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  1. If you didn't use it or don't plan to, I'm interested in it. Thanks, Mike
  2. Absolutely magnificent! Love the loadout, some serious iron rain on someone's day!
  3. IMHO, a F-14D WITH bombs looks poor....
  4. I've been using a piece of leftover Formica sheet, in white.
  5. Great looking build, well done!
  6. The electricians have been at work! I spy some old school Testors tube glue! I just picked up a new tube today.
  7. DOH! Not paying attention and forgot to install the IP before closing up the fuselage! That's what I get for watching Thud Pilots on Amazon Prime and working on the build. Hopefully, I can get it installed going through the bottom of the fuselage. The filler styrene pieces have been trimmed down and sanded flush. Happy how the approach worked out. Also worked on some seam issues. I'll spray a bit of primer to see if any these areas need further attention. I've decided not to use the resin ailerons and flaps; however, I'll will try the resin tailplanes as they don't appear to need much effort to use, hopefully....
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