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  1. This suggests interior green, with the doors in GSB. I think this is the airworthy one that used to be based at Duxford UK, so usual rules likely to apply re restored museum a/c. I would doubt it's wrong though. http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/mark_hayward/f7f-3p_tigercat/images/f7f-3p_tigercat_05_of_15.jpg
  2. Currently 4 kits available from the Valom tooling. Not shake and bake kits by any means though. ----------------
  3. Special Hobby F1 kit says the Sand colour is FS30475, (Gunze H27/C44) Brown FS36134 (H421/C121), Olive/Green FS34098 (C304), Blue Grey u/s FS35414 (H417/C117). How accurate this is, I don't know, it may be a starting point for you. But they are likely to be painted in French paint, so will not match FS colours exactly. --------------
  4. Being late war Luftwaffe, it's more likely to be RLM66, which Mr Color says is 301. How accurate this is I don't know. I'm just using the colour conversion I have. I wouldn't worry too much about getting it too exact. A dark grey should suffice, especially once you have weathered it. Interestingly it doesn't offer a match for Tamiya. ---------------
  5. Superb, as good as the real thing.🤩 ------------
  6. It's fairly common, mostly fitted to some late production V tropicals based overseas, and fitted with Merlin 45, 50 or 55. Though there are exceptions............ http://spitfiresite.com/uploaded_images/vcs7-05.jpg Late production Vb flown by USNR Lt. Robert Doyle with Ensign John Mudge. Also seen fitted to some Portuguese, Italian, Yugoslavian aircraft, but equally possible to see them on any late war V. --------------
  7. What do you find unusual about it? It's not in one overall colour despite appearances, (though some spitfires were, in the much debated so called Malta blue or grey) you can see what looks like a demarcation between the cannon bulge and the cannon itself. And possibly just after the exhaust. General consensus is that it's, or could be, extra dark sea grey and dark slate grey over sky type s, or azure blue, as Malta didn't like sky undersides being too light, though given that this is on Malta and the whole host of unusual colours that were used there, it's anyone's guess as to whether it's rig
  8. The Mustang 1a was the cannon armed Allison engined variant in RAF service, afaik, it never got Malcom hoods, I think only the Mk III, (P-51b/c) was sometimes fitted with it. ------------
  9. You are correct in thinking it's cannon related, it's for blast protection from the cannon muzzle. -----------
  10. I've heard it's to be abandoned and destroyed when they have finished the job. May already have happened. --------------
  11. There is another issue of these to be released soon, if it's any help.............. https://uk.airfix.com/products/boeing-b17g-flying-fortress-a08017b -----------------
  12. My vote is for natural metal or painted aluminium if you like. There does appear to be a slight shine above the u/c on the one in Example 1. In the 1950's a lot of the RAF a/c were painted High Speed Silver. ----------
  13. Generally free fall and retarded bombs of varying weights, but mostly 1000lb. It was nuclear capable, carrying Red Beard 2000lb and WE.177 types. Both of these can be had in resin. It can also carry a recce pack (this may also be available in resin), cargo crate or a ferry tank, but I have never seen any of these latter 2. ----------
  14. Curt, if you are a Tempest nut then you my be interested to know that there has been one being restored to airworthy condition at Sywell in the UK, it's due to make it's first flight soon....... https://www.facebook.com/UltimateWarbirdFlights
  15. The T.8 isn't a second gen Harrier, the T.10 & 12 are the 2 seat 2nd gen Harriers. Barring the UK versions canopy being strengthened for bird strike purposes (which won't matter for modelling purposes) I doubt there are any differences in the canopies between the TAV-8B and the T.10/12 Harrier T.10 Walk Around (primeportal.net)
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