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  1. Hey Jon, Are you still on the hunt? I've got the IPMS 2000 sheet mentioned above if you're interested. Ski
  2. Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, the S vs. J/G canopy join is definitely challenging. I just gradually cut back the fuselage until the rounded canopy fit. Definitely be conservative, I just trimmed back a little at a time until I got it right. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing how much better yours looks than mine! 😂 Semper, Ski
  3. Until we get a new-tooled G in any scale, modifying the Fujimi kits seems to be the only game in town. Semper, Ski
  4. Coming along nicely! I did something similar using the same kits!
  5. Love it! I, for one, will vote with my wallet and pick up a couple. Maybe that will send the message that we want more large scale helos (Yankee, November, and the whole Cobra family). I'll drop everything to build this one, for sure... Semper, Ski
  6. UH-1Y. Same rotor system though, except for the SATCOM antenna and mounting hardware on top of the rotor mast.
  7. I definitely agree with you regarding the 'war grave' aspect, Chesshire, as least where the ship itself is concerned. However, if you look at the debris field, the concentration of aircraft found thus far (7 TBD-1, 3 SBD-3 and 1 F4F-3) are miles from the actual ship, and probably ended up there as a result of sliding off the flight deck as she went under. The historian in me would like to see a few of the aircraft make it to the surface, even if they never get restored, to serve as a visual reminder of a brave ship and her crewmembers who were lost to eternity 76 years ago. Paul Allen has a soft spot for rare and sometimes "last of its kind" aircraft, so I could see (hope?) that he uses his resources to raise some of this historic aircraft. Semper Fi, Ski
  8. Here's another low-vis UH-1E for ya...
  9. Wow, Floyd. I have NEVER seen that before, thanks for posting!
  10. Can you post a link to the other thread, Floyd? I'd like to see the battle from the Somalis point of view. Cheers, Ski
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