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Hey guys,

I have seen and heard of many modellers using lead wire for added details. Where do I get it? is it just like soldering wire? or is it like fishing line? I have been looking for it up here in the great white north, and cant't find it. Cabbalas in the US has a nice assorted set, but thats in the states.

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Try a fly fishing shop. There are 0.035, .030, 0.025, 0.020, 0.015 inches for weighting flies. I don't know if yours would be metric! There should be both lead and lead free choices.


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Dunno if you have a Bass Pro Shops, but I bought the lead wire asst here in Tampa many moons ago and its pretty darned chock fulla leadwire.

William G

Dumb question, but is it lead as in lead weight, or lead like leed?

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