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  1. Yes, you can fit bombs to your Hunter. They can carry 1000lb and 500lb size, which are both in the kit, but are not that good. If you must use bombs use the resin ones. That said bombs are a rare fit on a Hunter, I think I have only seen 1 pic of a bomb equipped one, but it's your model. If you do fit them I think you should only use 2. ----------------------
  2. Confirmed by Airfix, 1st issue is to have options for both Blue Steel missile and full bomb load. -----------------
  3. Black Buck 1 Victors were XH669, XH672, XL162, XL163, XL188, XL189, XL192, XL232, XL511, XL512 and XM717. -------------------
  4. I think they are to do a Black Buck boxing, (c/w Shrikes & pylons) but I wouldn't expect it much before late 2021 or early 2022, 2022 being the 40th anniversary of the Falklands war. Of course there is nothing to stop you doing one earlier if you get the right markings & possibly rob a few bits from the old one.
  5. Yes, it comes with an additional sprue for the squared off prop, correct for some Korean F-51's and HVAR rockets. -------------------
  6. The one in the science museum in London (which has been there since 1946) has the area behind the pilots head painted in British interior grey green, but I have seen a model painted with an aluminum cockpit. Certainly, period b/w pics show the area behind the pilots head to be quite light in colour. If it were me I would go with the interior grey green, I don't think you will be far wrong. ---------------------
  7. That's very quaint. Well done. -----------------
  8. Ignore this rag, It's a UK based paper widely known here for it's less than great journalism. Often gets stuff wrong, especially so when it comes to aviation topics & stories. ----------------
  9. I think the wells should be aluminium & the seat should be black. Not sure there was much, if any British interior grey-green in Meteors. See pic of prototype...……... But I don't think the colour police will come calling if you choose to paint them Medium Sea Grey (underside colour)
  10. Well built & displayed. The rbf tags set it off to a T!!! ------------------------
  11. That does look good, well weathered & painted, however I am not sure it should have the yellow leading edge markings. This was not very common in the desert theatre. Usually found in the UK & Northern Europe. Unless you are working from a ref that says otherwise? That said it isn't that noticeable and doesn't detract from the model. --------------------------
  12. Your Hindenburg tanks should be painted Barley grey BS 626 (rough equiv of FS 36314) (I think called camouflage grey now) they were taken from F3 Tornadoes. However, I have seen a pic of these tanks painted in the same overall colour as the Granby GR1's desert sand, (Humbrol 250 or roughly FS30279)but the vast majority were not repainted. Wheel struts & bays are a very pale grey (try FS 36622?)see in walkround below...…….. Intakes are a bit more complicated, the black ram paint is only around the edges & the fuselage colour extends in so far then reverts to again the very pale grey by the looks of the walkround below...……. Plenty of pics to scroll through...…….. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/71270-panavia-tornado-gr1-gr4/
  13. The roundels take precedence, i.e they go over the top of the walkway lines. Your other matter, just paint it the same as the spinner. ----------------------
  14. It is the rebox of the Italeri kit and it does come with both styles of rear rotor pylon, so I think it could be built as a C (of which the early UK and Spanish ones were) or possibly an early D. The ACH kit and the standard transport are 2 slightly different kits. The rotor blades were later modified in the kit to the composite type. Course they did also do the MCH variant. ----------------
  15. Try Vallejo 70.943, failing that, try something in the lines of FS35177 -------------
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