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  1. Are they still in business. With Model Master removing lines of paint and Squadron, etc not carrying. I am running low on certain colors. Wayne
  2. I use a Badger 105. Easy to clean and tips/needles available at AC Moore and Micheals. Brought mine at AC Moore with coupon.
  3. The biggest thing I saw was that the US test pilots said the cockpit was tight.
  4. It is the love child of a F-16 and F-18 drunken one night stand. 🤓
  5. I use a 125ml squeeze bottle. Go to Amazon and search for them there. There are several sizes from 60ml up. Wayne
  6. Oh! You are so screwed! Been banned is the least of your problems, your birthday will be taken away. No more gift cards etc for model shopping. Wayne ;-)
  7. Pacepaintbooths.com I have the top one, love it. wayne
  8. Those desiccant packs can be refreshed. Heat your oven to 200 deg F, place the packs on a pan and stick the oven for about an hour. Take out put in a sealed container for an hour to cool. Good as new. I was a Chemist prior to retiring that is how we renewed ours. Wayne
  9. It will be a toss up between it and the T-50. IHMO the T-50 has the edge. Wayne
  10. The Badger 105 is the same as the 155 except it has a built in color cup. Think 100/150 are the same arrangement. I have the 105 and love it. Really easy to clean. Just have to be careful with the exposed needle. Wayne
  11. Love your work Mark. Could you put page numbers on your instruction sheets? Most of the time no numbers isn't a problem, but (you knew that was coming). On some sheets it's hard to tell if the subjects are close together. Thanks wayne
  12. I went to google and under images I typed VF-103 F-14B Christmas and received lots of hits. wayne
  13. The thread idea works great. If you have one of the flex-i-files u shaped sanding tool. Wrap the thread around the post and saw away. If you don't have one, get a hanger with the carboard tube, toss the tube and bend the hanger and attach the thread. 🤓 Wayne
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