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  1. Great job on the cockpit! I like your idea of using the clear parts cement for the dial faces. I'll give that a try. Smart to get the wings solidly attached to the fuselage halves prior to joining them. I saw a S-3 WIP using these wing folds, and the builder had issues with one of the wings not securely fastening to the fuselage. With the weight of the resin wings, will you be upgrading the main landing gear? Looking forward to this portion of your build. Mike
  2. Looks like a modernized F-86 Sabre.
  3. PM me if you’re still looking for these decals.
  4. Excellent work! Saving this WIP for when I get to building my 31.
  5. I’m looking forward to seeing you incorporate the wing folds into your build. I have another Viking to build, and I’d like to do it with the wings up depending on how it goes for you. Mike
  6. Steve, Your builds inspired me to finally start my Viking build. I’m doing mine as a What-If JMSDF S-3. WRT the windows, I had the same issue with my build. I like your idea of painting them gloss black. May have to follow your solution with the plastic covers. Did you ever get the Wolfpack wing folds? Mike
  7. Taking notes from your build. Keep up the great WIP! Mike
  8. Woodworking projects are good reasons to not be building! Mike
  9. I've had better luck with Future by brushing it on using a wide soft brush. However, I now use Tamiya X-22 exclusively, better results.
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