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Here's the slow start to my second build, the Monogram F-105F

which will be back dated to an early version in Vietnam around

1965-66. I cut off the strike camera from under the nose, the APR

antennas at the base of the nose in 4 places and the 2 APR antennas

on the tail fin. I still have to remove the conduit connecting the

rear cockpit to the tail fin and putty the gas gun vents on the nose.

They weren't on the early version.You can still see a shadow where

the parts were.---John



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I have a bit of painting started. I did the nose gear well aluminum, seats

gray with red headrests and arm rests, and some details on the instrument

panels. That back seater panel is bogus for an F, looks nothing like the front

seaters, think it's suppose to be a Gs back seater instrument panel. I still need

to paint seat cushions but NOT the seat belts, I am using the pilot figures.---John


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The seats are done, now to do some detail painting on the tub,

side consoles, then assemble and paint the figures.---John


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I have the detailing in the cockpit tub done and the instrument panels installed. I

also added sticks to the throttle quadrants and painted them white. There were holes

in them but no stick.---John



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The pilot figures and seats are all painted up. Not sure why one has his visor

up and one has the visor down. I posed the pilot giving the plane captain the

"thumbs up" though.---John


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I added lead to the nose, now a real "ledsled", put in the spar, cockpit, nose

wheel well, gun muzzle, and burner can. It's all closed up and taped while the

glue sets up good.---John


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Looks good so far. Now to putty the gun gas vents and sand off the conduit running from

the base of the tail to the rear of the cockpit fairing.---John


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I have some filling and sanding done, then more filling and sanding and

in some places I need more filling and sanding. The gun gas vents need

sanding then more filling, the conduit on the spine need more sanding and

blending, the tail needs touch up then fine sanding to eliminate the scratches

and the fuselage bottom is just the seam from hell. I am doing more than the

usual because of the "back dates" and the NML. NML????? Yes it's not a natural

metal finish, NMF, silver paint or in my terms Natural Metal Look!!!---John






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Thanks, most of the pain and anguish are self inflicted. Last time

I back date an old Monogram kit, I should have known after suffering

years ago with the P-80 Shooting Star.---John

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The wings are assembled and I have had another round of sanding on

on the fuselage. You can see the reinforcement plates on the bottom of

the wing that need to be sanded off, there is also a plate on the wing top

that needs removing.---John


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The Thud is shaping up very well and you’ve done a great job on backdating it to an Foxtrot model .


Keep up the great work and thank you for posting your work🙏👍




Mr.Happy(In name only)

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Question, are the Thud drop tanks suppose to "toe in" or is a Monogram

molding boo-boo? Mine look like this

Monogram one I found on line.---John


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I cut my tanks and small  outer pylons off. Seems that Monogram goofed

on the locating holes. Mine looked like the photo above which is WRONG!

I went to a dedicated F-105 site on Facebook and was straightened out.

To fix this you merely cut off one locating pin and swing the tank to paralell

with the aircraft's center line. I cut off the rear pin and pivoted on the forward



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