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  1. Good point Giovanni. In any scale the thickness of the transparent parts is an issue, when someone wants to represent the insulation. Personally, I used to represent this details with thin stripes of decals but, lately if I can find a decent vacuform canopy I will buy it and replace the kit's parts and thus, add the specific detail, which is a very nice one, particularly as it ages, because the colour it has changes. I think the early F-18s used to have one that had a copper hue.
  2. Hello Giovanni! Very nice work so far but, there is something that I would like to notice. The insulation (yellow line) should be from the inside, as in most aircrafts is. What do you think?
  3. A true Hero and Legend to the aviation world, not only in the US, but also, all around the globe. May he rest in peace.
  4. Can't say much - the painting "speaks" for itself!!!
  5. Beautiful work. if you want to elevate more your work, you only need a good picture frame.
  6. The weathering is spot-on. Particularly, for this scale it makes the model look very realistic.
  7. A ha!!! So, there are limits even for you😆😆🤣 Why don't you buy the Metallic Details set and use it to improve the wheel bays? From what I see, it almost has all the details included.
  8. Hi Steve, I don't see any improvements at the wheel bays' area. Are you planning on doing some or, you gonna keep them as they are? Bill
  9. Now, don't rush into it because, it is a DEMANDING task!!! BELIEVE ME I know!!! I'm developing (gradually, unfortunately) an Adversaries collection for the past..... well, I don't want to say for how long - it will cause a "stir of opinions" (like, get on with it!!!) but anyway, I'm still gathering accessories, mostly decals' sheets because, these are the ones that are hard to get, especially if you don't buy them when they are released. So, at this point I would suggest to wait and see in which scale/decals sheets these schemes will be released and then, buy the kits
  10. BUT, I'm the pilot, why do I have to push the plane??? Seriously now, Drew, your project is a true seminar, which makes me think, I better switch to a more relaxing and less complicated hobby like needle-stitching!!! Keep up the good work!!! Bill
  11. Well, the point is that they don't mention that these proposals are his design. This by itself can raise a copyright infringement issue.
  12. So, is there a copyright infringement?
  13. "There was a 1/72 "F-100C" by Pioneer that is best avoided. Revell also released an F-100C back in 1964 that is actually 1/70 and isn't worth building." Got it as a gift back in the late 80s. It's going to be made as a Davis Monthan "relic", with all the covered areas, and bushes around!! But, like Ben said, you should avoid this kit.
  14. Have you checked Revell's enamel paints range? You might find it there.
  15. I don't know if I would use these decals in my 1/72 scale model kits but, in 1/32, they do make a difference (of course with some modifications).
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