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  1. Very beautiful work so far Steve! Just a quick question though; would you say that the detail of the Wolfpack wings folding mechanisms is better than the one that the Paragon Designs parts have?
  2. The first step should be to clean the PE belts from any residue with rubbing alcohol (at least this is what iI do) and then paint them, leaving just a small area unpainted for the CA glue. The same applies for the seat (you can also use an X-Acto blade to scratch just the area from the seat that the seatbelt will be attached). By the way, a fellow modeller told me once that if you want to bend PE parts such as, seatbelts, you can do this by heating them with a lighter for a few seconds. Just my two cents.
  3. Bored and locked-down? NO WAY!!! I have a stock of 70+ models waiting patiently for the past 20+ years to be build!!! AND now is the chance! Plus I have a display case with the 2/3 empty!!! SO, bring out all those enamel and lacquer paints and thinners and let the party begin!!!
  4. I believe that's the (their?) main objective. Much like what happened back in the 90s with the NAVY and NASs like Miramar. To me, this decision sounds more like a political one than a Marines decision.
  5. Some people just talk (such as, myself), and other people work on their models. Superb work so far!
  6. You're not the only one Mark!!! And you're right about the companies that produce aftermarket sets. I'm also willing to support them (I have a few 1/48 sets in my mind) but, I'm hesitating because it means that I will have to use a pair of gloves to unbox whatever aftermarket set I buy from the ones I keep for airbrushing my models!!! I know, it sounds silly but, in difficult times you have to count everything twice!!!
  7. I have just received the following SMS from the World Health Organisation, "Modelers have been asked not to add more than one kit per week to the stash, until further notice." (Just kidding!!!)
  8. So, in other words, what you're saying is that something else is behind this global event that has such a negative effect in everybody's lives?
  9. Unfortunately, this will take a lot of time before it happens. As many have said, it will take more than a year, with whatever this means for our societies. At least, we have something to keep us occupied, though if there is no work, the money will end at some point!!!
  10. I agree. Especially, Japanese kits like Hasegawa had a significant increase. This will probably happen again (thank goodness I have a stock of my favourite Hasegawa kits!!!).
  11. They already do, like so many other countries from the region (Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.) for products such as, Levi's denims, surgery masks and single-use gloves. Cheap labor, unfortunately.
  12. I don't think (I'm hoping and praying to be honest) we will reach that point as shown in the movie "12 Monkeys", though it is possible if the virus becomes endemic.
  13. He made a statement yesterday (Boris Johnson), saying that all pubs restaurants, bars, etc., are closing, including schools. However, he didn't mention what the country's colleges and universities will do (we're talking about a lot of money. Only from China they have 200.000 students, with year-fees ranging from 9000 to 14000 pounds).
  14. I don't know how the authorities in different countries of the European continent are handling this situation but, I do know that the majority of the Italian fashion companies have their headquarters in Milan, and their factories in China. So, it's no wonder how the situation turned out so badly in such a short time.
  15. We are moving in uncharted waters. At first, I thought we should have taken stricter measures. Now, I'm thinking what can happen in 18-or so, months when the first vaccine will be available. Is it going to be compulsory?
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