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Revell GT-40 MKII questions

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Has anybody built this kit? I mean I'm sure there are those who have as the kit is 30 years old. I'm just asking if it's worth picking up. Does it compare evenly to the Fujimi kit or surpass it? Any tips would be helpful.



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I pick these up when I see a price I cant refuse.  Only problem is that I have a few now and replacement decals will cost me more than what I paid for the kits.  I have a problem paying over $10 for a few meatballs.

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Lol I'll take a few off your hands. And yeah, decal prices for ONE car a freaking insane! I built one or two cars when I was a kid but that was it. I'm starting to get back into it and I'm just like, I thought jets would break my account but it's actually model cars that'll do it!

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Just found this thread. 


Yes, they are the older Fujimi issue and are great. I have used them for out-of-box and the basis for several conversions in the future. 

Aftermarket decals are all over the place. Buy and enjoy...








I must have about 6 in the stash for other GT-40 projects.

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Yes, the #2 car is a later tail treatment than the other two. I did use the GT-40 kit for all three of these but with resin aftermarket bodies.


These are the only Gulf livery I have finished...





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