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Looking For Macross/robotech Kits

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Hi, I am from Argentina.I am looking for Macross/Robotech kits (valkyries, destroids, etc.).I am looking for specially for a MAC II Monster.I will pay for it, or trade for the following items:


A4M Fujimi 1/72

Macchi MC 202 Supermodel 1/72

Polikarpov I-16 Revell 1/72

Buccaneer S2B Airfix 1/72

Catalina PBY 5 Black Cat Airfix 1/72

Transbordador Espacial "Columbia" Monogram 1/72

RA-5 Vigilante Hasegawa 1/72

Il-28 Beagle Airfix 1/72

P-61 Black Widow Airfix 1/72

Su-27 Flanker Airfix 1/72

Blohm & Voss BV222 Revell 1/72

Bell UH-1D Revell 1/72

Spitfire Mk.XIV Academy 1/72

Messerschmitt Bf109 E3/4 c/Kettenkrad Academy 1/72

Swordfish MK.I/III Revell 1/72

RA-5C Vigilante Trumpeter 1/72

Shengyang J-10 Trumpeter 1/72

F107 Ultrasabre Trumpeter 1/72

Il-2 Sturmovik Toko 1/72

P39 Aircobra Academy 1/72

Su-25K Kopro 1/72

Me163B Heller 1/72

Me163S MPM 1/72

Heinkel He-111H20 Airfix 1/72

Mig-21R KP 1/72

Mig-21MF KP 1/72

Me163B Academy 1/72

P-51C Mustang Academy 1/72

F-4E Phantom Bicentennial Esci 1/72

P-61 Black Widow c/pinturas y pegamento Heller 1/72

Super Etendard Academy 1/72

Mig-25 Hasegawa 1/72

Mig-17 Hasegawa 1/72

MB-339 Supermodel 1/72

F-86D Sabre Dog Hasegawa 1/72

P-38 Lightning Hasegawa 1/72


Merkava Tamiya 1/35

M113 ACAV c/soldados Esci 1/72

Maus Dragon 1/72

Hummer M1025 2 kits en una caja Dragon 1/72

WWII Vehicles Set Academy 1/72

SVRT 103S Trumpeter 1/35

Type 59 Trumpeter 1/35

Panzer 39(H) 10,5 cm Trumpeter 1/35

Hotchkiss H35/39 Trumpeter 1/35

Bren Carrier and 6 pdr. Airfix 1/72

LCM and Sherman Airfix 1/72


Diorama Completo para armar Allies Assault 1/72 AMT/ERTL

Gundam Sandrock Bandai 1/144

If you are interested, please PM or email me.Thanks for looking!

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yo estoy viviendo en mendoza.

Lamentablemente, por mas fanatico de macross que sea, no tengo los kits que estas buscando.

Creo que te sería mas facil encargarlos afuera, pero con esto del cambio...bla, bla..... tu sabes.

En fin, lamento no pder ayudarte.... pero un gusto tener mas gente de estos lados del continente.


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Hola Diego,

Casi siempre hay kits de Macross y Robotech en eBay. Si lo miras y espieras, creo que podrias a encontrar todo que lo buscas.

Ahorita hay muchas kits en eBay incluyendo muchas destroids! Mira aqui:


Buena suerte!

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The MAC II I haven't seen as a kit, at least not an injection tooled one. I've only seen it as a small scale toy. Valkyries are pretty easy to locate since Hasegawa does them in 1/72 (non-transforming fighter or battroid modes only). Destroids are a little harder to comeby since Arii did them back when Macross first came out and only a couple got reissued for the 15th anniversary of Macross. The Hasgawa kits can be ordered from HLJ.com and they do ship internationally and offer excellent services.

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