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  1. Great looking Bug! Semper Fly, Ski
  2. Yep, HF on both outboard stations is fine. As a matter of fact, in Iraq in ‘03, it was not uncommon for us to drop TOW launchers off an aircraft if the system was degraded or inoperable and load HFs instead. Inboard we’d have either two LAU-68s, or a LAU-68 and a LAU-61. Semper Fly, Ski
  3. I used to go to the original Brookhurst Hobbies in the 80’s with my Dad, back when it was a tiny corner shop on the Anaheim/Garden Grove border. As a teenager, I sold my first built model there! Cheers, Ski
  4. Nope, not so much. If you do a cursory search of Camp Pendleton’s airfield on Google maps, you’ll see nearly every bird on the line is spread. If hangar space gets tight, they’ll go ahead and fold ‘em then.
  5. Hey Utley! Ambitious build, for sure! To clear the air on some things: on ship, the blade racks are used right up until the aircraft is just ready for launch. As soon as an aircraft shuts down on spot, the racks are installed; similarly, the racks are left on until the aircraft is spotted and they are removed immediately prior to launch (30+ knots of wind across the deck are not good for a helo when the blades aren’t turning). Therefore, a fully loaded Z with blade racks installed is completely plausible for a MEU aircraft aboard ship (see Flying Leathernecks or Werner’s Wings shee
  6. As expected, GW to the rescue! Your ordnance knowledge predates mine (‘92-14), thanks as always for your contribution! IYAOYAS, Ski
  7. Continuity error. The Mk 83 “retarded fin” is an AIR - Air Inflatable Retarder. If memory serves, when the bombs are released in the film, Mk15 Snakeye fins were used. Semper, Ski
  8. The Fujimi J can be made into a decent kit if you accept the fact that it’s on par with 80’s Monogram kits (maybe worse). The plastic (especially the canopy) is old and brittle, detail is a bit soft, and markings are lackluster unless you go the custom route. Also, the angle of the nose is off, but can be corrected. For mine, I added the ALE-39 dispensers, AN/ALQ-144 jammer, round cross tubes and markings to bring it up to 1980’s standards. I still have a couple Js in the queue, but I still anxiously await (hope) for an improved AH-1J, in ANY scale! Semper Fly, Ski
  9. New tool: -Twin Cobra family in 1/48 and 1/35 (or 32nd): AH-1J, AH-1T, AH-1W (early and late ((NTS)) variants) -1/48 and 1/35 UH-1E -1/48 CH-37 Mojave -1/35 UH-1N -1/35 UH-1Y -1/35 CH-46 -1/35 CH-53D and E (and K!) -Did I mention a J and T model Cobra?!? Cheers, Ski
  10. Great save with the windscreen, you can hardly tell! Where did you source the film? -Ski
  11. You could use the two aircrew on the right, but sand down the visor covers on their HGU-33/P helmets to better replicate the HGU-55/Ps used as appropriate with the F/A-18D. This link should help with visual references: http://www.salimbeti.com/aviation/helmets4.htm Hope this helps! Semper, Ski
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