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  1. Are you located in the US? If so, I have one for you.
  2. Fantastic build and great job on the weathering! My favorite modern tank.
  3. For me, quite easily, I'll either step on it or roll over it with my chair...
  4. Agreed, wouldn't hesitate to do business with Gary again.
  5. I have a C and a D I’d sell, but the shipping cost to the east coast would be outrageous. The price I got yesterday from the post office to ground ship a 1/32 kit to TN was $60!
  6. That is one clean paint booth! Your build is coming along nicely. Painting and decaling are my favorite parts of build.
  7. Nope, none of my bottles have dried out....
  8. Great looking build, well done!
  9. I have this kit in the To-Build lineup for this year, so I’ll be watching your build taking notes. Are you referring to painting the intake lip or the entire intake trunk? IMHO, I’d just paint the lip, but every modeler has their own preference.
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