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  1. Thank you for your replies gents. I have asked this because in other forums, when I sign-in I see the "https" and locker icon. When being old and not internet literate, some things unexpectedly surprise you.
  2. I only recognised it is the ESCI kit by looking at the engines' exhausts. Perfect build!!!
  3. Hi everyone, Is there a security issue with Arc Forums? I'm asking this because every time I'm signing-in I don't see the typical "https" neither the locker icon.
  4. Hi Roym, Yes, 1/72. If you've got them, send me a pm.
  5. I think I have this kit in my stash. Really great kit, and more accurate - dimensionally - than the Hasegawa kit!
  6. Wish they had!!! It looks very interesting!
  7. I see nothing to critic about. The model is well constructed/painted/weathered.
  8. Have you searched to see if Microscale ever produced a decals' sheet for this particular aircraft?
  9. I have never heard of "payoneer". I always use PayPal. I'm also thinking about buying some Reskit sets from Ebay and not directly from them.
  10. ADC Gray.
  11. If the photo is not digitally altered, then I would say the third aircraft (VA-205) shows the most solid hue for the Grey FS. Then again, I might be wrong.
  12. Now, you have mentioned a "sensitive" subject there! I've been trying to gather decals' sheets since the late 90s. NOT an easy task! On the other hand. making my own decals is quite difficult because even though I have an A3 printer, it doesn't print decals that well. Now, things are a bit better BUT, the luck of cash flow is a matter!
  13. I think you're referring to me! My aim is to do all the US NAVY Adversary paint schemes that the T/A-4 have used, from the early 70s 'till the mid-90s, in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32. "God willing and money permitting" I might succeed!!!
  14. Hi Rex, You write, " to get the right combination of parts to give the versions that we want ". Looks like you're into some heavy "surgering"!!! I see your point on evaluating ESCI's kit as the most accurate - as far as it concerns dimensions - but, how accurate-dimensionally is it's cockpit? Have you tried to put one of those aftermarket ejection seats in the cockpit? Did it fit? I have the impression that the Fujimi cockpit has more accurate cockpit dimensions. Looking forward to read more of your research and work on the subject! By the way, are you planning to do a similar project for other aircrafts? For instance, for the F-4?
  15. Hi Rex, Just a quick question. When researching the subject, did you compare Fujimi's parts (wings / fuselage) with drawings in 1/72? (I know for example, that the Italeri kit is a bit underscale) By the way, you have opened a very interesting topic, as I am also a Skyhawk fanatic!