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  1. OK now this is going to be a joy to watch because Fred has accustomed us to his very good constructions!!!
  2. Cheers, mate. I'm asking about the F4U-4 because there were quite a few US Marines squadrons that used the specific type during the Korean War. As you mention about the RNZAF Corsairs, perhaps with the end of the war they decided to leave behind quite a few, and I assume that most likely it would be the ones that were salvaged for various parts.
  3. Hello chaps and Merry Christmas, I planning to build a diorama with an abandoned F4U-4 but the only decals I have are from Superscale (#48-1059) for Corsairs that operated during the Korean War. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone remembers if there were cases of Corsairs being salvaged for spare/damaged parts. Also, any photos, or books' suggestions will be much appreciated. Cheers, Bill
  4. Hi Jeff, How small can you make the masks? For example, can you make masks for S/N numbers for Skyhawks and Tiger IIs in 1/72? Many thanks, Bill
  5. AND ... just when you say "I'm going to start scale modelling again" here comes a build like this and makes you feel that perhaps it's better to start a new, a completely new hobby like needle-stitching!!! Man, what an incredible build!! And your scratch-building skills!!! Unbelievable!! Job well done! My kudos.
  6. OK, I'm a little bit confused ... this is a photo of a model not an actual F-4?
  7. @Fred: Another great topic Fred!!! Thank you for keeping us motivated to finally start building our own collections of Adversaries!!! @Jeff: Now that you mentioned VMFT-401, it would be nice if FINALLY somebody would produce some decals for the early F-5s of the squadron. You know the ones with the narrowed nose numbers. Keep them coming Fred!!! -Bill
  8. Is this the side of the engine that is visible from the open door? Amazing work!! And the kit still is the best ... after what, 30 years since it was produced by Fujimi.
  9. @Fred: Fred, I believe that's an F-5N depicted in the photo.
  10. I have tasted it and I didn't like it that much!! It reminded me of Amstel lager (🤢) !!!!
  11. Dude come on! only three photos??? I just ordered a big pizza and I also got a six-pack of Budweiser!!! More photos!! More photos!! Do a proper walk-around and some close-ups!! Seriously now, beautiful work Fred.
  12. My first impression is that the colours Fred are quite close to those we can see in the photo you uploaded, with the exception perhaps of the brown, which looks kind of 'reddish-brown'. But, again, as I told you for your first model, you will need to take it outside and photograph it. Aside from this, let's see how the decals will blend with the colours, because these also can differentiate the final result. Man, I'm looking forward to see her finished !!!! Cheers, Bill
  13. I totally agree!!! I suggest Rich to use a cyanoacrylate glue!!!🤣 Aside from the teasing part, your craftsmanship Rich is amazing. Job well done!
  14. Just remember Fred, as Chuck Stewart says in his book, it's 'anodised silver'!
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