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  1. Wise choice getting the new BERP blades for it as Hobbyboss got their boxing up of the various versions all mixed up & confused. Some versions which should have had them in it, don't. That said it is a ok kit, relatively well detailed & builds up fine. It's just not a massive improvement over the 1/72 Airfix kit. ---------------
  2. Yes the Hobbyboss is the newest one. The Revell Lynx is an upgrade of the old Matchbox tooling, which was first out in 1974. You also have Lynx kits from Airfix in 1/72 & 1/48 Fujimi. Not sure about the Fujimi, I have never seen one, but the rest have accuracy issues to varying degrees. Probably the best kit currently is the Hobbyboss in 1/72 or Airfix in 1/48 (which is a very nice tooling) --------------
  3. Found this para........... In November 1941 the L.Dv. 521/1 was revisited, although it was still marked as Ausgabe 1938 (= edition 1938). The L.Dv. 521/1 (1941) contained three new colours: RLM 74,75 and 76. RLM 61, 62 and 63 were no longer used for aircraft and done away with. Strangely RLM 02 and RLM 66 were changed. RLM 66 was changed from RAL 7019 to RAL 7021. RLM 02 was made more intense and darker. RLM 78 and 79 were not ready at the time of printing and were attached by loose paint chips stuck to a blank page in the manual. on this site....... https:
  4. https://www.eduard.com/Eduard/Masks/He-111-1-72.html also............. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/319154-italeri-he-111-h-6-canopy-mask/
  5. Probably not painted in Azure Blue (which was a essentially a Mediterranean use colour) but it could have been PRU blue (which is the UK colour, and completely different colour to Azure Blue) or Haze Blue (US colour) supposedly different from one another, here's a quote lifted from Dana Bell - "Here's a bit of clarification on the Haze Paints. The original Cabot Haze was applied over a totally black base coat. The heavier applications of Haze to undersides resulted in a very light blue, while the lighter applications on top gave a much darker blue. The vertical surfaces in betw
  6. No probs. When Ocidental did the research for this kit they found that not one Portuguese (Ocidental are or were a Portuguese company) aircraft had matching tyres. If you are still set on acquiring the required wheels, this kit has also been released by Heller, Modelcraft and Italeri. -------------
  7. Looking good so far. If it's not too late, I don't think many Hurricanes had interior grey/green wheel wells, the vast vast majority were silver. That said I have seen a pic of a desert painted one with azure blue painted wells & legs etc...........It's your choice.
  8. I think it has to do with T-6's can be seen with different types of tyres on the same aircraft i.e. 1 tyre is block treaded and the other grooved. Ocidental include both types so you can replicate this quirk if you want. As to why it was done, I think the T-6 can use P-51 block treaded tyres, but I am just guessing here. ---------------
  9. Not sure what scale you are after, but in 48th we have Aeromaster 48299. Assuming that is, it is for a TR.33 torpedo carrying Mosquito you want and not an Extra Dark Sea Grey Mk FB.VI, and possibly Carpena 48.97 (probably a Mk VI on this sheet, not a TR.33) In any case both sheets will likely be long oop. I think you may have to use several other sheets to cobble something together. ------------
  10. Lovely & very well finished. Incidentally, this was the airframe that ended up serving with the RAF as ZE352. I think only the nose/cockpit section survives. -------------
  11. edit: Never mind, just read it was trainer versions you were enquiring after. Teach me to read first then answer. -----------
  12. It seems as if it was done intentionally 1/75 scale (why I have no idea) but it is at least 1cm short compared to others at 1/72. Heller have form for deliberate underscale kits. They did not even used to hide it. I have seen an old black bordered box top Piper L-4 (probably related to your L-3?) kit stating it was to 1/50. -----------
  13. You are correct, it's for the pilot downward vision to 'see' the target. Presumably A04 & 23 are covers for the window, A04 shows it closed, covering the window & A23 is the open piece. Your choice as to what you use, but it's likely only to be open when diving or approaching a target, unless open on ground for cleaning the window? ------------
  14. From what I have read it's possibly under scale around 1/75, it does depend on which version, but the new tool Airfix (good detail but a little fiddly to build) Fujimi (less detailed but stress free to build) Zveda, Academy & Italeri all getting reasonable praise. Airfix & Zveda's B variants are the only ones to get the pilots downward vision panel. ----------------
  15. Much to like here.šŸ‘ -------------
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