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  1. Hi Brent, Try to find the colours that Hasegawa has in one of their 1/48 F/A-18s from NSAWC. Then, using the "colorserver.net", try to match and see which FS is missing. The way I see it, the aircraft you want to build has the typical "Mig-29" scheme PLUS the colour that's missing. Perhaps, if you visit 1999.co.jp you might find the kit and the instructions that show the specific scheme and FS. Bill
  2. Hi Brian, I'm doing a research about the colours used on Adversary aircrafts and what I have found so far is that the Ferris scheme included the FS-36375, FS-36307, FS-35237, and the FS-35164. Of course, you have to consider the fact that the colours' tonality (hue) changes depending on the location and time the picture was taken as well, on the film and print production. Because, I'm trying to build an Adversary collection, I can say that choose a specific photo and try to replicate the colours' hues you see.
  3. The problem when building a kit in 1/48, such as the F-14 and particularly a collection for example, the NFWS/NSAWC Tomcats, is that you need more than one kits, and therefore the whole project gets quite expensive. From personal experience (and I'm still trying to buy more kits and decals - if I can find any!!!) I can say that I have spend (so far) more than $1000 to buy as many A-4s, F-5s, F-21s, and etc., in order to create an Adversary collection that besides NFWS, will include all the West and East coast adversary squadrons. Now, regarding the issue of which is the best 1/48 Tomcat? I agree with the rest of the Arc'ers that Tamiya's is currently the best. Though, I would wait until Academy releases a new mould Tomcat in 1/48.
  4. Very nice build. Do you remember the FS for the dark colour?
  5. Hi Murph, I believe you're referring to Mike from Lone Star Models. I will send him an email (lsmodels@pdq.net) and see if he can help. Thanks for the advice.
  6. As many have pointed out my main reason(s) for stalling my builds are the kits and their poor quality (some of them), various materials and processes like paint/thinner ratios and continuous sanding, at least during the first years/ decade of my avocation with our hobby. Now, in my third decade in scale modelling it is health issues unfortunately that don't want to "go away" and let me to at least enjoy my favourite hobby. Word of advice: Never create a stock of kits (mainly) because some parts will definitely show signs of wrapping. Even models that are half-build and kept in boxes will show such signs of wear and tear.
  7. Hi RedStar, Do you by any chance have the following decals' sheet? Fightertown Decals FTD48051? If so, send me a pm. Many thanks, Bill
  8. Correct but, it's impossible to find one !!! There was a rumour that someone had the moulds and was planning to reproduce the company's detail sets but it remained just a rumour. all I can find right now is resin sets for converting an 1/48 b-24 to a Privateer.
  9. If my memory serves me right, both aircrafts had similar wheel wells and I think Aires has a set of resin wheel wells in 1/72. Other than that I agree with you Hemspilot, I can use the inner details from the Academy B-24 or the Eduard's detail sets. However, one major detail that needs to be fixed are the engines' cowlings. Many thanks for your response.
  10. "Again, not saying it's impossible but is the Matchbox kit that bad to warrant that level of effort?" First of all, thank you for your quick response to my question. The Matchbox kit lacks a lot of details and therefore needs a lot of improvements in and out. For instance, there was a resin set in the past that could help fix a lot of the details that the Matchbox kit lacks but the majority was for the cockpit and the engines. The airframe and the bombs' bay/ wheels wells are another story and they definitely need improvement that's why I've thought of working on the B-24 airframe. Again, many thanks.
  11. Hello All, I would like to ask if it's possible to use the Academy B-24 Liberator main frame and wings (perhaps?) to convert it to a PB4Y-2, using parts from the Matchbox kit, like the front airframe, the tail, and etc? I have the feeling that the Privateer is basically a B-24 (for instance the bomb bay?) except from the details I have just mentioned. Any idea(s)/ help would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Bill (aka Sernak)
  12. As a famous movie-character ones said, "this belongs to a museum"!! Great job with an even greater finish!!!
  13. Which jet are you building agelos2005?
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