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  1. You could use the two aircrew on the right, but sand down the visor covers on their HGU-33/P helmets to better replicate the HGU-55/Ps used as appropriate with the F/A-18D. This link should help with visual references: http://www.salimbeti.com/aviation/helmets4.htm Hope this helps! Semper, Ski
  2. Is one for the canopy interior, maybe?
  3. I worked on Hornets in the Marine Corps from 1992-2014, A’s, A+’s, B’s, C’s and D’s. That ancient moving map brings back so many memories, thanks for sharing! -Ski
  4. Great news all around, Dave! I haven’t yet built the Italeri Cobras (although I have a ton in the queue), how do the “cheek” bulges on the Whiskey look? Are they an issue? Anything need correcting? Semper Fly, Ski
  5. Glad to see someone else is showing interest in an accurate 1/48 Whiskey! Dave, have you ever thought of doing the two-bucket ALE mod for later Whiskeys (both with and without buckets)? I suspect that even if a new tool W is in the works, they might miss out on that little detail. Semper Fly, Ski
  6. Sorry, I have them for the 1/32 Bronc.
  7. Generally, Ops would hash it out with Ordnance before the load outs got put on the flight schedule.
  8. Just depends on the mission, to be honest.
  9. My apologies! The wing pylons on the legacy Hornet are SUU-63s (the centerline pylon is a SUU-62). Any Hornet kit should include the proper pylons.
  10. If you’re looking to load an AMRAAM on a wing station, you’d need to mount two LAU-127s on the shoulder (side stations) of a LAU-115. The easiest play, in my opinion, is AMRAAMs on the cheek stations (4 and/or 6), and mount your Sparrows on the SUU-63s on a LAU-115C/A. Just the two cents of a Marine F/A-18 ordnanceman! Good luck with the build! Ski
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