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  1. Hi Pete74, I don't know how much accurate the following decals' sheet is regarding the HAF Mirage 2000 markings but, have a look at it. Here's the link: There is also this sheet:
  2. Though Hasegawa's mould is quite old (more than 3 decades), it still gives a nice model!! Very nice work!
  3. Very sorry to hear about this. Yet, in such cases health comes first.
  4. Hi All, I'm looking to buy and/or trade (tell me what you might be looking for to check my stash if I have it) the Superscale Decals' sheet #72-544. Many thanks, Sernak.
  5. Count me in !!!
  6. Merry Christmas Holmes and everyone else And may all your wishes come true and your kits' stocks get BIGGER!!!!
  7. How about "donating" some of your kits to us the less-fortunate lads? (I only have 120!)
  8. Hear, hear!! Well said lad.
  9. Now, I'm depressed!! I only have 120 in my stash
  10. Nice combo Thadeus!
  11. Any info about the color of the wheel wells? Interior Green like the cockpit or, Aluminium?
  12. Hi Lancer512, That's a quite interesting perspective! Have you read what you're mentioning in a book or, on Wikipedia?
  13. So, how many do you still need to build in order to complete your collection?