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  1. Enjoying your build, and after reading the story of Lt. Williams feat, I’ll have to track down a kit to do as well.
  2. Nice start. Looking forward to your build. Been contemplating adding this kit to the display case.
  3. Great work on your build!
  4. Never heard about this encounter. Thanks for sharing it and great start on your build.
  5. Dang, if I had to follow some the rules or habits listed, I couldn’t work on builds! LOL! The only rule I have (and not always successful at) is to put things away after their use or put them away prior to starting the next build session. Forgot to add, I always have a beer or cocktail and listen to classic rock when working on builds.
  6. Looks great to me, and I'd happily display it my display case. The G is my favorite version of the Cobra.
  7. Great looking build Janissary! Solid skills and techniques. Always enjoy your WIP threads.
  8. Tamiya white primer in the square bottle.
  9. Fred - damn, those are nice muskies! 23 of them in a season is very impressive!
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