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  1. I get you asked for the Aeromaster sheet, but there are other options. Check Six decals CS48002 is still available at Hannants, it has both the blue 19 & 92 squadron specials & a 74 squadron Phantom on it. ----------
  2. Superb,👍 looks a country mile better than the old tool. Can't wait to get mine. -------------
  3. This one is from a museum in Hannover, Germany. But it is built from several aircraft, so whether wartime aircraft were like this, I couldn't say. It's probably as good as you are going to get. http://www.britmodeller.com/walkarounds/aircraft/fw190a8/fw 06.jpg
  4. ...........not forgetting the G.91 was tested & flown in US markings but was ultimately not ordered. ---------------
  5. The BBMF Chipmunks are seldom seen at shows, more's the pity. They are used to give pilots tail dragger experience (keeps hours & stress off the Spits etc) they are also used for transport purposes & recces of new venues. So they do earn their keep. I thought the C-130J uses totally different engines to the originals. It's a modern day Dakota/C-47/DC-3. Be interesting to see what will replace the C-130 in future years (if ever) I think they will be flying for decades yet. -----------------
  6. You could add the DH Chipmunk, first flew in 1946, there are still 2 of them on the strength of the RAF, flown by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Many also still fly in civilian hands. Still a fair number of DH Tiger Moths still flying as well, first flew in 1931. -----------
  7. That doesn't look like any RAF/FAA colours that I have seen. possibly just painted with what was available? or the closest they had? Correct FAA/Royal Navy colours should be Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey.
  8. If it's not too late, most Spitfire seats are a red/brown colour, being made of a plastic composite. That said, you can paint it British interior grey/green if you want. These being metal ones that were interchangeable with the plastic type.
  9. Not impossible, but I would suspect not, service entry was Jan 1940, with the first operations taking place April/May 1940. Bombing of German targets at Dunkirk was predominantly undertaken by Wellingtons, Hudsons and Blenheims. ------------
  10. That's lovely, pity not much of the detail will show, but at least you will know it's there. ----------
  11. That's an attractive presentation you have. 👍 Very nice. --------
  12. The picture you have here looks like a Catalina that doesn't have undercarriage. Not all variants of the Catalina could operate from land, and hence is fitted with red temporary beaching gear. --------------
  13. Hopefully new for 2021, Arma Hobby are to produce a new Hurricane IIC in 1/48, a new Mustang B/C in 1/72 (yes I know wrong scale for many on here, but who knows they may scale it up at some point in the future & it looks excellent to me) and the F4F-4 Wildcat. Arma Hobby for 2021
  14. No, not just now, there is/or rather will be twin stores carriers available as part of an upgrade package or for new builds. I have seen artists impressions of Typhoons in a recent issue of Air Forces Monthly, with twin stores carriers mounted on the inboard pylons, they were depicted carrying laser guided bombs.
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