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  1. We're good. Matt replied, saying that a couple of things on my order were back ordered, but should be filled before too long. I'm happy, and thanks for the info and insight, all. jp
  2. I have an order outstanding since 30 Mar of this year. My account shows that my payment has been accepted on 30 Mar. A query submitted through the website has gone unanswered. Does anybody know of another way to contact them? Thanks, John
  3. Bump....and I'd pick up the main gear itself from you in addition to the wheels...if anyone has done a gear-up build. Thanks, jp
  4. If you have built your AFV Club U-2A/C with wheels-up, I'd love to buy your left-over main wheels. I can make payment via Paypal. Stay healthy, jp
  5. I received notification on 20 Jun 2019 that my two B-52G update sets have shipped. These were separate orders, one made in April, one made in early June. Nothing received yet. When I click on the "order details" link in the email, I'm taken to the Modelcollect login page, where it will not allow me to login. However, if I go the Modelcollect website itself, I can successfully login, but when I check order history, no orders are shown. I've contacted Modelcollect, but have thus far not gotten a response. Has anyone experienced anything similar, and if so, did you find a resolution? Thanks for any input, jp
  6. Several sets....for sure.
  7. I don't want the full set of decals, but I'm hoping someone has a partial laying around and has the decals for airframe 56-0677 from the 43SW. I'd be happy to fork up some cash. Thanks for your time, jp
  8. Great, thanks very much, Darren. Order placed! jp
  9. I've perused the forums and other on-line sources for the answer, but never came up with anything definitive. I'd like to build a 1/48th RA-3B, and assuming I can't find a Steel Beach conversion set, which Trumpeter kit gets me closest if I have to do the conversion the old-fashioned way? Thanks for any input you may have, jp
  10. So I've all of a sudden got an urge to model a USN aircraft...a 1/48 RA-3B specifically. It's been some time since the Steel Beach conversion set has been available, but if anyone would have one they'd part with, I'd be interested buying it. I do have a bunch of 1/32 aftermarket stuff (way too much to list here) if someone has a trade want. Also interested in the Furball Killer Whale 1/48 sheet. I'm specifically interested in the black RA-3B decals, and would gladly buy those only. Thanks, jp
  11. Well sometimes things work out for a change...I've got it. PM me you address and I'll get it in the mail. It's the stick from the 27 kit. jp
  12. Let me check for ya...used a resin cockpit on one of my builds, and I NEVER throw anything away...so in theory, I should have one somewhere. Give me a day or so, I'll let you know. jp
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