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Fujimi 1/48 Army AH-1G (Kitbash)

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Hey ARC, I've read that one way (The only way?) to get a decent AH-1G in 1/48 is to bash Fujimi's AH-1S and AH-1J boxings. Well, I tried it. Again. This is the second time I've attempted this. The first time represented a USMC AH-1G. I was so happy with the way the first one came out that I promised my brother (an Army vet) that I'd build one representing the Army. So, I did.


Before I go any further, I want to dedicate this build to, and thank, Rob M. (Mig). He saved my bacon and came through with a replacement canopy after I damaged the first one. Also, he sent me some amazing reference photos and details about the 361 Aerial Weapons Company that he had from his service in Vietnam. (Rob, please forgive me. I know this build doesn't exactly represent any of the airframes you shared with me. My kit's based on reality, but I decided to use a little artistic license.) So Rob, thank you. I appreciate your help on this one.


For my build I used a set of TD resin gun pods and Fireball Modelworks PE rocket pods. This was my first time using a PE set. I know they're not perfect, but I think they look OK for my first attempt. (I learned a lot!) Scratched parts include the pitot and stinger to replace the lost and broken (respectively) kit pieces, some ECS hoses in the cockpit, and the chin turret. The turret was made using some card and tube to represent the backing and grenade launcher. The minigun is from the spares box. A piece of brass tube replaced the kit's terrible exhaust. The intake screens are thin strips of Tamiya tape laid over some random PE screen. Markings are cobbled together from random sheets I have laying around. Paints are MM and Testors enamels. Weathered with pastels and Flory washes. 




























I know it's not perfect, but I think it's another solid 3-footer for my collection. Comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking, and again, thanks Mig. 



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Wow awesome job! Your hard work has most definitely paid off. 

Now the big manufacturers need to start on some new and updated Cobra’s in 1/48.


ICM is producing a 1/32 series of early Cobras (Vietnam AH-1G’s) but I’d like to see them in 1/48.


Again great work,


Mr. Happy

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