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  1. Looking forward to another one of your builds. Did you dip the tinted canopy in Future (or whatever it's called these days) to protect the tinting?
  2. Reach out to Harold directly.
  3. I echo what ESzczesniak says. WRT the sandpaper, I cut up a supply of the sizes I typically use. Removing and replacing the sandpaper is easy. The sandpaper does not need to be precisely cut. Head over the LSP for more feedback from folks who have one. It's been one of the best tool purchases I've made for this hobby. It has definitely made sanding a lot easier.
  4. Recently picked up one of these sanders: http://www.davidunion.com/search/label/DAVID 400 Happy with it so far....
  5. Are you located in the US? If so, I have one for you.
  6. Fantastic build and great job on the weathering! My favorite modern tank.
  7. For me, quite easily, I'll either step on it or roll over it with my chair...
  8. Agreed, wouldn't hesitate to do business with Gary again.
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