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  1. That's why I find it very tempting Steve. Because it requires to make a lot of details that the kit does not include. The only advantage is the scale. You can work more easily these short of details in 1/48 than in 1/72.
  2. Tempting!!! Very tempting work (to a point that can make me change my mind and convert my S-3A to an ES-3A)!
  3. You're not the only one man with these thoughts. I'm in a similar mental state about the usefulness of the web in my life. Of course, my work demands it, particularly under the current circumstances but, nonetheless, I cherish the pre-internet era when all we needed in the late nights (and not only) was some good music on the radio (and with no commercials!!!), a Pepsi (or beer) or, even a pack of cigarettes, your favourite kit and all the scale modelling assortments. P.S.: I'm not that old!😄 mid-40s and NO middle-age CRISIS thank goodness!!!
  4. There you have it! Premium this, Premium that #@$%&!
  5. Looks like we're heading towards a YouTube that we'll need to pay some fee in order to skip all these commercials.
  6. Greetings guys, I just got a decals' sheet that I had ordered from Andrew. Great fella to deal with and really fast shipping. Definitely recommended. Bill
  7. Hey Dave, Is the sharkmouth nose art something you could see in 1941 on a US based P-40? I know that the AVG P-40s did carry a sharkmouth nose art but, I don't recall seeing it on US based P-40s.
  8. Greetings guys, I was watching yesterday on YouTube the movie "1941" in which "allegedly" a P-40B carries a 'sharkmouth' flown by John Belushi (cpt "Wild" Bill Kelso). Anyone knows if this is fiction or fact?
  9. They currently have a big sale but, the shipping cost is prohibitive!!!
  10. Just to get things straight, particularly for those who are new to our hobby and are probably reading this topic, "36" means it is a matt colour and "16" it is a gloss one. The picture you have chosen to show depicts exactly what everybody should be taking under consideration when building an aircraft's kit and that is the fact that not all the FS colours look the same under a period of time. Personally, this is why I used to AND STILL ARE struggle with achieving that colour's hue(s) from a specific aircraft. That's why I always say, references, references, references!!!!
  11. Nice work!!! Now, it's time to build that beautiful F-5A you have in your picture!!!
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