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  1. I agree. The only thing that troubles me is what the customs office is going to ask me to pay when the package arrives. The last time I ordered a product from overseas, the customs office asked me to pay $30 for customs duties.
  2. No worries mate, I didn't mean anything personal. I understand that you're simply a user of the Archer products as I am and indeed it is sad news, but look at it from another perspective - it is time to recall those skills that we used to have - making rivets from very thin plastic rods. Bill
  3. hI Curt, I should have said constructive arguments😁 Especially for WWII German aircrafts' colours. Man, some guys are really experts on the subject but I don't understand where do they find the time to read or research such subjects and then retain that knowledge.
  4. Unfortunately yes. But there is no substitute for visiting a scale models store and "sniffing" all those amazing smells from the kits and the various accessories. Not to mention the long discussions and arguments on various details. That's irreplaceable my friend.
  5. Okay, Zone-Five is shutting down and now you Gabor !! I also heard about other store owners in other parts of the world planning to close their stores, rich people are liquifying their assets, what's the name of that guy who predicted the 2008 crash...???? Do you guys know something we don't??? Okay, besides the fun part, I really going to miss your products and services Gabor. Good luck with your future endeavours, and if you have the finances, travel!!!! The world has so many beautiful places to visit. Bill
  6. I just got mine. Man, what a beautiful kit and the details.. amazing work! my kudos to AMK!
  7. AND THAT IS exactly why I don't like prepainted photo-etch parts! Because they are still not at that level that will allow them to offer a higher quality. Very thorough work, by the way, Gabor!
  8. Hi Sergei, Thanks for the clarification and for the video. its easy to apply the decals but, I'm wondering, can we gloss coat afterwards with a matt varnish to seal everything? Another thing that I noticed is how realistic the decals look in contrast to the rest of the cockpit that doesn't have this level/quality of detailing. For whomever decides to apply these decals he/she must be willing to put the extra work in a cockpit because otherwise, it makes quite a contrast. You mention that the decals are printed with polymeric materials, so I presume it takes
  9. beautiful work so far Andrew. Do you know from what kind of material these decals are made of? I mean these are supposed to be decals but obviously in order to achieve the "3D" effect they must have used a different material. Perhaps resin? The reason why I'm asking this is because I was wondering what kind of lifespan these have and if its worth buying them? It's not like the typical cockpit decals that you will spray a couple of clear coats and everything will be sealed almost forever. So, any clues?
  10. We DEFINITELY need an update! I just bought the Hasegawa kit and I'm thinking about starting it!!!!!
  11. Hey David, How is your project coming along? I want to ask you about the ejection seat. In the first photo you posted it seems that the seat is an escapac IG-2. Is this correct or did they use another type of seat?
  12. I noticed the nose "soviet-style" number and vertical stabilator star are removed. Is this photo from the same period when an admiral in NAS Key West asked the squadron commander of vf-45 to remove from all the squadron's aircrafts the exact same details? Do you plan to use Monogram's kit?
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