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  1. Not impossible, but I would suspect not, service entry was Jan 1940, with the first operations taking place April/May 1940. Bombing of German targets at Dunkirk was predominantly undertaken by Wellingtons, Hudsons and Blenheims. ------------
  2. That's lovely, pity not much of the detail will show, but at least you will know it's there. ----------
  3. That's an attractive presentation you have. 👍 Very nice. --------
  4. The picture you have here looks like a Catalina that doesn't have undercarriage. Not all variants of the Catalina could operate from land, and hence is fitted with red temporary beaching gear. --------------
  5. Hopefully new for 2021, Arma Hobby are to produce a new Hurricane IIC in 1/48, a new Mustang B/C in 1/72 (yes I know wrong scale for many on here, but who knows they may scale it up at some point in the future & it looks excellent to me) and the F4F-4 Wildcat. Arma Hobby for 2021
  6. No, not just now, there is/or rather will be twin stores carriers available as part of an upgrade package or for new builds. I have seen artists impressions of Typhoons in a recent issue of Air Forces Monthly, with twin stores carriers mounted on the inboard pylons, they were depicted carrying laser guided bombs.
  7. On a similar theme, what colour are the basic undercarriage legs? Is it the same colour as the cockpit or is it some kind of silver? I am aware that some of the struts and other parts attached to the legs are a fairly bright silver colour. I can also see the bays and doors appear to be a dull aluminium. Thank you in advance. -----------
  8. 2 were seen in daylight at Miramar just a couple of weeks ago...... https://theaviationist.com/2020/10/21/c ... yesterday/
  9. From what I have read, the length is fine, but the fuselage is slightly too deep, the rocker covers and exhaust are too low. The propeller is not accurate either, blades are too narrow? (spinner is fine I think). On the wings the chord may be too broad and may be missing bulges over the u/c bay. If your chosen subject has 3 spoke wheels then it should have bulges over the wells as the 3 spoke wheels were bigger. That said it does build up looking fine when finished. Only a real Spitfire/Seafire nut would probably notice these problems. I may just replace the prop on mine.
  10. Hobby Link Japan also used to do it. I've had some Fujimi decal sheets from them, it was many years ago though. ----------------
  11. My take on it is there possibly was a shortage (but not none) of yellow paint on Cyprus and it is possible WH667 was one of those that got white instead. I do know that to stretch out the stock of yellow paint, some aircraft were painted with cream instead of yellow. I don't think that there was no yellow paint on Cyprus, there were plenty of RAF and RN aircraft with it. As to which reference is correct it would be difficult to say. Possibly someone interpreting a black and white picture for the stripes. Modeldecal sheet 026 apparently has a 10 squadron B.2 option on it, this has the stripes a
  12. The way the forthcoming 1/48 Airfix Sabre Mk.4 has been tooled, I think does indicate the possibility of a slatted wing in the future, whether they ever do release one, well that is another story............. Airfix Sabre --------------
  13. Nope, Virgin 747's were all retired in May, as are all British Airways ones, due to the current pandemic. -----------------
  14. The blue/grey used on the likes of Mirage 111, F1 & the Crusader is virtually identical to RAF PRU blue, which may be easier to find in your favourite paints. --------------------
  15. AFAIK it's the same colour as the overall airframe, helo drab, but probably suitably weathered with grease & gunk. ---------------------
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