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  1. Thank you very much for the information, Ken! It's worth a shot - that's a Soviet prototype I've always loved the look of. And who knows, maybe Modelsvit or someone like them will come out with it in plastic. They've pretty much done all the big MiGs (as you well know, having built them), so maybe they'll turn to some other 1950s Soviet prototypes like this one. Best Regards, Jason
  2. Wonderful job on that wonderful jet, Ken! Where did you find it - how do I order this kit? Regards, Jason
  3. 150USD seems reasonable to what appears to be a nicely-detailed kit of the P-59, which was a fairly substantial aircraft in terms of size. Regards, Jason P.S. It looks like he also has a MiG-9 in 1/32nd scale. If I still did resin kits, I might be tempted with this one.
  4. You're welcome! You can never get too shiny and colourful for an 8-year old nephew (I have two!). Best Regards, Jason
  5. Brilliant job on the Vampire! Best Regards, Jason
  6. 66misos, nice to see you posting some of you excellent work here - you should post your Yak-9D picture also. Best Regards, Jason
  7. That is what the Internet was made for! Regards, Jason
  8. That's what I thought. I know that with Il-2 restorations, the wooden rear fuselages are usually completely gone and either replaced with metal ones, or completely new wooden rear fuselages (there's an outfit in Russia that can make brand new wooden rear fuselages). It does seem a bit misleading to call something a restoration, when it only has about 10% of the original aeroplane included, and that includes those "nameplate" Mustangs and Spitfires. At least with Shturmoviks, the original armoured front fuselage always seems to survive, if a bit rusted. Regards, Jason
  9. Since the wings weren't used, and the fuselage looked to have been in atrocious shape when found, just exactly how much of this "restoration" is from the original Mosquito? Seems more like a reproduction, with a few original parts, than an actual restoration. Regards, Jason
  10. This is a great idea, and about time someone thought of doing an injection-moulded Argus! Good luck with the project - I'm supposed to be getting an advance for a book on the Shturmovik (not the modelling guide I've been working on for ages, but an historical book). Once I get that, I definitely will give a donation to this worthy cause. Now if only you'd think about doing a new-mould Shackleton (I know it's not Canadian, but it never hurts to ask)! Best Regards, Jason
  11. Bump. I'd like to get a few more votes and comments, if possible. Thank you! Best Regards, Jason
  12. Sounds good to me! I wish I'd have known about this show before today as I would have set up a vendor's table myself. I'm getting ready to publish a book on modelling the Il-2 Shturmovik and this would have given me a chance for a little publicity. Regards, Jason
  13. I'll be there - I live in Seguin, about 30 miles away. Regards, Jason
  14. Good job - always nice to see a Hind! Regards, Jason
  15. I actually got the see the XC-99 when it was displayed outside of Kelly Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas. This was some time ago and it was not in the greatest of shape even then, but it was still very impressive, indeed. More so than a C-5 in my opinion. It still exists, but it's unclear whether its remains are at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio (home of the USAF museum), or at the storage facility at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona. Let's hope they restore this aeroplane. Regards, Jason
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