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  1. Great looking build, well done!
  2. The electricians have been at work! I spy some old school Testors tube glue! I just picked up a new tube today.
  3. DOH! Not paying attention and forgot to install the IP before closing up the fuselage! That's what I get for watching Thud Pilots on Amazon Prime and working on the build. Hopefully, I can get it installed going through the bottom of the fuselage. The filler styrene pieces have been trimmed down and sanded flush. Happy how the approach worked out. Also worked on some seam issues. I'll spray a bit of primer to see if any these areas need further attention. I've decided not to use the resin ailerons and flaps; however, I'll will try the resin tailplanes as they don't appear to need much effort to use, hopefully....
  4. Wow, it's a big! Interesting color scheme, but it's looking good!
  5. Interesting kit. Too funny about BOOM decal!
  6. I have one in the stash, so a build to look forward to. I'd love for Tamiya to release this kit in 32nd scale. Well done on the seats, IP, cockpit and gear bay.
  7. Yeah, the Typhoon is my favorite British WWII aircraft. It just looks bad a__ with that big intake. I've made some progress on the build since my initial post. I started with cutting one of the seats from it's casting block. The Ultracast seats are nicely cast with great detail. After cleaning, washing and painting the seat I got the cockpit assembled. I realized after the fact that very little of the cockpit is visible due to the rather small cockpit opening. I still need to add the control stick. I also installed the fuselage inserts. I've read these are not sized properly, and sure enough they don't completely mate up. But the gaps will be easily closed with a couple strips of sheet styrene. I'll trim them down flush with the fuselage and get the fuselage closed up this weekend. I'm undecided whether I want to use the resin elevators and rudder, not sure if the work is worth the effort.
  8. WOW, those IPs look fantastic, great job on them! Looking forward to seeing your engine wiring. I've never done it either, but have been wanting to try. So, I'll take notes from your attempt.
  9. Looks like a little scratch building is in order for the rudder support structure based on the pic. Plus the rudder could be reshaped to match the photo if you wanted.
  10. Expeditious build progress, as always! She's coming along nicely.
  11. Nice! A silver adversary is on my To-Build list.
  12. For me, several concurrent builds are a good thing. Keeps me engaged. If I get bored or frustrated with a build, set it down and pick up another. You're build is looking good. Now for the fun part, the painting. This is my favorite part of a build. Looking forward to seeing the scheme come together.
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