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  1. Great Job on a difficult kit.... Texas
  2. Excellant Looking Model...... Texas
  3. Thanks.....It was a fun kit to build and I really like the Dragon on the tail. Texas
  4. That's a great start. She must be watching dad and picked up many tips. Looks like you have another modeler in the house. Texas
  5. Really Nice Looking Model....Fine Job Texas :)
  6. Very Nice...A most impressive model. Texas :)
  7. Very Nice Job....I like your choice of markings and your paint/detail work. Texas
  8. Got to love all that orange... Great looking model. Texas
  9. Great detail job on a fine looking model Texas
  10. Thanks for your observations and suggestions. I will take them into consideration and possible improve the model. Texas
  11. Just finished this Hasegawa 1/48 scale F-4EJ build OOB except for some Verlindens seats and thought I would share a few photos here. Texas <_<
  12. Thanks I will give it a try. Texas
  13. These Look Great...but how do I get them to someone who can print them? Do I save them on a disk? If so what kind? or do I put them on something else? Texas
  14. Texas


    Great Photos....Just what us modelers like to see and should be a lot of help to anyone doing a model if this aircraft. Thanks Texas
  15. Texas


    Great Photos....Do you have any more interior or cockpit photos. Thanks Texas :P
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