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  1. What's the interior's colour? Great job, by the way!
  2. In general, Zvezda is known for producing accurate kits. After all, it is a Russian company! Now, about an SMT.... you have to find and read reviews to see if Trumpeter has managed to produce a more accurate version or, if some parts from the specific version are more accurate than those found in the Zvezda kit and vice versa.
  3. At the back end of the instructions' sheet, there is a small rectangular (you will recognise it by the small scissors it has), which is used for contacting Hasegawa if there is in the kit a damaged part or, if there is a missing part. Use it to ask them to send you a replacement canopy.
  4. Is this (the one you have in the photo) colour fandeck better - from a quality perspective - than the 595C book? The reason I'm asking this is because there is a significant price difference between these two products and I want to know if it's worth investing in buying the book which is more expensive.
  5. Oh.... I can almost hear the music - John Scott "The Final Countdown" theme!!!! Great Times!
  6. How soon will you have again Paypal as a payment option?
  7. After Hanoi (also known then as "SAM City") the Bagdad airspace was the most heavily guarded one. Great times!
  8. The lack of natural light undermines the quality of your build. Would it be possible to take a few photos outside?
  9. Let's wait and see if Wolfpack will eventually go ahead and produce the kit.
  10. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, WHAT A BEAUTY!!!!!!!!
  11. If this happens then I wonder how many companies that are directly related to our hobby will survive to "keep us happy"!!!
  12. I heard a good one these days on a YouTube video by Flory Models though, a bit macabre at least for my taste, "do you remember a thing called model shows?" Let's hope this will never happen!!!
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