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  1. Mine is still in the post office... probably I'll have it next week. I don't remember seeing the VF-126 twin-seat Skyhawk paint scheme in another decals' sheet. Or the VFC-111 F-5F. I paid around $45 including shipping. A bit pricey but hey, its Adversaries paint schemes!!!
  2. I was taking some boxes out of my attic and in one of them I found a Monogram Prowler that I bought some "ages" ago!!! Man, this kit is huge!!! By the way, great job Malcolm.👍
  3. I think the Thunderchief was also known as the "Road Runner." Here's something to inspire our future Thunderchief builds:
  4. Why do women when they hear about money and especially cash, only then they leave us in our peace and quiet???? Thanks for the coffee!!! Will consider it!
  5. Man, this is a museum! I would easily pay $15 just to see this beautiful collection!
  6. That's probably the annual "wee" competition!!! "mine got further!!"
  7. Did anyone buy the new decals' sheet from Fightertown Decals with the code 48092? It looks like it has three or four new paints schemes that were not included in the previous sheets.
  8. Impressive work and a lot of patience to put all those square masking tapes on the model!!!
  9. Thanks for the reply Gregg.
  10. How can anyone work three jobs at the same time? I have one job and I'm struggling to keep up with everything. I no longer have a personal life and no time for scale modelling. Perhaps it has to do with time management....? Irrelevant, but I want to ask, has anyone heard from ChernayaAkula (Moritz Schultz)? Haven't seen him posting anything for a very long time.
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