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  1. Great addition, especially if you are building a “Black Pony” Bronco from VAL-4 or a Marine VMO Bronco in RVN. Semper, Ski
  2. Fantastic looking Shitter! Love the remnants of the “02” modex on the starboard fuselage, and the blade weathering is spot-on! Just an awesome build overall. Semper, Ski
  3. Holy hell! Talk about comprehensive, these look amazing! Semper, Ski
  4. Dibs on the ICM OV-10 bundle and Super Tucano if still available, please PM when you can, thanks! Ski
  5. Yep, 100%. Good find! B179C069-5E58-430A-816A-0296CBDF9AD9.webp
  6. Holy smokes, just EXCEPTIONAL!
  7. Holy hell, Guns, AMAZING pics! My mind is blown with that bent tail. I wonder if the -53 Program Office might have some other pics in their archives, or maybe even Pax River. The different rotor blades are also super interesting, I had no idea that they had several variations going at the same time. Thanks for sharing, you're a wealth of knowledge! Semper Fly, Ski
  8. Also, a common mistake I see when painting live missiles is to neglect the aft caps on the weapons. The HARM has a black rubber cap that protects the exhaust, and the AIM-9M has an orangish hue to it that is a solid circle (the CATM-9 has a slotted aft end, like a straight slot screw, and is painted the same color as the missile body). Semper, Ski
  9. Holy crap, that looks amazing! VERY convincing. Great work! Semper, Ski
  10. Not to detract from this awesome thread, but Marine squadrons deployed “in theater” will also choose from an approved list of call signs for the duration of their deployment. In a stroke of irony, two of the squadrons I deployed with used the same one! VMFA(AW)-332 in Iraq, 2005-2006 and HMLA-369 in Afghanistan, 2010-2011 both used “Dealer”. Semper, Ski
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