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  1. Hi Fred, Well, Chuck Stewart in his book "Aggressor Aircraft" describes it as "anodised silver"!! which I'm certain it will "turn" a lot of heads, because what kind of colour is that? Did he meant to say that this was some kind or primer?
  2. So, I guess I'm not the only one who has placed all its Adversaries at the boneyard for more than a few years!!! You have picked to build two of my favourites from VFA-127 ! My last calculations showed that I need around thirty (single seat/two seats) to make all the schemes the squadron's Scooters used to have. Best of luck my friend and I look forward to seeing them finished!!! Cheers, Bill
  3. Hi Lucio, I recently bought two Hasegawa Tomcats, and not just because the price was low (don't want to say because it might scare some people here!) but because it is one of the best Tomcats despite its several pitfalls. The Aires sets are not that bad as long as you're determined to cut/trim a lot of resin to make them fit properly, whether this is a cockpit or some wheel wells. So, please, "resurrect" your Tomcat from the shelf of doom and finish it so we can all enjoy it!!! @Steve (A-10 LOADER): Love it? I'm CRAZY ABOUT IT!!!! But I can only
  4. Man, the weathering on the wings is unbelievable!!! My kudos!!
  5. It's one of those kits that if you don't already have it in your stash, you gonna have to pay A LOT to get it!!! And, definitely yes, it's one of Monogram's best efforts!
  6. If it costs $70, I'll buy it. it's gonna be a big kit with quite a few important details in good quality (at least from what I can see in the photos). BUT, if it costs more than that, thank you Airfix, but no thanks.
  7. I thought so. I guess this is one of those few times that Hasegawa managed to make a mistake with one of its kits. Many thanks for your reply.
  8. Did the H-60, in general, ever have tinted glass door windows? It's just a detail I recently discovered in an old Hasegawa kit that I still have and was planning to build these days.
  9. Good thinking guys, but how about a "bolder" move? 1/32 US Navy aircraft carrier catapult, including full details of the side (starboard/port side, it doesn't matter which of these two), for under $300? Now, that would be something!!!
  10. Now, here's a guy who knows how to appreciate a scale model aircraft! I think I also have around 10 kits of the Legacy Hornet (unfortunately, only 10😔)
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