products/consolidated-b-24h-liberator-a09010
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