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Wanted to try and make some "PE" parts from a coke can just to see if it will work.







It does simulate the folded sheet metal instrument cluster part on top of the console box better.

But I'm not too happy with the way I did the folds using just the long nose so I'll stick with

the styrene until I have better tools to make these.

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Gee whizz crackerjazz, that little "PE" bit looks great!

IMHO it looks a whole lot better, without paint ... than styrene with paint ...

I too have tried my own metal parts and found the needle nose works good, but the razor blade and metal ruler or metal straight edge, works better. Not to mention the specialty PE folding tools ...

But geez, it still looks more than acceptable! And the ejection seat ... it's looking good, man!

Your work is consistently gorgeous ... nevermind what I say, you just keep doing what you're doing! :thumbsup:


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Hi crackerjazz

Well yea..... but it's only a basic model and an easy build....you say.......................we a'int gonna let you forget that in a hurry !!!

Simply superb......scratchbuilding at its very best..... + your first class CAD work of course.

A great thread to follow. Thanks


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My goodness, this is some incredible build and project. Your computer skills are top notch and all that 3D stuff is making me jealous. j/k :lol:/>

Anyway, great work and a must follow...got pen and paper ready :thumbsup:/>


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Drew a pattern for the firing handle.


Wrapped some rod around it. Some messy bit of gluing. Should have been more

careful. Dunked in boiling water.


Snapping off the frame....


Prepared the front end parts.


Test fitting...


Warts and all.

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Thanks, Pete - glad you like it so far. Had a little mishap. The firing handle is detachable and I left

it on the chopper last night. In the morning before going to work I tidied up and began stowing away everything

including the chopper. Pushed the lever down and it did a nice guillotine job on the firing handle. Edit: Got

it glued back together. Visible seams but the black paint lines on the ring should hide them.





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I just read the edit and am glad it wasn't a do-over and that a simple fix was successful.

It's these little 'mishaps' that start to get annoying and lead to taking a break!

Can I ask? ... how many sites do you post to? I saw this on The RPF and didn't see it on Nasaspaceflight, which I've just re-discovered. Some lovely builds there ... like ... a 1/72 scratchbuilt Crawler ... and some guy from Germany building a Launch pad and doing a heckuva job! ... yeah, I know ... :coolio:


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Hey Pete, rpf and here. Wow, I just saw Nasaspaceflight - that's some modeling forum they've got over there! Looks very active! And attractive to post in. Got to work on the panel a bit more...








The 3D model looks nice but I wonder if I'll be able to actually model these details onto the 1/18 build as the panel is just a couple cm long

and those toggle switches are the size of the tiny hairs on the sink when you shave : )

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I've hollowed out the toggle switch covers. I see from X-Plane's photo that one of them faces the other direction

so I decided it would be better to make them as subassemblies. And I might as well make the covers positionable

as the photos show some of them open.








Erased the fixed ones I drew.


Sliding the positionable ones in place.

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Not so proud of my progress but made some ejection seat and landing gear parts. I recall a time as a young man yearning for a car.

A friend said he wanted the same thing - but that he planned to buy the headrests first, so that he would just have to buy the rest

of the car later on :) That is how I feel right now, making these random parts first before I touch on the frame (ulp! really dreading





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Gee whiz Crackerjazz, the quality of your build ... especially these tiny parts, is superb! I don't know how you get such clean cuts and such a clean assembly!

Just lovely ... unless, of course, it's all been Photoshopped! ;)

And I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing the trusswork begin! Are ya gonna build it out of aluminum tubing or styrene?

Keep up the fine work!


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I second second Pete and johnl...quite quite superb work crackerjazz, looking really great. With talent like this : the truss work ?.....we have every confidence in you I know. It will be really interesting to see how you solve the various structural problems ( sorry...'challenges' in PC parlance ). Same sort of question as Pete....do use anticipate using say a combination of micro aluminium tube withiin styrene tube or something like eg. ali' tube with styrene ends perhaps ? This is going to be more than interesting to follow............

Many congratulations.



ps is your brilliant CAD work quicker than sketching the way us ordinary mortals do ?

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Hi Pete, I keep thinking about how bad the cuts are, so I'm really happy you think otherwise. Hi John, thanks for the encouragement! Everytime I make a cut with the xacto, I keep thinking about your Sillhouette and how it would make life easier, especially for repetitive parts. Hi JohnB, just the thought of the trusswork gives me the shivers. I try to imagine what the jig would be like, how everything would hold together and especially where to start (4 months into the build, at that -- I'm so ashamed). As to truss materials I was hoping to use only styrene for ease of cutting and gluing. Your question about CAD -- not really quicker for me -- I'm still learning too : )





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Attempting to make the toilet seat cover again by having the buck 3D-printed. I really didn't like the earlier

apoxie-sculpt version. Will also make some vac-formed hemispheres for the tanks.











Not included in the 3D printed parts in the first photo was the buck for the engine air intake.

It had disappeared care of the other carpet monster (aka the cat). I've turned the whole house upside down

and couldn't find it. No amount of wailing from me would bring it back so I gave up. I'll just have to

have another one printed - maybe when I make some new parts like the thrusters. So now I keep all

the parts stowed away safely in a container instead of just lying on top of the table. How does one

teach the cat not to hop onto the table top anyway?

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