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  1. I asked what the NFWS verdict was not the Navy's. Like Chris said indirectly it is the pilots opinions that count most. The Navy will say and do what the "interests" dictate in favour of one company over another. Similar situation; the air war over Vietnam. If it was in the hands of the pilots to decide what was right, the USAF and NAVY would had air superiority from the beginning BUT, it was companies that wanted to make sales of their new "gizmos" that dictated the route of the war.
  2. Thanks for the info, I'll keep it in mind.
  3. Doesn't look like the typical 'Ghost" scheme that F-5Es and later on, F-16Ns had. The Blue looks much like Intermediate Blue FS-35164. Any other thoughts? By the way, anyone knows what the evaluation verdict from NFWS was?
  4. Just wait a few months and it will happen, unfortunately!!!
  5. What I see as an issue here is that the photo-etch parts colour doesn't match the one you have applied on the kit's parts (cockpit, side walls...). What's your thoughts on this issue Wolfman_63?
  6. Hi Chuck, Do you plan to add some wiring to the landing gear legs? Cheers Bill
  7. I've been scale modelling for more than 3 decades and this is one of the best "realistically" painted aft-fuselage/engines' areas I have ever seen!!!
  8. Those Archer rivets do make a difference !!! Great work Chuck! Which rivets' size would you suggest for a 1/72 F-5E Chuck? I have one and I'm between simply engraving the rivets or buying the Archer rivets but, I don't know which size.
  9. I agree Collin, the AFV F-5 is a nice kit though it has some issues. For instance, while looking at the previous page photos and my kit I noticed that the AFV F-5 has probably in some areas more rivets applied (if you have the kit check the wings' riveting and the one from Chuck's build), with some being misaligned (on the middle of the fuselage) and a line on the upper surfaces of the wings that it shouldn't be there. Cheers Bill
  10. Hi Chuck, Many thanks for your reply. I have recently bought the AFV Club F-5E and it would be interesting to compare it to your build in order to see if it has any areas that need to be fixed (you know panels, panel lines, rivets, etc). Keep up the good work!!! Bill
  11. Hi Chuck, Very nice work so far. BTW, I would like to ask you; do you think that the Kitty Hawk F-5E is more accurate than the AFV Club kit (different scales/companies but nonetheless both recent kits)?
  12. "Ethiopian"?? Man! And I thought that I was picking up difficult subjects to model!!! (US Navy Adversaries units, including NFWS - all of them!!!) Good luck with your search Matt. 😎
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