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1:32 P-59 " Airacomet " – Limited edition resin kit

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Appears to be an LEM Kit from the Ukraine.  www.lemkits.com


Not into bidding on eBay when he has a web store. Although the P-59 is not listed there.





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7 minutes ago, dustiepal said:

He has never had a web store. His service is good and his products usually are buy it now (except this one).




If this is the same person who does the LEM kits then, as CF104 pointed out, there IS a web store (www.lemkits.com). On the eBay listing, if you click on the "Visit store" link, it takes you to the LEM kits eBay store. So that would seem to indicate that this is the same person that does LEM kits.

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2 hours ago, Speedy said:

He lost his mind on pricing!




I don't think his pricing it out of line for limited edition resin kits. Fisher Models Ryan PT-22, a smaller aircraft, is about $150 and their Panthers and Cougars are close to $200. If you want a P-59, Su-7, Su-17, Su-22, or a Mig-27 in 1/32 scale LEM is pretty much the only place to go.

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150USD seems reasonable to what appears to be a nicely-detailed kit of the P-59, which was a fairly substantial aircraft in terms of size.






P.S. It looks like he also has a MiG-9 in 1/32nd scale. If I still did resin kits, I might be tempted with this one.

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On 8/30/2018 at 5:16 PM, Paul Boyer said:

Interesting, but . . . how about some information like name of manufacturer, source, price, etc.?

I would not want the moderators to consider this as advertising, this information that the 1:32 P-59 already exists on the planet))

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