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  1. Correct but, it's impossible to find one !!! There was a rumour that someone had the moulds and was planning to reproduce the company's detail sets but it remained just a rumour. all I can find right now is resin sets for converting an 1/48 b-24 to a Privateer.
  2. If my memory serves me right, both aircrafts had similar wheel wells and I think Aires has a set of resin wheel wells in 1/72. Other than that I agree with you Hemspilot, I can use the inner details from the Academy B-24 or the Eduard's detail sets. However, one major detail that needs to be fixed are the engines' cowlings. Many thanks for your response.
  3. "Again, not saying it's impossible but is the Matchbox kit that bad to warrant that level of effort?" First of all, thank you for your quick response to my question. The Matchbox kit lacks a lot of details and therefore needs a lot of improvements in and out. For instance, there was a resin set in the past that could help fix a lot of the details that the Matchbox kit lacks but the majority was for the cockpit and the engines. The airframe and the bombs' bay/ wheels wells are another story and they definitely need improvement that's why I've thought of working on the B-24 airframe. Again, many thanks.
  4. Hello All, I would like to ask if it's possible to use the Academy B-24 Liberator main frame and wings (perhaps?) to convert it to a PB4Y-2, using parts from the Matchbox kit, like the front airframe, the tail, and etc? I have the feeling that the Privateer is basically a B-24 (for instance the bomb bay?) except from the details I have just mentioned. Any idea(s)/ help would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Bill (aka Sernak)
  5. As a famous movie-character ones said, "this belongs to a museum"!! Great job with an even greater finish!!!
  6. Which jet are you building agelos2005?
  7. This is from those resin sets that you SHOULD hide because if the wife sees it from the quality she will understand that it must have been quite expensive!!!
  8. Same question. The cockpit's main control panels are upgraded. Is this the kit's cockpit or a resin one? By the way, very nice build.
  9. Personally, I began to "build" a stash right after my first job and due to lack of free time. I had the money BUT I didn't have the time so I had decided that it would be best to buy those kits that I really liked (Hasegawa 1/48 TA-4J) before they become "extinct" !!! Fortunately, I can say that my stash is small (around 75 unbuild kits) yet, I do know other fellow scale modelers that have more than 2.000 unbuilt kits as a stash!!!
  10. You can also try Xtracolor from Hannants (UK). I have been using this brand for many years now and it always gives me good results. Plus, all the colors' range is gloss so there is no need to spray a clear gloss coat afterwards.
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