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  1. Still looking for the resin parts, or the complete set. Thanks, John
  2. The math and my wife both say no. I also say no. But then I quickly say something mealy-mouthed like "It's not about FINISHING, it's about BUILDING..." After that I tell her that the unbuilt stash will pay for a funeral and a chunk of a new car. And back to wedded bliss.
  3. I want to build a 1/72 F-111 for a retiring friend. He was in the 27th TFW in the 70's, so I'd like to do a jet from Cannon AFB. I'd take the entire sheet of someone had one for sale, or even just the wing/base emblems for the Cannon jet off this sheet. Thanks, John
  4. "they want to make people dependant from government, so that any of you opposing party's line will be derived of social funds" I do not think it means what you think it means -Apologies to Inigo Montoya Getting back on track, I've been vaxxed for COVID since April. No ill effects. I'm proud to be part of the solution, and helping to keep my community safer.
  5. Leading Edge once offered a set of 1/72 RCAF C-119G decals that came with a couple of resin pieces to make the radar nose for the C-119. I'm really after those resin pieces, but will buy the whole shebang (decals and resin) off anybody who has them for sale. Please let me know if you have this set or resin parts for sale. Thanks, John
  6. One of, if not the most important, reasons for the speedy development of the vaccines was the huge amount of money made available.
  7. I've got a bagged kit, no decals, and naturally of the dozens and dozens of different decals there are for this kit, the ones I want seem to be hard to find. If anyone has this boxing of the kit and has used other decals, perhaps you'd want to sell? I can offer up payment via Paypal. Thanks for your consideration, John
  8. Got my J&J jab today. One and done. Feels good to do my part. No side effects at all so far, and not concerned about any. John
  9. Great work. Really looking forward to this conversion being available. jp
  10. These crazy COVID rules are keeping many of us alive. I hope to be around for the NATS.
  11. It's not Flightpath that I have....the decals I was thinking of are Xtradecal. PM on the way with details, in case you may be interested in those. jp
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