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  1. Whilst not being a fan of the sharkmouth markings, I have to say that's stunning. ---------
  2. Airfix are normally pretty good with spares etc, if they have the kit in, they should be able to help. You may not get a speedy response, esp over the weekend/Mon as virtually everything is closed on Mon. here for HM. https://support.airfix.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4411389893906-Spares-Request- -------------
  3. It's their own tooling, first released 1969, according to Scalemates. ----------
  4. I reckon some of these might be a help, click on individual pics....... https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Mitsubishi-G4M1-Type-1-Attack-Bomber-Betty-Model-11-Sea-Battle-off-Malaya.html https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Mitsubishi-Isshikirikko-Type-II-Betty.html https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Mitsubishi-G4M1-Model-11-Admiral-Yamamoto-Transport.html
  5. Supposedly it is 26173, if it's not 100% correct it's not far off. I would test the colour to see if you are happy before adding to the model though. ------------
  6. AFAIK no there isn't. You could, (but it's probably a very long shot) get the wings from some of the long oop Classic Airframe kits that came with fabric wings, and see if they fit or can be modified. It's not just as simple as that anyway, many fabric wing Hurricanes had a different windscreen (curved lower edge) to what's in the Airfix kit. There's also the pole type ariel mast to consider and the keel (or not) under the rear fuselage. Also 5 spoke wheels were often fitted to fabric wing a/c. -----------------
  7. Very much so, if it's one of the new tools in a red box it's generally accurate & reasonably well detailed, decals should be ok. Just check out the all new, just released Buccaneer for how far, possibly a candidate for Airfix's best ever kit. https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/workbench/new-buccaneer-kit-catches-wire You do have to watch though, as they have tight tolerances for fitting. No hint of paint or mold lines must be on joining parts, otherwise it can cause fit problems later down the line. Panel lines can also be on the deep side depending
  8. Eduard gets quite high praise from a lot of modellers, they do quite a few different marks & have good detail, but may be a little fiddly to build. There are also good kits from Airfix but they may have small accuracy issues, especially the later marks, but are reasonably detailed. Tamiya also do a Mk.I and Vb, which gets good praise also. ICM kits are also available, if you are on a bit of a budget, not sure on how good or bad these are accuracy wise, but again may be fiddly to build. --------------
  9. General colour overall of cockpit & seat, I think is Dark Admiral Grey, similar to Dark Sea Grey, headrest cushion is black, pic of seat..........
  10. Great research in those Fundekals sheets. There is also the 2 prong pitot tube, which I didn't see in these instructions...... And yes there have been "discussions" over early Spitfire cockpit colour. General consensus is that Supermarine may have used something approaching Sky as the colour for Spitfire cockpits, The Supermarine S6A in the Solent Sky Museum has a very apple green type colour, but that's in a museum so may have been repainted at some point. As to what was actually used there's not much if any evidence left. If it were me, I would just take some traditi
  11. If you weren't already aware the Gr.3 Harrier used 2" 36 round Royal Navy rocket pods in the Falklands when deployed from the carriers, not SNEB pods as they were not EM shielded from shipborne radar emissions. Relatively easy to spot as there are 3 rows of rockets rather than the 2 of SNEB pods. They are available in a few kits or in resin (or were) -------------
  12. I would tend to agree with you, it doesn't seem brown enough. I think it needs to be slightly lighter & browner. Below is a pic of some Dark Earths against a proper paint chip (not my work btw) A is Tamiya Flat Earth XF-52 (too red btw) B is Gunze Aq H72 (Apparently this is the old version it probably has changed & hence may not match that well now) C is a mix of Tamiya 1 pt XF-72, 1 pt XF-49 & 1 pt XF-55 (too light) D is a mix Tamiya 2 pts Khaki XF-49 & 1 pt XF-52 (not bad) E is Tamiya XF-81 Dark Green (Just for fun & good matc
  13. Why thank you. Happy to help. There are more knowledgeable people out there who know more than me re colours though, it's just what I have picked up along the way. -------------
  14. Certainly looks the part to me. Lovely. -------------------
  15. I am aware the of the post war roundel colours, however, this may say otherwise for prewar use, certainly brighter colours were used on the 'tween the wars silver biplanes, Gloster supposedly painted all the Hurricanes it built in brighter/lighter pre-war roundel colours. Pic 1 shows a Battle trainer in Canada. Pic 2 is a pre-war Spitfire, which probably is in the duller colours, also shows the Dark Earth quite well. At the end of the day unless you have a colour pic of your chosen subject, or were there, no one can prove you wrong & it's your choice & model to do it your w
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