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  1. After reading this topic, while looking for any info that could help me to save my limited but, necessary stock of Lifecolor paints from solidification, I would like to add my 2c and say that Tamiya X-20A thinner is probably the best way to thin the Lifecolor acrylics. At least, this is what I remember an old friend of mine telling me many years ago. I have also read somewhere that you could also use Ultimate's acrylic thinner, as a good alternative.
  2. What a coincidence. I was just thinking about buying the F but, after reading your comments I thought let's just wait and see what Wolfpack will offer us as an alternative. It is a shame that they forgotten to represent the details you mention. Particularly, the speed brakes because when the aircraft is parked these are dropped. so, basically we are talking about kit-bashing between Italeri's and Dream Model's kits if we want to make an accurate in details and shape F-5E and F. Now, I have to admit as a scale modeller I am tempted to buy the E and F from Dream Model and
  3. @Bushande, don't bother man (for the specific 'Wichita', for the rest of your archives from VF-1, YES, do post them on the forum!), I have checked various websites dedicated to the Tomcat and the US Navy, and I have concluded that Hasegawa got it all wrong with their first kit/generation Tomcat. VF-1 never had a '115' Tomcat. Looking forward for your VF-1 archives!!!
  4. Collectible item!!!
  5. Usually, when this happens (and it happens a lot lately) I will either take a flashlight or, my smartphone (whichever is more handy at that time) and light the area that I think it has dropped in order to create a shadow of the object. Most of the times it works, but, there are times that it is impossible to find a part because it has either "fly" away (under the sofa) or, it is on my clothes (freshly painted parts). Just my two cents.
  6. @Bushande, do you have any photos from the "115"?
  7. every part of this diorama is well thought out and build! You mentioned that you sprayed some ultra matt on the uniforms to tone them down but, they still look a bit satin; have you ever tried Model Master's enamel matt varnish? it gives a very matt finish though, I don't know how appropriate it would be for your figures but, nonetheless, it could be a good solution. The reason why I mentioned this is because, recently I sprayed with MM matt varnish two different aircrafts in 1/72. A Spitfire and a P-47. The Spitfire does look good but, the P-47 looks very flat; the paints, th
  8. So the vaccines produce antibodies to help cope with the disease. Aren't drugs that do the same work like Regeneron's region-cov2? if this is true then for what reasons should anyone get the vaccine instead of a similar effectiveness drug? Any thoughts?
  9. You know what they say Yuri, "better late than sorry".
  10. Can you suggest some, you know as reference points for some of us that want to build the kit with Japanese markings?
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