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  1. I had the kit please email me, I'm in CA. too! pm send let_models
  2. I replied to you on your post at Helicopter modeling discussion, again if you interest for trading your Airfix Chinook with my Italeri ACH-47A kit? I had 2x and currently looking for one unarmed Hook... please let me know! let_models,
  3. hello, are you interest for trading your Airfix Chinook with my Italeri ACH-47A kit? I had 2x and currently looking for one unarmed Hook... let_models,
  4. finally eBay removed him last week.. there is some going on at eBay web site, a lot of suspicious items for sale with 'fake low price'...I have been following a Trumpy 1/32 F-14B listing just only 18.99$ and a Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5E only 18.88$ both with free shipping from 'a Big country' in Asia, by a Seller with 102 POS. feedbacks....let watching on him and see how the sales will happen guys! let_models,
  5. recently I attached a picture with 100kb to a message, it's not show up, re do again still doesn't work, I check on My Attachment folder see them but want to delete but didn't do any thing! please help!! let_models,
  6. I just want to share with all of you regarding my case recently at eBay: I place a 'Buy it Now' for a Kinetic 1/48 F-5B Freedom Fighter with the price of 17.43$, I known it seem to be little bit lower than I though, but gave it a try any way... after 2 weeks go by exactly what I did thinking, the Seller received 74 NEG feed backs, his score from 131 go down to 86 point! also his store items completely empty on that time...a sight telling me this guy try to running away! I report to eBay, they tell me wait until tomorrow they will take the action... My comment was did eBay care above thing happening lately, a lot Scam sellers like this guy try to steal moneys and eBay should do some thing a bout it. All we have be careful now, when we buying stuff at eBay, most of those Sellers from a 'big country' in Asia, I said most of them was, don't trust the lower price items they post!!
  7. I want to display the page (Taobao) with English...it can be or not, help! Cheer,
  8. As title said, the decal for USN Yellow bird... either from old Testors or Hobby boss kit! Please let me know thank you! Let_models, ☺️
  9. OK it's easy.... thanks SBARC!☺️
  10. Hello, the Trumpeter 1/32 A1-H Skyraider still available? how much shipping cost to zip 95131? thank you, let_models☺️
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