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F-14A Tomcat VF-1 Wolfpack

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Hello everyone, here's the latest off the workbench, an F-14A from VF-1. I've always found this livery to be quite appealing and have wanted to do one for a LONG time. One day I finally scored the Fightertown VF-1 Wolfpack decals and made the go. The Hobbyboss kit was a real pleasure to work with, no problems, great fit, overall one of the best kits I've built. I know some people flip out over the intakes being slightly angled when viewed head-on, but seriously?. The kit is OOB and finished with Mr. Color and Alclad paints. I chose to just do a little bit of weathering and was pleased with the result. Despite the Fightertown decals being designed for the Hasegawa kit, they fit almost perfectly, the red stripe is just a little bit short for the '101' that I chose to do, but unless you're really looking for it you'd never know. I'd highly recommend this kit to anyone interested in doing a 1/48th F-14. Hope you enjoy!











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An excellent looking F14A. Paint, decals, and your like weathering all look realistic and well done. I'm ordering the 1/48 HB F14A as the kit has gotten very good reviews just about everywhere. And has more detail then they new Academy F14A.


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